Role Player of the Month May 2019 Results

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Role Player of the Month May 2019 Results

Post by gutemensch » Mon Jun 10, 2019 10:16 am

Rhys'lryn Si'Vidicus

Making Green Hawt!


She Shakes, Quivers, and Gets Your Vote

:prost: :prost: :prost: :prost: :prost: :prost: :prost: :prost: :prost:

It's always refreshing to see old players starting up new toons with old ties and Julien is a prime example. Since we first met IC it's been nothing but interesting and relevant RP. Everywhere he goes, he seems to have done the homework and has a pretty good grasp on whatever situation he seems to find himself in. Definitely, one to keep an eye on.

Gotta give a shoutout to Lily Greenfingers. I don't run into her a lot IG but every time I do the smiles begin and it's hard not to have a few OOC chuckles at the antics.

Vejax, bro. The stuff going on with this guy, too. Just when you think you've got him pinned, he takes a wild turn and suddenly you don't know wtf to think. Well done, sir.

Rhys'lryn, we're so glad you've come back to us. It's been such a joy having this one around again to spice things up the way only the High Priest of Angadar can. And he didn't just come back. No, sir, he came back with plans and ideas and stuff. He's ready to work.

Honorable mention to the Faelanae Sisters and the other Lily. Smart AND hot AND fun. The dynamic they bring to the table is fabulous and I don't think they should be allowed to leave now. I'm a little concerned I'm saying this, but tea party RP is actually a pretty bomb and needs to happen more.

Still, to this day, probably the most influential person on my character has been Rade and one of my personal favorites to play with. There is so much more than what meets the eye with her and that's not just because you can't see her hiding in the corner of your bedroom right now. When you get involved with her, just know that things are going to get messy, someone is probably going to die, and you're going to be asking yourself why you didn't see it coming.

Thienna Relimion. As close as you'll get to a real person in a world of pixelated avatars. As with the best actors becoming utterly convincing by appearing not to act, GunnJ's RPing is so good it disappears, leaving only a completely believable person - Thienna - behind.

Boysenberry Jamjeans. Being consistently and convincingly stupid takes some effort, so hats off to Deider for seemingly pulling the character out of nowhere in-between DMing and CCing. But mostly for making me laugh, and making me struggle not to break character!

Berry Mistbreeze because ...VERY!

Cherry Mistbreeze because...VERY!

B has always been the harrowing archetype of stoic fierceness. This whole year he has been showing a very full range of character more often that can not go without commendation.

Rade has been through the gauntlet recently and deserves a leave of absence!

Boy, good to see another loud mouth rightsize.

Nawen Beign, well for being Nawen.

Boy is the single most subversive influence in Avlis, right? He's basically a brain guerilla tossing sharp slivers of idiocy like lit molotovs.

He's worse than any illithid when it comes to what he does to your gray matter. And he makes you want to murder him at every turn. But then you'd be the VILLAIN.

No one knows their place in the world better than Rade. She doesn't pretend to care about things that aren't her concern, and her player makes sure that if something isn't within her worldview or breadth of experience, it doesn't come into play in her RP. Very exacting and very impressive.

Thienna is a rock-solid character and a master of the quick escape from collapsing ruins.

It’s hard to be Good, but Olisa is pretty good at being...Good. Good? Good.

A huge thanks to Pleth and Deider for running their weekly sessions and keeping this guy up into the wee hours of the morning!

A round of ale for Team Avlis, who keep this neat little world up and running!

Lachlan is such a delightful, surprising and interesting character, watch this one, he has come back lines to make the hair on your neck curl

Fernando is a new character that is quite delightful and enthusiastic... all I can say is I want to see more!

Rade is sneaky, deceitful, did I say sneaky and deceitful and spins you in her tangled web

Julien .. we love to hate you :D

Prime Minister Deth, You know he's got some evil in there! :D

And all the Primetime Pub crawl players. Kudos to you who can party so late and so often!

Big Kudos to all the DM's.. thank you for making Avlis a fun place <3

Olisa gets a nod for her role play in the M’Chekian courts. Bonus points for holding true to her beliefs.

I haven't actually played much with either of them, but they've spawned an Avlis murder mystery

Deider's posts as Vicki Lane of the Mikona Herald are entertaining and really help me imagine life in Mikona

I had lots of fun charging around with the halfling mafia aka the Mistbreeze sisters!

I have really enjoyed a lot of new characters this month. It's refreshing to see new faces around the place.

Tor, as always, just a solid chunk of RP waiting to happen, you know where to find him!

So many dragonari... All the fantastical!

Fernando is new, but a pleasure to interact with.

Everyone that was involved with the trial of Vegax. Crazy!

Julien Dark is superbly played.

Cherry is awesome!

Shout out to all the psions, well played this month, well played.

Berry and Cherry the most fun foul-mouthed bitches there are!

Fernantoes and Red. Geez, guys, you are a great time and slightly mysterious... or are you? You are both great either way!

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Re: Role Player of the Month May 2019 Results

Post by jwhite5730 » Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:51 am

Congrats!! :prost: :prost:
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Re: Role Player of the Month May 2019 Results

Post by GunnJ » Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:34 am

Thank you, whoever you two are, for the kind words. I'm very honored to play here and RP with all of you.

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Re: Role Player of the Month May 2019 Results

Post by Blizzow » Tue Jun 11, 2019 4:29 am

Congrats, you saucy dogs!

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Re: Role Player of the Month May 2019 Results

Post by Elradra » Tue Jun 11, 2019 5:36 am

Woo! Thanks!

And thanks to everyone who puts up with my antics! Rade's shakes are starting to finally leave after 4 months at least! oo8)

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Re: Role Player of the Month May 2019 Results

Post by Cameron Klym » Tue Jun 11, 2019 6:19 am

Congratulations to the both of you!

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Re: Role Player of the Month May 2019 Results

Post by HeroOfTime49 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 2:12 pm

Thank you everyone! It is so great to be back!
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