Avlis Community Interview: Fabello

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Avlis Community Interview: Fabello

Post by The Avlissian » Thu Jan 24, 2019 11:56 pm

Fabulous Fancies
Chill time with the wild Fabello

Gutemensch: So it has become a ‘Thing’ to interview the RpotY winner. Blame Thaylis and Melinda’s player for that. We know you’re a very busy peep, the fame of RpotY, The Red Order which is the best of order after all and now a dwarf seeking revenge for all those poor gnomes.

Blizzow: Nay, its cool. I hate interviews, but I don’t mind sitting down for a chat for the people of Avlis. Clan Marehorrrnnnn! They’ll pay what they’ve done. It’s pretty great to see another world plot taking off especially so soon after all whole Gentleman ordeal.

Gutemensch: Not just any plot, looking like 3 separate stories within it.

Blizzow: Surly enough to keep us ravenous players appeased. Thanks, Team Avlis! *wipes his nose off*

Gutemensch: Might keep that cloth handy, they love being thanked.

Blizzow: Well, they certainly deserve it. Along with all that sweet RP, the Team is what keeps this aging dinosaur of a game interesting.

Gutemensch: Absolutely. They deserve it and then some. They are the best even though some of them are so terrible.

Blizzow: I hear Deider eats babies and Pleth… somethings are best left unsaid.

Gutemensch: I hear he is really a gnome that RPs as a human that loves to RP as a gnome. We're safe here, this a Pleth free zone.

Blizzow: Tree gnomes standing on each other’s shoulders, wearing a trenchcoat. I’ve heard these rumors as well.

Gutemensch: Deider isn’t welcome into most people’s homes. Possible with good reason. So Lady Awesome has these questions, so many questions. I think its like nine of them. Think you can stay a bit before Fabello has to blow up 3/10ths of the world and then blame Kassha for it?

Blizzow: Do they have to be honest answers?

Gutemensch: HAHAHAHHAHA… No! Who wants to read those!

Blizzow: Cool, let’s do it then!

Gutemensch: Awesome question number one: How did you find Avlis?

Blizzow: I think it was way back in early 2003. I was living with a couple of friends at the time, so we picked up NWN and ran through the OC on LAN. Didn’t think around for too long, the better part of a year maybe? Think we could Avlis on the old Gamespy list, there were only… three servers at the time?

Gutemensch: Little before my time. I am 2004.

Blizzow: Yea, I was out 2004. I think, Pretty sure of it. It’s all hazy that far back man.

Gutemensch: Memories do that when there are other things involved.

Blizzow: Avlis has very much been an on-again, off-again sort of affair over the years for me. But I think things have stabilized enough in the RL to keep on playing until the servers burn out.

Gutemensch: We, hope that is far into the future before that happens.

Blizzow: I mean that in the best way, possible, not to jinx anything!

Gutemensch: If Deider and I can’t burn this place down, then nothing can. So Awesome would like to know about your first character but bah… That so long ago. Care to tell us about your favorite character you have stashed away that you play?

Blizzow: My vault is full of half-baked and broken dreams. But I have been working on a new character that feels entertaining enough to put some time into.

Gutemensch: Oh do tell!

Blizzow: It’s a little goblin named ‘Muck’, a sewer/swamp loving rat shaman of Keros. Absolutely worthless as far as combat goes. At least for now. But he can control up to three rats at a time, and you can’t beat that.

Gutemensch: No, you can’t… Three rats! An amazing feat for a goblin indeed. Hopefully, we will see more of Muck and the lands and his three rats. Has he named the rats?

Blizzow: Names are, like, a construct of society man. Nah, they are all equally ‘Rat’

Gutemensch: A wise goblin

Blizzow: We’ll see if he survives meeting Tor and go from there.

Gutemensch: Good point which is a wonderful intro to the next question. What is your or your character’s biggest ‘OH SHIT’ moment?

