Avlis Community Interview : Zar'roc aka Goober

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Avlis Community Interview : Zar'roc aka Goober

Post by ninja » Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:01 pm

Zar'roc killin it with his ping pong scholarship

Ninja: Thanks for taking the time out of your class schedule to do this interview. I hope your pingpong doesn't slip because of it. First question, and I'm sure most of us know the answer, but how did you find Avlis?

Zar'roc: Wolfy got me addicted one summer I went down there. There meaning "Georgia"

Ninja: What do you like about playing on Avlis?

Zar'roc: Thats a tough one. One of the things I like about playing on Avlis is the people. For example, my senior of high school, I went to my first Avlis meet in Texas. Wolfy and I stayed with the 32s. There, I met Lesli, Eef, Kassha's player, TA, Nob, and probably a few more that I can't remember. I had the best time there. It was nice just to kick back and relax with some of the Avlis peeps

Ninja: Who is your main character, and what inspires you to play him that way?

Zar'roc: Shosin Llevan is my main character. And I'm inspired to play her, because well, her outlook on life and attitude are much in the same way, mine. Even though I don't play much anymore because of college, when I log on to her and just start RPing or PGing, I have a blast, because even though I'm PGing, I'll eventually run into someone to RP with, or a DM with come in with no sign and...BAM!!! super awesome fun time. But seriously, Shosin is my first character, so a lot of things have shaped her into the character she is today. She's intolerant of threats to the forest, inbalances to Nature, for example, Lycans...You could say Shosin is "racist" against Lycans. You could say the same for Shaahesk also probably, though she has a better time tolerating shaahesk than lycans So in a lot of ways, she is like me. Example, I have a serious issue with slow people in hallways. And in turn, shosin is always moving somehow to another place so she can't be slowed by others.

Ninja: Shosin has been around for a while. What would you consider your defining moment was for her?

Zar'roc: Thats an extremely tough one. I would guess be when she was in Drotid receiving her training for Transmutation. That was a long time that I couldn't log in as her, but was still rich in RP thanks to Spool, Kassha, and Joeyo. To have her whole world thrown out as "You are you and nothing else" was a lot of fun. "You are not yourself. You are just in another form." One of the things that she was told while in Drotid. And during a training session in Drotid, she accidentally killed her opponent...Right when the training began, her opponent turned into something, but when it happened, she didn't know, but then she felt a bite on her arm and *smack* she hit her arm, cause it itched...Then when the training session was done, she figured out that her opponent had turned into a misquito.

Ninja: Haha. That's pretty funny. Let's say you meet someone at a nerd convention or in an elevator, and started talking about D&D and you wanted to sell them on Avlis. What is your 2 minute Avlis pitch?

Zar'roc: "Do you like Role Playing? If you do, then Avlis is your place. We have a very in depth lore about the lore, caring people to help new people out, and super awesome DMs to make sure you feel at home. If you want to join, and we would love you join and and experience our world that was built by the players for the players. Just go to http://www.avlis.org and just search around, see how the other players are, so what their characters are like. And I think I got the email right XD

Ninja: What other games do you play besides Avlis?

Zar'roc: I dont have it, but I play Black Ops with one of my friends on his PS3. Final Fantasy 13, Uncharted, inFamous, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, Grand Theft Auto 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, and lot of other games I can't remember. Oh, also, addictinggames is one of my favorite websites if i'm really bored, because there is some great games there.

Ninja: I think we all need to know, where did the nickname Goober come from?

Zar'roc: Well, it first started out as lil' luscious, cause of Wolfy's nickname, and since I'm his little brother, well, I was stuck with it. And then I got Goober from my thread where I was real excited about 5 years and 3 months...and I didn't realize that we haven't made it to december yet. So...I got Goober as my nickname of Avlis.

Ninja: Oh, for some reason I thought Goober was your nickname from a while ago.

Zar'roc: Well, yeah, Wolfy would call me goober when I would do something to give a new name to senseless, and so forth. But one of his friends that he went to school with and been with for a long time would call me goober just for the hell of it. It never really bothered me, so I never really cared.

