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To the Team

Post by A_Valadeus » Tue Jan 17, 2023 5:49 pm

I just want to give a shoutout to the entire team and staff that has poured so much time and energy into this world. I come back after ten years and I see people still dedicated to making this the most immersive and unforgettable RP experience and community it can be and you all deserve more praise than I can individually offer.

Between the custom systems that work to make Avlis unique and bring vibrancy and life to each character in the world, the area design, the constant lore progress and the active DM events that spice up the world; you're an amazing team!

I'll add a sub-rave here for the community as well. It's good to see so many names returning and it's great to see new names! Logging in and happening upon random RP has been the hallmark of Avlis and I can see it happening again and it's awesome.
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