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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Mon Nov 07, 2022 9:39 pm

Alexis Dufrense Montjoie has been a delight! A very giving RP partner who's willing to laugh at themselves.
Aurelia is so incredibly shiny!
"The Lay of the Fey King" is outstanding!
Shout out to all the new journals! Good stuff!
Kana radiates the energy of a genuinely good person.
Kassha is very funny!
I'm really loving the depth and poetry of Nostalgia. She's what bringing your "A" game looks like.
I can't believe I haven't raved Selene yet! What was I thinking? Selene rocks!
Glora, for her accent and so much more!
William Parton is the world's bestest boy, and I'm sure things are going to go great for him.
Kassha's such an agile conversationalist; quick and clever and funny, and also a great storyteller.
Lily's uncompromising, gives zero f***ks attitude is fun as hell.
I've never wanted to be threatened with death; however, that's how you threaten death.
Finally got the chance to spend a little time with Amaris and now I want more. ;)
Did you know Drog is funny as hell? Love the dry humor. Glad he's back!
I'm loving the descriptions of the nature talismans, each different, each individualized, and all wonderfully creative! Everything y'all are writing is read and appreciated! Go team Druid (and allies)!
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by Ambrosia » Mon Nov 21, 2022 6:29 pm


Trade Fair is over yet your raves can continue!

Submit your comments today! :prost: :sauf:
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Sat Dec 03, 2022 12:49 am

Moriand is a constant delight. He's always willing to have a moment.
Aurelia's out there doing the goddess's work.
Nawen is the best inscrutable fey cousin one could ask for.
This is to rave " Mr. Kassha is very nice, but he's crazy as a possum somebody accidentally closed in a moonshine keg." - best character journal line to-date this year! :lol:
Dameon as Moderator has been wonderful to watch from the sidelines. Its a difficult role to play that in some ways requires wearing a pseudo-DM hat in addition to a PC one and I think Darkfire has done an excellent job of navaigating that while keeping in tune with who Dameon is as a character.
Our DM's rock me to my socks!!

Seriously, EVERYONE at the fair, this was the best one in years, so many new people plus all our exceptional regulars.
It's been very cute to watch Isaac Dane in dorky love.
Druids! They are a fun bunch, glad they have had a time to shine.
Kassha has been funny for like two decades now, which is amazing.
The auction battles were some of the best CvC I've seen.
Pleth, you did an absolute marathon as Pandora at the trade faire. Just absolutely heroic DMing to make sure everyone got a chance to interact with her for both standard rewards and unconventional requests. Can't wait to work with her towards <foig> once plans start to narrow down.
Fletcher has been a steadfast mentor, and it's nice to have that kind of elder statesman around.
Creaking Ice and his northern ways are very interesting.
The dragon PCs are all delightful!
Emick is quiet, but in a character way and it's very nice.
Major shoutouts to ET for the ongoing Kurathene plot. Tackling byzantine Kurathene lore and bringing it back into ingame prominence is an incredibly daunting task, and she has been succeeding brilliantly at it. The involved PCs are all wonderful, with charming and unique personalities, and I want to learn more about all of them. Kat has been an amazing foil for Isaac and RP with her has taken Isaac into some truly unexpected and delightful directions. Eagerly awaiting to see where the rest of this plot develops and I can't wait for more people to get involved.
Kassha the Kind. He can't hide his true self.
Here's to Johanness Aleksanteri for emoting his heart out. Very nice work!
Getting to pass on Serenity's teachings to Billy was a real treat! I can't wait to see where he takes them.
Greetz to the Floops crew.
I'm looking forward to interacting more with Seven!
Thanks to Kurn for taking the time to actually be suspicious of other characters!
Dameon, always surprising after all these years. Cold, cruel, and still manages to be a bright spot.
And that's the second person I've met with a crush on Ronan. Must be the ghosts.
Zorp is absolutely zorptastic and clearing the hobgoblins with Zorp certainly didn't drag on.
Seeing Frannie's trials and excitement as her dream of joining the academy becomes real has been a delight.
William Parton is a sweet good boy and I'm worried about him. Don't walk into blades, Billy!
One of my cats is always sleeping on my computer when I play, and any time Rhena is in the area, and she seems to be picking up that whenever that mighty green dragon is on screen, I immediately need to pet one of my cats by proxy.
Shoutout to Jinx for making me realize a new fundamental part of Kana's character.
Nostalgia has been a real treat. Her perspectives on current events have been refreshing, but more than anything else, embody a sincerity and authenticity that is seriously difficult and impressive to pull off in this medium. I look forward to seeing her getting more involved.
Thienna is always a delight and having her watch Isaac and Katarina has been both heartwarming and amusing in turn.
I have enjoyed the roleplay of Dacyn, a new player. I hope they stick around.
Keira is the best pretty princess cousin one could ask for.
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by Sephira » Sat Jan 07, 2023 12:16 am