Ninja: What is an interesting story about Wolfy? I'm sure you have tons!

Zar'roc: Hmm... Oh, one reason I am the way I am with some brain damage ;) Is he used to own a little Nissan truck...Manual. So, since I was the smallest, when my sister and I would go out with him, I would have to sit in that little back area, which wasn't much. So when he would shift gears, he would hold the clutch in and release it so my head would fly forward and go back real fast in to the window. When he had a volvo, and when myself and a previous warden was together, he had a button in the front that made headrests in the back slap down into my head, because the previous warden was leaning on me. He would just pick at me, and I would pick back, so it was a give and take thing, but he's always been there for me when I needed help or advice, because even though I could go to my parents, I know he wouldn't fume at me for whatever I did and needed advice. So he's always been somewhat my hero for, well, as long as I can remember and even now, he is still one of the people I look up to, and as such, I get really upset when he is upset

Ninja: I guess he is more CG than CE. Typical big brother :) What songs are on your 5 song playlist?

Zar'roc: Disciples of Babylon by Dragon Force, Shout 2000 by Disturbed, Superhero by Stephen Lynch, 1980 and Bartender, both by Rehab

Ninja: I don't know any of those songs. What genre do you like?

Zar'roc: I'm really random about my music

Ninja: Fair nuff! I know you are in school now. Where do you go and what are you studying?

Zar'roc: I'm going to University of Tennessee at Martin and I had my major changed from Computer Science to MIS..MIS = Management Information Systems

Ninja: There have been a few times where you ask the Avlis community questions brought up in your classes. Do you ever bring Avlis experiences into your school life?

Zar'roc: Yeah, I try to get some people to play here, but it hasnt been working very well. People dont have the money to buy the NWN game

Ninja: i remember when i found NWN diamond for sale for 10 bucks. I bought 5 copies so i can give it to people. What is your dream job after college?

Zar'roc: Well, I want to go into Network Security, because I want to get into a hacker's brain and see how they do certain things and how I can prevent those things

Ninja: not a professional ping pong player? :) I mean pick anything in the world, what would you like to do?

Zar'roc: What I would like to do...? Hmm.... I'm not real picky, but anything I would love and would pay me a lot.If had the initiative to, probably a Video Game tester or maker...but I hate programming though...;)

Ninja: Where are you from?

Zar'roc: I'm from Georgia, but moved to Tennessee in 2001. well, the summer of 2001

Ninja: Finally, what is something that isn't gaming or school related that people would want to know about you?

Zar'roc: Thats a really tough one. Everyone on Avlis knows I'm an Eagle Scout...I posted that up the day or so after I got it... Everyone knows I do Judo I can't think of anything off the top of my head. Hmm... I guess the only thing I can think of is I'm really committed to whatever I set my mind to. I don't like giving up, because then I never know if I could have done whatever it is I said I would do. Giving up has never been one of my strong suits and never will be, and my kids will never have that suit if I have anything to say about. Some people might think I'm lazy, and I am, but what some people don't know is I can really surprise people and make them wonder what I'm capable of.

Ninja: Well thanks for taking the time away from the pingpong table to do this interview. Any final thoughts for the Avlis community?

Zar'roc: Besides giving me a place that I can come to and relax and have fun, no. Avlis so far has been the greatest place I've ever played on. See, I upgraded from Runescape to NWN when I went to Georgia one summer, so I've been having fun.

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Re: Avlis Community Interview : Zar'roc aka Goober

Post by TripleAught » Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:12 pm

Nice interview.

Another interesting Avlis person revealed.
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Re: Avlis Community Interview : Zar'roc aka Goober

Post by whirlin_merlin » Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:59 am

I'm a video game tester. It's a really easy job to get but doesn't pay well and in my case at least the hours are sporadic. :)
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Re: Avlis Community Interview : Zar'roc aka Goober

Post by Pekarion » Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:54 am

There's something about Zar'rocs prose/way of talking that always gets me ]8) Great interview :D
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Re: Avlis Community Interview : Zar'roc aka Goober

Post by VETT SCALES L7 » Fri Mar 11, 2011 3:34 pm

Love these interviews :)
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