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Player Owned Inns

Post by Alexandru Stanicu » Sat Dec 13, 2003 5:17 pm

The requirments for purchasing a Inn are:

1) Must not be on the "Watch list"
2) Must have been playing on Avlis at least 6 months
3) Must have general approval of the DM staff
4) Must build a new inn (existing ones are not for sale)
5) Must Not have a profit of more than 80% (so as to depict the expenses and staff payments)
At this time we are not considering any new Player Owned Inns, due to the upcoming conversion to HoTU and all the work that the team is doing to get ready for it, and will be doing after conversion, to ensure that all systems work correctly and that there are no problems.
It will most likely be Feb 2004 before we are ready to consider new Inns.

FYI there is currently one Player owned INN that is operating and 2 more that are in the construction phase. These Inns were approved as part of the testing for the new system and should be coming soon to a server near you.

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