Its that time again! Send your raves and comments here:
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Sat Jan 14, 2023 2:40 am

Moonlit Paw bringing out the lowbies and midbies for fun times. He's been great!
Gotta rave Bognar. Solid, entertaining RP!
Billy's handwritten notes for journals and event postings are fantastic! They make me grin every time! :)
Silver Fox! I can't decide if it's Stockholm syndrome or a mad crush.
Moriand is the ever-patient CTS trainer, even when it looks like literally herding cats.
Seeing Fletcher back in business, as the one true Mayor even, has been fantastic!
The Fox is back, baby! Will she finally accept Alexis' offer of dinner? If she does, will he be on the menu? Stay tuned!
Kassha is always a hilarious delight!
I always appreciate Thienna's wealth of knowledge and the care she takes to keep others helpfully up to date on the goings on of things. My PCs would be lost in the waves of plot if not for her!
Moriand is a walking talkin' Hillshire Farms store!
Billy continues to be the nicest boy with the biggest hammer
The Opportunist. :cooler:
Loving everything Billy!
Everyone who came to fight at Keira's Fight Fight Fight night was absolutely top notch. I cannot wait to do more of those. Jar of snakes. JAR OF SNAKES.
Chy is an adorable, precious kobold that all of my PCs must protect at all costs. I have not yet imploded from the cute, but Chy seems to be trying for that.
It's been fun to watch Apple growing up. She's all about ENTHUSIASM
Isaac's a sweetie who is doing his best, despite his unfathomable privilege!
It often happens, at a dog show, that the gorgeous and flamboyant yet slightly flawed Afghan Hound will win instead of the perfect foxhound, whose proper nature is less showy. Sarith is the foxhound; he should not be overlooked.
Nostalgia and her protection of Billy has been so sweet to watch. I hope it continues when they are both 40th level mega-PCs.
Seth has introduced "fek" into my Avlis-cabulary and it's great, hah! The devil may care attitude is a hoot!
Thienna and Kassha did an amazing memorial talk for Vintrina. One of the coolest things about Avlis is having that living memory, and having even characters who are gone still matter to the world.
Lexy. I feel that literally can just stand on its own. Lexy.
Watching Siona experience all the fun crazies of the south has been incredibly entertaining.
I've just been having a blast all around.
Dragomir Kross is a great addition to the world. I hope he gets all the murder shovels he wants.
Faide is fantastic, a perfect Dagathite cycle keeper.
Zenta-Claudia-Navarra-Ruby, I loved meeting you guys and I hope to learn more about your lives before Avlis!
The number of new and returning folks I could name (or misname in the cases of...wait what was their floaty again?) but know that every one of you've I've run into, it's been an awesome time! So cool to see all the awesome people, be them long time or not, exploring the world and playing!
Fletcher is an amazing character to have around as an elder statesman! He's very generous with both help and information.
Thienna, even when I do not see her as much, always has a finger on the pulse of Avlis. And the ball, loved seeing her and Archibald in their element.
Lexy is a fun fellow to chat with be it fun or serious in the world of RP! Getting sucked into a conversation for a long time while I meant to head off (sleep grief for the sake of RP, it's fine!), but there's just that one more topic to discuss at length. Good stuff!
The best thing about Moriand is if you scratch the surface there's a whole wealth of stuff beneath it, and he's always willing to make it a fun game finding out more.
So good to see Jenny back!
Astra's bluntness makes the tiny hatchling endearing and hilarious.
It's been good to see Silver Fox back and mean, just like old times.
DM shoutout, Yeraiah/Seph weaves one helluva story.
The "journalists" of the Opportunist, as a group, are top 10.
Dameon is like an evil smoothie. Just a great blend of maniacal but also "hey you know he makes a good point...why AREN'T the orphans on fire...", a good balance that doesn't fall into cartoon mustache twisting evil.
Lexy always makes you feel special, no matter who you are.
Billy, Billy Billy! Hard hitting new stories (not to forget the hammer)!
Valok/Amby is always there when needed, always putting the extra touch in game too!
Mages being mages! Great intro to the AMM meeting.
Tikno gave me an amazing tarot reading and some good advice!
Apple! Apple is exciting. Apple is good Avlis.
Mac is fantastic, as is his friend Soup.
Silver Fox! Love seeing them back and getting to adventure with them.
Luci and Mac are cute evil trouble.
Kassha Kassha Kassha. Always fun and always true to the Red Mage. No matter what the name becomes. One of the top 10!
Murder Shovel! I cannot wait to hang out more with Murder Shovel.

