Suggested Domain List for Avlisian Dieties

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Suggested Domain List for Avlisian Dieties

Post by Strangg » Wed Jan 28, 2004 7:03 am

The following is a list of sugested domains in NWN for clerics to take based on the god/goddess they worship.
Please note, this is not a list of required domains, only sugestions. No one will be asked to change their domains, remake their PC or anything else. If a DM see's someone playing a Cleric of Gorethar (or any other Avlis deity) with domains not listed here, they will do nothing about it. The majorty of this list was writen by Spell Singer, and edited, fleshed out a bit, and finally approved by the Avlis staff. So consider these the offically sugested domains.

Aarilax - Greater Avlissian
Domains: Evil, Death, Water, Protection, Trickery

Andrinor - Intermed
Domains: Magic, Knowledge, Air, Water

Angadar - Intermediate
Domains: Evil, Magic, Knowledge, Trickery

Aryeh - Demigod
Domains: Protection, Animal

Berryn - Lesser
Domains: Good, Sun, Protection, Healing

Blipdoolpoolp - Greater
[As per the DM and Dieties & Demigod books]

Clangeddin - Greater
[As per the DM and Dieties & Demigod books]

Corellon Larethian - Greater
[As per the DM and Dieties & Demigod books]

Dagath - Intermediate
Domains: Order of Life: Good, Sun, Healing, Protection
Domains: Order of Death: Death, Evil, Destruction, Strength
Domains: Order of Rebith: select one from each of the Life and Death

Dra'Nar - Lesser
Domains: Protection, Good, Strength

Dre'Ana - Lesser
Domains: Good, Protection, War

Dru'El - Greater Avlissian
Domains: Good, Protection, Animal, Plant, Sun

Evrak - Demi
Domains: Evil, Death

Fegall - Lesser
Domains: Knowledge, Protection, Magic, Earth

Forian - Greater Avlissian
Domains: Destruction, Trickery, Protection, Animal, Magic

Gorethar - Greater Avlissian
Domains: Good, War, Protection, Magic, Earth

Gruumsh - Greater
[As per the DM and Dieties & Demigod books]

Hurine - Lesser
Domains: Travel, Protection, Knowledge

Ingoren - Intermediate
Domains: Travel, Protection, Water, Air

Kelvos - Demigod
Domains: Protection, Healing

Maleki - Greater Avlissian
Domains: Evil, War, Death, Strength, Protection

Mikon - Greater Avlissian
Domains: Good, Evil, Protection, War, Healing

Mishlekh - Intermediate
Domains: Plants, Animal, Earth

O'Ma - Greater Avlissian
Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Plants, Air

Pelar - Demigod
Domains: Travel, Animals

Ptah - Greater
Domains: Travel, Air, Earth, Water, Knowledge

Skern - Lesser
Domains: Plants, Animals, Protection

The'ton - Demi
Domains: Evil, Trickery

Titania - Greater
Domains: Protection, Plant, Animal, Magic, Fire

Tobin - Greater
Domains: Protection, Good, Evil, Fire, Water

Toran - Greater Avlissian
Domains: Protection, War, Strength, Good, Evil

Valok - Greater Avlissian
Domains: Evil, Trickery, Knowledge, Protection, Destruction

Verossa - Lesser
Domains: Destruction, Air, Earth, Fire

Vorin - Lesser
Domains: Knowledge, Healing, Magic

Wilsash - Lesser
Domains: Evil, Death, Trickery
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