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Avlis Community Interview: Elradra

Post by LadyAwesome » Mon Oct 01, 2018 4:23 am

Dining with the Devil
Interview with Elradra aka Rade aka 47836294 alts.

Silverfields2: Hello and welcome to this episode of Avlis Interviews. Today, I'm your host Silverfields2 with my guest is Elradra. Say hello, Elradra.

Elradra: Hello!

Silverfields2: I am so glad we finally connected. So to start, I think our readers would like to hear the story of how you found Avlis.

Elradra: Oh geez. It was a bit of a happy accident for the most part..I'd started the NWN series on NWN2 back in like 2004. I finally got the original NWN game for Christmas in 2011 or so though and fired it up sometime close to summer. I found the graphics charming, and it was cute how the character models turned their heads to whoever was speaking. I was curious if it did the same thing online. I figured I'd start exploring dead and dying worlds, maybe spend a couple of months on each... I started with a weird group of servers under CoPaP. And under CoPaP was one called Avlis. Well, I figured that'd be the most efficient.

Silverfields2: How interesting. Do you remember where you first logged in?

Elradra: Elysia, as was suggested on the wiki. I read for a month before finally making my first character.

Silverfields2: Who was your first character?

Elradra: Elradra!

Silverfields2: I was expecting you to say that. There must have been a defining moment that you decided to stay, or maybe not, maybe it was gradual. What do you think?

Elradra: There was a series of DM events that started soon after I joined that I got pulled into. Jakwin Bookbinder's adventuring school. A friendly drangonari pointed Elra there while she was snooping around the Elysia sewers. Suddenly Elra stopped being my little planar explorer and became rooted in Avlis. Then she met Del and Rose who provided more support.

Silverfields2: Ah, yes, do you remember the DM for that plot?

Elradra: I think it was... Nob? It was during a more Euro-friendly timezone. I didn't get to too many sessions because work quickly got in the way. Only looked it up a few years later.

Silverfields2: So, do you have very many alts?

Elradra: quickly looks it up Oh god, it was rshampshire.

Silverfields2: Oh, there's a name from the past.

Elradra: Um. Last time I counted my alts I had around 60 in my vault?

Silverfields2: Ha! How many do you count as active?

Elradra: Elra and Rade are certainly mains. Both are so ambitious that they monopolize my time. But there are maybe... 3 or 4 that are semi-active too when I need a break from the Evil side.

Silverfields2: Everyone needs a vacation now and again. What do you think draws you to the dark side?

Elradra: I've worked retail at a gas station for eight years now? That kind of stuff is in Voldemort's backstory. Also, I like the more pragmatic views... Although I try to find a few redeeming qualities for my evils as well.

Silverfields2: I have to admit as much as my main rails ICly against the evil PCs, I admire most of them as being pretty well played and I find Elra one of the more challenging ones. Do have a favorite role play moment?

Elradra: Hm...

Silverfields2: You can change names to protect the innocent.

Elradra: ... Most of them are the few tender moments with Elra or Rade where they let their guard down... Favorite would probably have to be when Rade helped Melinda cut the head off of the first Nightfang boss.

Silverfields2: Aww how sweet. Do you have a favorite 'oops' moment?

Elradra: Hrm... I don't think I have too many of those... But it's a close one between the burning ship of another PC's and the murder of an Angadarian priest where I accidentally hit all of Zvid with a demi-lich..

Silverfields2: Haha, those sound like IC oopses. Is that right?

Elradra: The ship burning was a bit OOC. I was still undecided on if it was going to happen, but.. it did, and I rolled with it. Shrugs There are no oopses, just hard left turns in character development.

Silverfields2: Good philosophy! Aside from the first plot that pulled you into our little collection of worlds, was there another favorite plot you were involved in?

Elradra: God, the... curse words Fios'Crona pub crawl thing! I was pulling my hair out at work stressing on how Rade was going to make her next move.

Silverfields2: I loved reading all the journal entries from everybody. Was that plot one where you were glad you were in it and glad when it was over?

Elradra: Very much. I love the cloak and dagger stuff; it's exciting combat with words where stats matter less than actions. But I'm also an over-thinker so it was stressing me out hardcore simulating what could happen with each action.

Silverfields2: Brushing up against emotional intensity is one thing I appreciate about the role play experience, would you agree?

Elradra: Mhm! Yeah. It's a pain when I can't type fast enough with shaking hands though.

Silverfields2: I hear you. So do you pay any other games other than this one?

Elradra: Plenty. My Steam library has around 200 games, though lately, Conan Exiles has been dominating. I also play Elder Scrolls Online plenty.

Silverfields2: You are very busy! So what are the next five songs up on random shuffle?

Elradra: Currently on a We Happy Few songs by Dan Bull. Next is High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco. OMFG - Wonderful. A song from WoW, Jaina. After that is a... dubstep trap remix of Beethoven's Fur Elise.

Silverfields2: Wow, your music tastes sound as eclectic as mine!

Elradra: I'm in the middle of one of those slumps where nothing quite vibes. I'm welcoming the hard rock and metal that's filtering back into my playlist though.

Silverfields2: How about a movie or a book you've seen or read
that you liked?

Elradra: Heh. I think the last movie I saw was Fantastic Beasts when that first came out in theaters. I wish the Potterverse could focus more on world-building... I've yet to touch any of the books I got over the past three years or so.

Silverfields2: Maybe there will be more Harry Potter world building forthcoming. Are there any last thoughts you'd like to add before we conclude the interview?

Elradra: Hm... I wish I'd learned that the storyline of Avlis seems to be advanced first on the forums THEN on the NWN servers earlier. I find myself doing more writing on the forums and elsewhere than on the game client these days. Just need to remember to log in while I type one of these days. *nodnod*

Silverfields2: Yes, I would have to agree that a lot does go on in the forums doesn't it? I've even had the pleasure of entirely playing by PM.

Elradra: It's a suitable medium for focusing more on the role-play and less on wonky engine mechanics. *nod*

Silverfields2: Yes, and its a lot easier to connect with people not in your time zone!

Elradra: My chaotic work schedule at least allows me to swap time zones randomly. I'm still trying to get more EU players out crumping and interacting on my days off.

Silverfields2: Wonderful. I'll keep working on my late night eastern shift. :D Thank-you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to get interviewed.

Elradra: I'm glad it finally lined up with yours!

Silverfields2: I am as well. Until we meet again!

Elradra: Sunshine and sweet-water and all that.
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