I can't wait to get to know Constance Drake better too!
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by Ambrosia » Mon Feb 06, 2023 4:48 am

Yo! Peeps! It's a new month! Have you bragged about the people you've roleplayed with for January? If not, please do! 😸
"I clearly need to teach "debauchery 101"
- Alexis Dufresne Montjoie
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Fri Feb 17, 2023 2:43 am

Alexis is a character of surprising depth and a very giving partner to RP with.
Kassha is simply great - I've really enjoyed watching him interact with the younger mages around.
So many small circles of whispering characters. Whatever could they be planning, discussing, or snarking about? So mysterious!
Silver Fox has a knack for walking into a situation, taking control of it, and leaving a trail of bodies for the crows. Then she does us the honor of writing about it for everyone who missed the spectacle to read about it instead.
Moriand has been outdoing himself. I love watching him pretend he doesn't care.
Constance Drake has been making herself at home nicely.
Lady Ethraeli - What a lady! Singlehandedly changing an old character for the better!
Loving the revival of Mikona, Silver Fox' gatherings at the Rock, Minotaur explorations! Chicken Pen fights!
The Space Orphans are a fun little group (Claudia, Zenta, Navarra, Ruby)
It's been wonderful having Silver Fox as an antagonist again. She's an absolute pleasure to play against.
Why do they call her “scary” Lily? Oh. Now I get it…
It's always worthwhile to stop and chat with Lexi
Duq is really excellent bit of flavor to the server, glad to have him around!
The wonderful thing about Billy is that for all of his naivety and enthusiasm, he's got a solid brain in there, if you're watching for it. He's a great reporter.
The orphans (Mac and Luci) are great, and slightly creepy. Anyone who trusts shrimp cups that they find in someone’s basement has to be immune to fear.
The Opportunist has been a really fun project to be a part of! Thanks guys!
Silver Fox is gonna Silver Fox
Silver Fox - There are characters that drive Avlis world forwards kicking and screaming, Silver is one of them while being clever, playful and wicked all in one.
Luci and Mac are the cutest little terrors.
The artwork and excellent letters on Kiera's journal thread are definitely worth everyone's time.
Duq is a enjoyable little goblin!
The Opportunist reporters are always on the scene to bring you the news as it happens. A+ writeups by that whole group!
Enjoyed getting to know Lily a bit as well
Moriand's sharp wit is a delight, as is his depth.
It was great to see Ishra and Rakuug again! They're both so poised and spiky.
Ishra Qiyun - For someone who says so little, his presence is always felt! Small and subtle gestures really bring him to life, and I'm always left wanting more. A true Valokian.
Bentren is adorably morbid.
Isaac. You poor, poor, lovestruck fool. This may turn into the biggest Dane tragedy since Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
Duq is incredibly solid and a very welcome addition!
Fletcher, model of consistency both IC/OOC...grunt has a knack for mobilizing things that means a lot to the server
Dani Earthgift is a really good paladin, which isn't always easy to do.
Been a blast being a part of the Moonlit Ventures! Great initiative, and great fun on all of the different quests!
I have been enjoying the reserved, bookish machinations of Ms. Constance Drake. Here's hoping she enjoys the politics stuff coming down the pike.
Kir has been doing great things for ACE; he's always helpful and welcoming.
I’m not saying this dragon thing is going to turn into a war, but if it does, I’m recruiting Moriand. He can cook, track, and kill anything that moves.
Isaac, I love you, but your wisdom is higher than this!
Moonlit Paw - Moonlit's energy and fun is just infectious. And a massive shoutout to Pek for organising regular outings for all of us via Moonlit Ventures, really appreciate it!
Easley seems like a lovely young man!
Alvinar and Pek for being hubs for PDE's, had a great time being swept up in their events
Kana and Silver's blood sacrifice was one of the highlights of my month.
I have to say that coming to this server has been very refreshing. Joining such a welcoming and skilled player base with such a hands on and engaging DM team has been amazing.
Chy - The very definition of Cutebold. It's easy to forget when you have an array of cynical mages, hardened warriors and bloodthirsty pirates, but to actually play a pure little soul is hard going. Looking forward to seeing where this little fellow ends up.
Can I vote for Moriand twice? He's excellent!
There’s no situation that comes up that Archibald doesn’t have a “Well, actually…” locked and ready to go.
Kassha is a terrifying magic crab
Let's not forget our man of Opportunity, Fletcher Millstone
I really could rave everyone I've been in contact with in the past three months since coming back...strong vibes in avlis right now
Don’t look now, but M’chek is hopping again!
Faerynthi - So much energy!
Dani Earthgift, and not just because she has the word "cicatrix" in her description!
Moonlit Paw is a real anchor for cool times! Thank you Moonlit Paw!
Is Lexy going to a fashion show, fancy party, or on an adventure? Yes.
When you go to a scout training, and it turns into an elite kill squad mission… thumbs up to the whole crew of dangerous individuals…even the little dragon Ambrose got them some!
Talla Rookling is thoughtful and interesting. Hoping to see more of her.
It's been a whirlwind of meeting characters and owners, so I wont list names, but every single one of them/you has been outstanding.
Bonus: Cheers to all of the players running calendar events on their own! Your service and commitment to adding fun is admirable.
Team - Thanks for all the hard work! x
CCC and QA staff for punching stuff through and being responsive...whole thing runs like a well oiled machine
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Sun Mar 19, 2023 1:33 pm

