RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

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RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

Post by Plethora » Thu May 11, 2017 7:07 am


Zerub Thrull



Shaenyn va'Serah has a devil sitting on her shoulder and it has butterfly wings and tries to corrupt her.

He a simple man, with simple needs and simple desires. His name is Thaylis Begin.

Faith's like a walking IG journal. I keep learning interesting things about other characters through her performances.

Ruffi's a regular, reliable entertainer, keeping it real with proper citation and believable beats.

Oneiros, the Hell Penguin cause the damn penguin got more action at a Dru'Elite party than the rest of the guest and spent the entire party smothered in someone's cleavage.

Ronan; cause everyone needs a wet blanket to spoil the fun and everyone needs to be 'Ronaned' on a weekly basis.

If one has a devil on their shoulder then there another one on the other shoulder; balance after all. Elannie is Shaenyn's other devil. Think that was proven at pub crawl with the hanging of Rummage.

Grawon Hootz'Oyfith and his 'Hunting Rages' have provided the Forest Girls many a topic to discuss and all agreed on.

Faith - she loves to sing... she writes incredible songs... inserts them at times of duress with incredible flare!

Seeing Kassha's soldiering past come out has been a real treat with the recent attacks.

For all of the horror stories I heard about Dameon I never expected to see a figure that acts more like an older brother who just so happens to be totally down with murder.

Shaenyn. Her decision to take justice into her own hands on the high seas by hanging a ship captain struck something in one of my characters. The only Justicar I can imagine being a vigilante as well.

The Prophetess, vague, dreamy, deadly. More please.

Tulip is just the cat's whiskers, bee's knees and dragon's toes of cute/fierce RP.

Scarlet has been doing a lot of thinking recently, and it's nice to see the consequences of her choices being reflected in her character growth.

The Elementalist Lilys are as shocklingly good at handing out burns as ever. A veritable storm of fun when either of them are around.

Nawen cracks me up every time I just laugh out loud (is that right?) I noticed for a time another Amiker does Nawen have a sister?

Saman Tane is so serious, he approaches all things with a scholar's mind.

Tor is the number one guy to take on all hunts (less casualties)

No one and I mean no one can *nod nod nods* like Deo.

Dashing Dashiell the Dasher of the less Dashful. Get on his level, bitches.

Ursula is what a bard on Avlis should be. Creative, with her own style, and enough story in her works to make you want to hear more about it. Probably the best bard going right now.

Amazing RP'er. Zragug challenge, teach and add fun comments, that makes him so much fun to interact with.

Around Star you always get a good laugh. I see her as kind of unpredictable, deadly but with a touch of humor, which is why she is a "must" to interact with.

Deo, I just love Deo, she is fresh, free and wild. Would like to see her more often

MJ, I so enjoy MJ, she has a way about the forests and animals but she also has some side comments that are pretty funny.

Davilia Chert The one person who knows every nook and cranny.

Hunting is fun, learning is fun, Davilia is just lots of fun, if you can catch her

Grimly Axegrinder, I truly enjoy Rp'ing with Grimly. He's really good in a fight too. As for crafting, I wouldn't be surprised if he surpasses us all.

Lily, she is confrontational, loves a good fight verbally. Though I am sure she would fight you in secret if she could.

Ronan, He truly gave a good meeting in Zvid. He addressed most of our concerns and got everyone working on a solution.

I am in love with the spells you all weave and the stories you all sing.

Sapphire, This character truly inspires me. She is really good during a crisis and has so much knowledge, I wonder if she spends a lot of time at the library.

The Prophetess is a lot of fun to be around, she's changed a couple of my characters' days so far!

Scarlet, oh Scarlet, sturdy, dependable Scarlet, watching your journey from Ivory to Ebony has been very entertaining, the change in outlook is immense but still, you remain the same lovable Scythe-weilding Sorcerer maniac we all know and love. Still think you should have started the Scarlet Order though...

