Avlis Community Interview: Gorstag

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Avlis Community Interview: Gorstag

Post by LadyAwesome » Mon Oct 01, 2018 4:24 am

Chat of the Immortal Lore
Interview with Role Player of the Month, Gorstag Tessele.

Verossa: Welcome to the Immortal Area.

Gorstag Tessele: Hi there.

Verossa: Let us make it a bit comfier. So, for Starters, What do you like to be called, Gorstag.. or ArgentDuergar? Which I'm not typing again, btw.

Gorstag Tessele: Gor is fine. Gorstag is also good.

Verossa:: Gorr!

Gorstag Tessele: Hello to you as well! Ahah.

Verossa: It's dwarven, but you know that.. because you are working on expanding our languages, fen?

Gorstag Tessele: That's true, but you can't imagine how many times I turned my head when Grimly was around because I didn't know that yet.

Verossa: *grins* I bet! But we can get back to that later, first off all, how and when did you find Avlis?

Gorstag Tessele: I believe it first happened 2-3 years ago: after not having touched NWN for a long time, I decided to look around and see if some servers were still alive. I ended up finding the CoPaP page, although thinking back to it I may have been reading Arkaz' site.

Verossa: Heh, you play on the rest of CoPaP too?

Gorstag Tessele: The point is, I started looking through all the classes subforums and features and thought "hey, this looks interesting! I may be back to it when I have time". Not yet, but I'd like to explore those worlds as well eventually.

Verossa: Sooo you started a few years ago?

Gorstag Tessele: No, because of that "moment when I have time" didn't happen for quite a while.

Verossa: *grins*

Gorstag Tessele: I've only come back to NWN after I remembered the bookmark I made after receiving the Avlissian via mail... even though I don't remember subscribing to it.

Verossa: Nice!

Gorstag Tessele: Nonetheless, a lucky coincidence! And the reason I am here today.

Verossa: And we feel fortunate to have you! You have won RolePlayer of the Month, last month right?

Gorstag Tessele: *nods* That's right

Verossa: So obviously Avlis feels the same way back at you *grins*. So tell me a little about your main PC Gorstag of Vorin, and the Blue Order I believe.

Gorstag Tessele: Anything, in particular, you feel your readers are curious about regarding this Lawful Nerd Wizard?

Verossa: Whatever you want to share *smiles* your journal is gorgeous by the way.

Gorstag Tessele: Thank you, it's always nice to sit down and put some order to the RPs. About Gorstag... you could say it's my curiosity to learn about the server incarnated as a PC. The first time I played him was in a Forgotten Realm server many years ago.

Verossa: *smiles* I remember when you started here, so many questions, and I hope ICly some are getting answered... I must say, and others have commented to me... love the ink drawings.

Gorstag Tessele: I have found a lot of great people to refer to IC for my questions, yes. It's a great way to learn as I go, compared to my habit of keeping the FR campaign setting's index beside me as I used to do back in the day.

Verossa: Do you have any alts?

Gorstag Tessele: I have a couple, although neither is played nearly as much as Gorstag.

Verossa: *nod nod nod*

Gorstag Tessele: There's Walroar, a dwarf who is currently part of a weekly group run by Jazz, and then a young halfling, FOIG.

Verossa: Ha! So Gorstag then, What has been your characters three most defining moments RP wise?

Gorstag Tessele: Ha, that's a tough one. Let me think...

Verossa: Immortal Area Baby.. we got all the Time in the world *steeples fingers, crackling lightning*

Gorstag Tessele: *waits for lightning* So... despite having had a ton of great moments, including for example my fate spinning lessons with Thienna and wild magic ones with Fab, I think I have nailed down two of the "most defining moment RP wise. I meant a ton of *other* great moments. In no particular order (because I don't think I could accurately do so) I think the first one was when I organized a trip to map the mines of Port Nireth.

Verossa: *grins* Bizarre! Ha.

Gorstag Tessele: Yeah, it was. It was also the first real "nerdy" thing Gor organized. I hope I'll be able to make some other events along that line, something that will make me feel again a lot more of a scholar than an adventurer going around making things explode.

Verossa: So you have been here now.. how long, as Gorstag?

Gorstag Tessele: I think it's been... around three months?

Verossa: Noob! What is it that motivates you to play?

Gorstag Tessele: Well there's a lot of neat little things to learn!

Verossa: Such as?

Gorstag Tessele: Just yesterday night I was going around mapping M'Chek, and in a seemingly uninteresting isolated fortress I found... wait, that's FOIG!

Verossa: *grins* Ha!

Gorstag Tessele: The point is, little things add up. It's why it's so fun to hang around at ROTE or ACE meetings, Tuesday and Thursday respectively. Come and join us, folks! It's fun!