A big shout out to new characters!
Getting Ilomas's story of the white rod was an absolute highlight of the month. It's amazing to have characters around who have been scarred and scoured by a world-changing plot, and who have unique perspectives on them.
When Duq isn't on I miss Duq
It's been nice to get to know more about Lily. There's a lot there that isn't apparent until you dig a little deeper.
Alexis Dufresne Montjoie. Alexis. Dufresne. Montjoie. What a fancy man. What a hero.
Billy Parton has such a strong, innocent presence. No wonder 15 people in a group run to raise him!
Snuggles deserves some credits. And not just because of the name! The little Goblins is always his original self and has been doing this for a long time now, and on a constant basis. And he now comes with legs as well! What more could a fellow player ask for?
The whole Mikonertown crew. You make me so happy.
Doriand Mias (sic) is the archetypal tracker, guide, ranger, teacher, and philosopher. I look forward to every interaction!
Duq has been an absolute delight, and that's only been magnified by the addition of a flag.
Emick continues to shine. Great character, great RP, and the player is always helpful and inclusive.
Welcome, Asahild!
Keira is the bestest best friend and the perfect social host for all of Avlis. Don’t let the plebeians get you down!
I really enjoyed my interactions with Keira and Kaelyn this last month as the political uncertainty in M'Chek continues.
Thienna took the time to notice my PC was uncomfortable and quietly take steps to fix it. Kindness doesn't always stand out next to big declarations, but it's appreciated all the same.
Constance is a tour de force of plotting and scheming. Watch out Valokians, this Senathite is stealing your turf!
Moonlit Paw deserves to be proclaimed the People's Hero.
I really enjoy the moments when Emick Azorian is a small person acting like a big hero.
There is still a farm upstate waiting for Jack, if he wants it.
Thienna has been such a great character! The fact that she envision the Elder Healer role is just amazing! She's patient and kind and I always enjoy roleplaying with them!
Moriand Dias owns the niche of Woodsman.
Talla Rookling is still and deep, like a glacial lake.
Love seeing the Tcharovs arounds. Wonderful expression of brotherhood!
Fletcher Millstone is a true tentpole character, lifting up those around him.
It's been fun to watch Sceluscio's frankly unhealthy obsession with forbidden knowledge.
Silver Fox continues to impress. Evil with nuance (yes, I said nuance)!
Need more Mac, and more rhombus!
Quick! Fetch the fainting couch! Alexis Dufrense Montjoie is feeling wan and consumptive! In all seriousness, Alexis is one of my favorites for playing things to the absolute hilt. He's also an epistolary virtuoso.
Doing hoodrat things with the crew in M'chek tickles the right spots.
Moriand Dias never disappoints. He's grounded and real, and he lends that reality to everything he touches.
Every conversation with Nostalgia is just a delight. She has such a way of dropping the big questions on your character and helping you articulate exactly who they are.
Kassha Firehart, both obscenely powerful and infinitely generous. Although he does need to work on his pitches.
Archibald got in a few clever zingers the other night that definitely enhanced my fun!
Thank you for amazing crab times, Kassha!
Lily and Owen are urbane and charming. They're also up to no good, but who's counting?
Tupaia is a fun character to be around and the player seems very charming and supportive. She is quiet and reserved and yet has a lot of wisdom to share! Always a joy every time I get to RP with this player!
It was super fun to watch an old school Dominator vs. Paladin philosophical debate. Thank you Ishra and Kaelyn!
Sammy Valorian's father is a paladin.
Kassha and his loft of seagulls always gives me something to look forward to
Morgan Thornheart is deftly walking a delicate line of playing out the actual implications of Jechran as a place.
