Sir Grano Goodman

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Sir Grano Goodman

Post by Hylia » Fri Dec 17, 2004 5:52 pm

Grano was born 41 years ago in Mikona, his father William Goodman and his family has served the House of Grumbald for 200 years. William saw to it that Grano was raised in the faith of Gorethar and educated as any young noble would be. At an early age Grano showed a high level of skill in fighting as well as excelling in tactics. At 15 he met the Paladin Luis Verdaie who took him in and began his training on the path of the Paladin. Grano did well and was called to service a few years after that.

Spending most of his time in and around Mikona, Grano aided the defense of the city from the likes of the Lich and the early attacks by the Sereg. It was during this time that Lady Allana of the Order of Gorethar first took notice of Grano and started him on the path toward joining that group group. She also began to teach him the basics of Alchemy and Herbalism. Under her teachings Grano has become a master in both crafts as well as an Ordained Member of the Order of Gorethar.

Around 10 years ago Grano began to question some of the actions of the city of Mikona and after seeing some questionable actions by the Sword, moved from Mikona to Elysia and has lived there ever since. Grano now sees Elysia as home and has defended the city against Sereg, bandit and now Fey and Lizardman attacks. He is a member of the EDF and guards Elysia with his life day in and day out.

Several years after starting the road toward being a Paladin of Gorethar he had a visit, one though could only be labeled as holy. Gorethar himself came to Grano in a dream and told him to walk a different path. Gorethar sent him down the path toward the Church and began his life as a Cleric. For the last 8 years Grano has served the church and the Order as one of it?s ranking Clerics. While we will never forget his training as a Paladin he has learned that the call of the priesthood is one worth answering.