Archibald, a man of little words, but when he speaks it truly is profound.

Thaylis, I think all the ladies love Thaylis, he's chivalrous, caring and kind.

Xeo, Wonderful events, head scratchers for sure, how about some more information? *grin*

Scarlet, such a joy to rp with.

Wandering around with a goblin is certainly not my usual Avlis experience, but Zzakkat was fun to travel and RP with so he gets my vote!

One thing I really like about this place is the IC posts and PMs that happen when we're not logged in, or even as a result of stuff that happened when we've been playing. Therefore my other vote goes to Tulip. Thanks! <3

Kingsley brings his A game every night, and gets a C+.

Blackstrap Carter. He just gets it.

Rade, Love this character, you are never quite sure when she is around, cause she likes to hang out in the shadows

Gilla, a strong suffering character that everyone wants to help break free of her oppression

"Vivi" /lfp "I'm bored, anyone want to do stuff?"

Tulip, be careful what you say, she could screen capture you.

Rade is a solid, smart ass scout who really reminds you to value that skill as opposed to someone who just punches doors and face-plants traps..

Tor is always fun to pick on.

Isandur - Love the interactions with this character. His RP is flawless.

Ari cause hell its Ari and she just rocks.

Boruek for sticking to IC animosity even when its a DM-controlled NPC

Zerub for being super gross and repulsive in spite of a respectable 10 Charisma

Bivrip simply feels like a legendary character. Always excited to get a chance to rp with him.

Zerub is disgustingly hilarious.
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Re: RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

Post by GrimlyAxefingler » Thu May 11, 2017 8:06 am

Woot!!! :drink: Congratz All!

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Re: RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

Post by Auriane » Thu May 11, 2017 8:39 am

Nicely done.... congrats!

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Re: RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

Post by Xeo » Thu May 11, 2017 9:17 am

Silk wrote: I don't know, I think flinging poo in a catapult could be pretty damn effective.
I know if I was on the battlefield and I got hit by a pile of shit... I'd probably go home.

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Re: RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

Post by silverfields2 » Thu May 11, 2017 11:54 am


Thank-you for the comment.
I think it needs salt.

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Re: RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

Post by Tulip » Thu May 11, 2017 12:07 pm

Thank you and congratulations to Zerub and Thaylis! May the screenshots never end.
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Re: RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

Post by Sephira » Thu May 11, 2017 2:53 pm

Somebody I voted for won! Yay!

Congratulations to everybody, and thank you for the kind comments.
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Re: RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

Post by Zerub » Thu May 11, 2017 6:24 pm

I would like to say the same thing as Sephira. Congrats to everyone and thanks for the ummmm........"kind comments". :)

Looks like someone spelled Zerub's last name wrong here. Not that they could spell it anyways, because I am not sure that he has ever mentioned his last name to anyone.


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Re: RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

Post by Cameron Klym » Thu May 11, 2017 6:39 pm

Congratulations everyone !!

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Re: RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

Post by Ninjar » Thu May 11, 2017 6:44 pm

That Zerub guy. :kotz: <- When he is dipping.

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Re: RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

Post by Angel of Death » Thu May 11, 2017 7:02 pm

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Re: RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

Post by shae » Fri May 12, 2017 12:47 am

Zerub is sooo gross. Congratulations guys!

If Nawen is Shae's angel and El is Shae's devil... actually, in Toranland it is probably more like El is Shae's angel and Nawen is Shae's devil... either way, Shae needs better role models. Help?
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Re: RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

Post by Darkfire » Fri May 12, 2017 1:36 am

You guys may have won the votes, but in my heart I won the comments lol


Congrats guys!
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Re: RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

Post by LadyAwesome » Fri May 12, 2017 4:07 am

Congrats on all the role player <3 My role is to be played haha
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Re: RPotM April 2017 ! Results !

Post by Eal » Sun May 14, 2017 6:25 pm

*hoists a rum in salute to all*
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