I love me some Tor! I love that the player has done his research, and I love that unapologetic old school barbarian hero vibe.
Kaelyn Grumbald has a good heart and lifts up everyone around her.
Flenken! Jaa! He is having both the jokes and the emotional depth! He did zoom back into our lives very briefly, and it was like he had never done the leaving. He does have the lumbago so be going easy, jaa.
Constance Drake is up to something.
A shout out to Team Scout who decimated the Immortals in Nightfang.
Kaelyn Grumbald. Kelly Grumbles. Big Kelly G. Kellz. The posture. The mannerisms. The sure knowledge she'll get kicked down a well by a Blackguard one day - and the presence to keep going despite this! Wow!
Silver Fox keeps things rolling and pulls people into the pit. She's an animating force on Avlis.
I keep raving Nostalgia because she keeps being fantastic!
Keira is the center of so much social gravity.
Duq has taken to Avlis like a... well, a Duq to water. Always a joy to see him; even more so to hear reports of his activities.
Kaelyn has been one of my favorite characters and the player has been one of my best supporters in my time here! Quiet, thoughtful, and I have come to believe, rather complex even when they don't reveal themselves openly. Can't wait to continue roleplaying with them!
Luci and Mac are neutral Adorable.
Constance Drake. Connie. ConCon. Big Connie D. The Long Con. C-Drazzle. A character who walked fully-formed into Avlis and has set about maging and skulduggerizing with panache!
Getting to know Dani has definitely been rewarding, and I'm looking forward to more.
Keira Sophia "Names" Dane Tochi'larian, or KSDT to absolutely nobody, is a charming, gracious delight.
I love the little bit of spice Mayor Millstone adds to every conversation. Dragonskin boots for all!
Billy Parton, The Pipe Baron, The Skullcracker, The Slaughterer of Innocent Blackguards, the Herald of Wow!, is always a source of joy (and busted jaws) in game.
For so many reasons, consider this a recurring monthly rave for Sceluscio! Suffice it to say Lexy's heart always chooses well.
Enoch "Knuckles" Tcharov is my favourite Tcharov. Don't tell Cyprian.
Tor's player needs encouragement, because no matter what they might think - Tor Varson is a pleasure to roleplay with! He may seem quiet, only talks when he has something to say, but there is a lot of character and depth to him. I'm always happy to roleplay with them!
Duq's really interesting! He's genuinely funny but there's a lot more to him than that; the humor comes from good characterization.
Cyprian "Cupcake" Tcharov is my favourite Tcharov. Don't tell Enoch.
Nostalgia Bellweather, or, to use her wrestling name, NEURALGIA HELLWEATHER, is a wonderful portrayal of an ordinary person finding her own path in a crazy world of magic and monsters. And then beating stuff to death with her tiny monk fists.
Rade for depth and competence and heart.
Mac and Luci will destroy us all with their flying pyramid of doom one day, cackling the whole way. "Rhombohedrons."
Tikno Ruv. Wow, what a character and absolute pleasure to roleplay with! I've sadly only gotten to do so a couple times, but she is definitely one of my favorite characters! Sweet, charming, wise, and accepting. I'll always be down to roleplay with this player and any of her PCs!
Ishra "GLORY" Qiyun remains the picture of elegant malevolence.
Andria is kinda blowing my mind
Caydo's NPCs are great!
Most of my experiences as a new player have been under DM Zonr and I must say... they are absolutely excellent in both their story delivery and doing very well in making everyone feel included as best as they can! Even when a character can't help directly - they're still a part of the story!
Pleth is Plething at 900 mph. M’Chek has an amazing cast of new characters: way to take initiative and modernize the setting in such a fun way!
I offer my sincere thanks to the DM's who continue to bring Avlis alive, as well as the other team members working in the shadows.
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by Sephira » Tue Apr 04, 2023 12:24 am