Blizzow: HAHA, it was both an ‘OH SHIT” moment, and a moment of glory for Fabello. He was, I don’t know what level, but still lowish and Rank 1 in Wild Mage at the time, which is just this whole exercise in pain. Anyway, a group of us are in a collapsing tower of some sort, and he goes to cast and spell.

Gutemensch: Yea, I’ve seen some of those rank 1 wild ones out grazing in the fields.

Blizzow: It surges, of course, and drops Geris Fucking Grey into bleeding.

Gutemensch: OH! Ger's fucking Grey to blending! Not many can say they done that.

Blizzow: HAHA, right? Had I been thinking clearly, I would have finished him off and ran. But I wasn't, so he gets back up, heals, and death planes me. Lesson learned you know?

Gutemensch: It is Geris, death plane just his way of saying Fuck You Man!

Blizzow: Even so, I maintain that as a small victory to this day.

Gutemensch: That is a noteworthy victory for the ages! What Advice would you give new players or new characters? Besides, run if you see Geris?

Blizzow: Don’t take advice from Fabello. Wisdom was his dump stat. But really, don’t be afraid to talk to other players! Most anyone playing these days has probably been around for a while, and have seen it all. The community here is very newbie friendly.

Gutemensch: We do love our newbies!

Blizzow: Also mages are like pinatas filled with delicious magic candy. Beat them, and shiny things will come out!

Gutemensch: I hear Sammy is this month’s pinata?

Blizzow: Any Red Mage worth their bat guano and sulfur will do.

Gutemensch: Good to know and I suspect our readers will be hunting them down all month. So what character do you want to try but can’t due to restrictions? Sky the limit here and who knows Deider might make it an NPC to kill Lachlan.

Blizzow: m… are we talking about the character concept of something?

Gutemensch: I think we are. Anything from the most cheese to the most overpowering build or the most WTF you are thinking.

Blizzow: Damn, that’s a good question…

Gutemensch: Kinda like ‘what build would Micah pull out of his ass and create’ question?

Blizzow: HAHA, well something kind of simple would be a lot of fun. Raving Street Preacher, like that guy shouting ‘The end of times is nigh! Ours is deserved damnation!”

Gutemensch: Isn’t there one of in Mikona in brown shorts?

Blizzow: There might be already. Maybe a bartender, or a street junkie.

Gutemensch: There been a lot of talk about bartending recently.

Blizzow: Yeah! That’s another great project being worked on by the Team.

Gutemensch: They really are great people. Let's see… Oh, and Awesome would like to know ‘What keeps you busy outside of Avlis?” cause I think she planning on stalking you when she goes on vacation.

Blizzow: Work and home life, haha. That eats up just about all my free time.

Gutemensch: Both of those are great answers and vague enough to ensure your safety too.

Blizzow: I use to have a social life, once!

Gutemensch: I’ve heard the outside world is pretty much overrated these days.

Blizzow: From what I’ve seen of it, it's rather disappointing. I am fortunate enough to live to near some dense forest, so I try to get out there with the once or twice a week. Also, LadyAwesome can’t scent out my tracks if I cross a stream.

Gutemensch: Sounds lovely and if any of those threes are mountain cedar. Please BUN THEM.

Blizzow: What they do to YOU?

Gutemensch: Sinuses, no like the mountain cedar.

Blizzow: Ooh, gotcha! Mine stay clear until May, then they try to kill me for 4 months.

Gutemensch: Mild winter here, so no freezing to knock the crap out of the air, yet… Nosey Awesome, would also like to know what’s on your play life at the moment?

Blizzow: At this exact moment it is… Use Once and Destroy, by Psyclon Nine. Who is Awesome selling all of this data to?

Gutemensch: Honestly, I think Awesome is the one behind the Nigerian prince scam, she just trying to make it more personal now. We have invaded your life long enough, and unlike Tor and his Rock, we will leave you but first one last question?

Blizzow: Final words? That sounds dire… Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes! I think Carl Sagan said that.
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