Verossa: They certainly do... The Devil is in the Detail, So they say... Alright, so moving on from your PCs, and more about you, You are in Italy right? So classy... *grins at the plug*

Gorstag Tessele: We do our best! Wait.. the plug?

Verossa: And what is it you do.. you know, after playing Avlis and sleeping? A plug.. is an advertisement.

Gorstag Tessele: Oh lol, you're right

Verossa: I hope so.. ! I only speak mostly English! My Italian is mostly food related... Carbonara!

Gorstag Tessele: I need to write an in-game book about types of pasta one of these days.

Verossa: Heh, so what is it you do in Italy? Overeating heaps of delicious Italian food.

Gorstag Tessele: Ahah! Studying, going out with friends, a bit of archery... The life of a uni student is as tough as anyone else's, but at the very least it leaves me time to chill on Avlis somewhat regularly.

Verossa: what are you studying? Its OK, if your Batman and don't want to tell me, I'm cool with that.

Gorstag Tessele: Heh, let us walk down the middle ground and say I'm in mad school. Med! Med school. We heal people, not mad!

Verossa: LOL gods, I thought you had joined the Evil Villians Uni of Messing Stuff UP there for a second... Mad School... Badass Only... Surely they have one right?

Gorstag Tessele: *shrug* What if it's for paladins and monks only?

Verossa: *coughs* So your a healer class, in RL?

Gorstag Tessele: You know, Multiple Attribute Dependency School

Verossa: ... I didn't even think of that. OMG. So, let go with your doing well yeah?

Gorstag Tessele: Yeah, I know it sounds cheesy but helping people is nice

Verossa: Nah. Being nice to people is good. So! Deep question. What is something about you, that has nothing to do with IG, that is a secret to know? That peeps might like to know, so they are like.. OMG... I Know That!

Gorstag Tessele: Could you rephrase that, please?

Verossa: ... *thinks* So, what is something about you, that people might want to know.. That has nothing to do with the game.

Gorstag Tessele: Ah... I'm not sure?

Verossa: *grins* Verossa: Aright

Gorstag Tessele: Never leave home in the morning without having had a glass of milk and two giant cookies, maybe?

Verossa: So.. playlist.. on iPod, and whatever you play music off.

You eat giant cookies every morning? That's so badass, I have a V.

Gorstag Tessele:Just two though, and I'm pretty sure they aren't giant by American standards. A V?

Verossa: Random five songs from your music device..! V.. is a err power drink.. called V.. got.. I don't know caffeine and guarana. It is my breakfast.

Gorstag Tessele: Sounds good, even though I don't personally drink coffee.

Verossa: So.. five songs!

Gorstag Tessele: So, five random songs... Motorhead - Born to raise hell; Weird Al - Party in the CIA; John Denver - Take me home, country road; Dio - Holy diver; Pinguini Tattici Nucleari - La strategia Della tenzone

Verossa: : Ha! Quite a selection! I am a big fan of weird Al myself, just saying

Gorstag Tessele: Ha, who isn't? Big fan.

Verossa: I know right?? Thank you so much for your time this evening

Gorstag Tessele: Shouldn't I go over the other two "most defining RP moments" first?

Verossa: please do!

Gorstag Tessele: Okay then, there's the time we had a Blue outing to the FoM with Soini and Prahksu, basic exploration/fighting plan, EXCEPT we were prohibited from using any Conjuration spell.

Verossa: !!

Gorstag Tessele: It was supposed to help us focus on the different aspects of wizardry, and being a mostly non-combatant who likes going around with greater sanctuary... It pushed me towards getting in touch with all the other schools and grow as a Generalist. As for the third BIG

Verossa: *grins*

Gorstag Tessele: I want to think the spot belongs to something that hasn't happened yet but is extremely clear in my mind,

Verossa: Oh?

Gorstag Tessele: In other words, getting access to my extremely tiny PH which nonetheless will have infinite storage.

Verossa: Ha! Yes, you are building a library yes,

Gorstag Tessele: That may sound insignificant and a lot more "crunchy" than RP-related, but that will mean I can once again start hoarding books

Verossa: at Nireth?

Gorstag Tessele: Yes

Verossa: So cool *smiles*

Gorstag Tessele: I have had some storage problems over the last few months, and my six chests at the inn are full, so before finding more books, I need more space!

Verossa: Ha!'

Verossa: Any last words for our readers?

Gorstag Tessele:As for the readers, I really hope to see you around. I haven't met most of you, either due to time zones or other reasons, but if what I've seen of Avlis is of any indication of the rest, you're all worth playing with and enjoying!

Gorstag Tessele: Be well. You and your families and whatnot.

Verossa: *grins* Thank you for your Time Gor! Game on!
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