It's that time again!

Send us your comments for March!
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Thu Apr 13, 2023 3:09 am

A big cheer for the players and team who each do their part to help others who are new or returning, and get them sorted!
Riva is dutiful and martial and it's really nice.
Welcome to Avlis, Tingar!
Keira is an awesome hostess, whether it's herding the ASK cats or throwing a grand ball high society has been an absolute blast.
Really enjoyed fight RP with Haku, as well as all the others who came out to fight night.
This entry line is reserved permanently for Silver Fox.
It's awesome how hard Drago Redclaw is looking for somebody to be a lacky to.
My time with Tikno has been all too brief but she's an fantastic slice of magic.
Tagnar is such a solid, amazing dwarf. I loved his kilt cape.
Alexis and Sceluscio finally getting a dance was a goddamn magical moment. Good job fellas!
Here's to Alvinar for showing his face in MChek, in both senses!
Kurn. Kurn! KURN. The song was amazing and instrumental in making something that needed to happen happen. I should have raved him months ago for a trip to Corvallen but it is what it is.
When Keira throws a party, you'd better catch it! Big thanks to the staff who made it happen, too!
Ilomas continues to be a character of awesome depth and visible tragedy.
I wish I got to see more of Constance Drake's machinations, but the fact that I don't is part of why she's so good at them.
Riva - As an honourable, upright, Senathite, Riva has been a slow burn, but like incense she has now perfumed the air with a chracter I want to know more of!
Like an onion, Lily has layers and a lot of bitterness, but if you heat her up in a pan with butter, turns into something really quite sweet.
Scelusio: What an absolute tease. It's the quiet ones you need to watch out for I tell yah *wink*
Kaelyn Grumbald and Dani Earthgift make Paladins fun to be around! (Mostly)
Thank you so much to Keira and her player for always making things happen. Elegant, involved, and a welcoming harbor for all ships.
Shoutout to Valrek Qi'rha, and good luck in his courtship!
Alexis has this magical ability to brighten any room (even Verlog!) and charm just about anybody.
Poor Tikno, you did so much work warding things, and had to leave before the aftercare!
Moriand Dias is some of the most concentrated good time on Avlis. He's never not poking, making subtle jokes, and just being a strong character.
Laura Web - Sassy, serious and fun in any occasion. But mostly murder.
Oh My God Old Racist Grampa Samwir is funny as hell. Hearing him give a stilted version of events I was there for but my character wasn't was an amazing experience.
Silver Fox is always stirring people to act. The player's doing a fantastic job of making people feel included while also making them feel like she's manipulating the situation to her own advantage. Great antagonists make a great world.
Shout out to the 13-times dance competition champion of Minur-Khuzad, Flenken Jolliemausch!
Taruma - An oldie but a goodie. Deft, charming and effortlessly improvs in any situation.
Chyjri is doing actual, effectual, scientific research! Or I guess effectuwaw scientwific weseawch.
Everything that comes out of Fellock's beak is comedy gold!!!
There are 2 kinds of people in this world: Those who love Duq, and those who haven't gotten to play with Duq.
The play between Dani Earthgift and Vidania is super interesting!
Dis-Honorable Mention to Kaelyn's racist dad. :)
Is today the day that Nostalgia will snap? Who knows? I do enjoy the country conservatism.
Constance - Another Senathite (was there a two for one deal?) Clever and scheming - I just want to scrape back all those layers and find out what's going on here. A very myst-serious gal
Ishra Quiyun is smooth, savvy, sexy, and spectacular.
Had a fantastic conversation with Kaelyn Grumbald about the cost and the value of justice. It wasn't a long interaction but it was a really thoughtful one.
Lily and Owen - adding depth and shading to That Aarilaxian Life.
Katster is a delightful person, all her characters are wonderful, and the Starlight Ball was a triumph!
Elrada - stepping up that mage game within the AMM. Black and red is still cool clearly!
Kassha. Always Kassha. I was there for his start, and it's a pleasure and an honor to watch him casually swagger across the stage as a war hero, a player in multiple divine upsets, the premiere name in artifice, and one of the strongest arcane casters on the face of the world, without ever being unapproachable or off-putting. Absolute man of the people.
William "Billy Pipes" Parton is a genuine and open-hearted lad. Future Malekite right there, folks.
Nostalgia's little shell is cracking a bit more every time I see her in game, as she's becoming more sure of herself.
Kurn for the absolute best RP performance that I have ever seen. Way to deliver bardic inspiration, man!
Moriand, don't ever change, dude. The heart of Pelar, right there.
Rakuug was a character I hadn't had enough chance to interact with before, but as expected, she's amazing to play with.
Constance Drake is just a little bit complicated.
Still really impressed with Emick. He's such a breath of fresh air, and makes every gathering he attends better.
I'm so glad Mala's back! She never fails to delight!
Mac and Luci together are awesome, and individually are equally as awesome.
FELLOCK! Fellock is an amazing, nervous, demon-bound, dancing, cowardly murder machine! He's just the best.
Some people would say you shouldn't put that in your mouth, but Duq would disagree and that's why he's amazing.
Continuing to enjoy the subtle scars on the psyche of Morgan Thornheart.
It has been an honor and privilege to get to know Alinee Blake, who I saw at the start of her career before I left, and who I'm now seeing in the full and complex flower of narrative maturity, carrying scars and history and mistakes and joys. What a lovely person.
The relationship between Moriand and his wolf companion is worth watching.
Look we all really appreciate the fantastic team, the DMs and their intricate and compelling ongoing plots but let's give a shout out to player organisied events as well. The Ferrel sale for newbies, the regular weekly hangouts organised by players. Thanks guys, you know who you are.
Scaylz managed to toast both sides of the bread evenly in that mini-plot, where everyone had a good time, and a good moment for their team. I look forward to even more!
Invisible cloaks - the hero we never knew we needed. Oh no, wait, that's the QA and dev team. You are the scaffolding under all our roleplaying and I thank you for you invisble efforts.
Can I please rave the subtle RP of a really well-built area? Because Stone Harbor is a crazy, beautiful, amazing walk down memory lane.
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by Ambrosia » Fri May 05, 2023 3:49 pm

Hey all! Did you remember to submit comments for April? There's time to do that now if you want!
"I clearly need to teach "debauchery 101"
- Alexis Dufresne Montjoie
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Mon May 08, 2023 3:15 am

Endo is the absolute best boy! Nothing but eel pies and maximum quality elemental jerky for Endo!
Kosjixen! He's grown up so much, and gotten more cynical and wise. I liked sparring with him both times, and I appreciate his advice.
Duq is an old school gobbo in the best way.
Alexis Dufresne Montjoie! He always has time for my nonsense and is ready to be there when you need a friendly shoulder and a fantastic ass.
Nostalgia is such a full-hearted commitment to an incredibly difficult concept to portray via text - lack of confidence and uncertainty. Huge shout out.
Sceluscio Potementia can be subtle, but he's also a joy, with a lot of intellectual curiosity.

Moriand Dias might be real for all I know.
Rosenre has been lovely! I fully support the fearless commitment to exploration!
Luci is a treat, always!
Kassha Fireheart is the most stand up guy on Avlis. Always there to help out a friend or even a random passer by!
Mac is also a treat! One day he will have his revenge on doors!
Moriand Dias is an amazing ranger, a great guide, and the voice of wisdom and sanity in an insane world.
Morgan "The Annihilad" Thornheart is more than just a pretty face, an artfully broken nose, and negative opinions about Jechran. He's also a killer!
Here's to Emick Azorian, who is a tremendous dork and a solid friend.
Kassha continues to delight every time he's around
Kurn Murdolled - what can I say? Depth, humour, really thoughtful and inspiring bardic RP - take a bow!
Kassha Firehart is ever generous, always amusing, just an indispensible guy.
I'm going to rave Elradra (and Rade)... that lecture was top notch. Both of those characters want me to go off-type enough to create a compatible alt just so I have an excuse to play with them.
Constance Drake. No funny nicknames this time, she's part of the furniture.
Kaelyn Grumbald has large shoes to fill, but she's trying her best!
Part of the true joy of knowing Ishra Qiyun is how one conversation in a span of about six weeks can still make a huge impact.
When Silver Fox takes an active interest in your character, it's always a little chilling. Circling like a shark and smiling in a way that isn't remotely friendly.
Kosjixen! A star turn at the Southill tournament packed with draconic goodtimes.
Ilomas has so much going on, and he's a sweetie under all that scar tissue.
It's been a joy to play with Ali and learn more about her past. She's got depth and history.
Oh gods so hard... I know it feels cheap but hells the whole community. It's been an absolute joy coming back home.
Duq is a horrible little monster and I love him.
Enoch Tcharov, the Iron Fop. What-ho, old top.
Major shakeups with Dani Earthgift this month! A good bit more Vidania poking through.
Another way overdue rave... Rook and Seth:

Serena Rook: Seth, do we wanna stay sad?
Seth Morendo: *abruptly stops*
Seth Morendo: Fek no.
Serena Rook: Yeah I didn't think so. *Stops playing*
Riva has been a stalwart soul and it's been good to have her along for adventures.
Dani Earthgift is always fun to encounter!
Constance is sneaky and clever and I love her.
Loonin! We love to see the return of old favourites. Daavensplatz!
Thienna's taken an interest in my well-being!
Morgan Thornheart has been turning up in the weirdest places. I don't know if the rest of you guys are seeing it, but he's doing an amazing job of drawing out a character whose upbringing has left him with so many subtle scars on both his heart and his body, but who never descends into an ugly caricature.
Loonin Rapplenummen hopped back in and splashed history all over my character. God, there's nothing in the world as fun as a really good gnome.
Ishra Qiyun is the fucking man. He's so elegant and snarky. It's been a pleasure to have him around.
Tor Varson has become so integral to avlis he's almost a location. It's been fun to watch him grow larger than life over these years.
Kzin is quiet but very sweet.
Fellock always has something adorable to add. One of the funniest characters on Avlis and an A+ coward bird.
Al is deeply committed to the bit, and I respect that so much!
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Thu Jun 08, 2023 7:28 pm

We did not have any comment submitted for the Month of May. However, it is not too late! Feel free to submit yours today!

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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Tue Jun 20, 2023 5:09 pm

Kassha Firehart may be old and tired but he's far from done. Everyone loves Dirtbag Merlin.
Kosjixen is carrying so much history, so much instinct, and so much character. They're a quietly wonderful character, especially for how far they often are from human.
Ishra Qiyun The Dominator of Valok, and any event he is in.
Dani is wonderfully down to earth(gift)
Are you on Krek's bleeder list? Did you know Krek had a bleeder list? It's better/worse than Santa's lists.
Alexis Dufresne Montjoie is a lovely mix of absolutely over-the-top and quietly subtle.
Dani Earthgift is a joy to hang out with. She's funny and down to earth, and still trying to find how she fits into some very shining armor.
Mac and Luci are driving magic forward with gumption, guile, and bags full of snacks.
Endo is top notch, and his pet ranger is pretty cool too.
If it walks like a Duq and quacks like a Duq...
Ali really shone in Brekon! I'm so pleased to have gotten to watch her antics!
Fellock! Always hungry, always scared, always a blast.
Nostalgia Bellweather, with her small-town values and her fists like wrecking balls!
Prison Drog!
Moriand's conversation about the ways in which everything around you is alive and breathing, whether you realize it or not, was gorgeous and smart and one of the best moments I've had in any game in a long time. I fucking love this guy.
Morgan Thornheart is doing a bang up job expanding and grounding Jechran, and being a polite little bastard.
Moonlit Paw is a catalyst for adventures and good times!
Silver Fox could drive her bootheel straight through your face and it would still be a really fun time!
Sceluscio's very quiet but he's got a lot going on. And so much he's missing as well.
Ilomas is just one of the best characters. That's it.
I’m tired of raving Silver Fox.
Duq is a fucking fantastic delving partner, and just a goddamn _goblin_ out there.
Can't spell Taruma without "trauma!" Here's to you, baldy.
Journals with actual hearts in them? Yes please!
Fellock is never not a delightful time. This motherfucker Yes Ands and a champion level.
Duq doesn't mean any harm, as far as you know.
God, and did I mention the bird-stress emote of Fellock just tearing out feathers with his beak?! That hit really hard.
Ishra Qiyun's relentless ascent as the right-hand of Glory can only impress.
Kassha. Holy shit Kassha. The great thing about Kassha is that 95% of the time he's behaving in the most easily dismissed manner ever, and then 5% of the time he is grabbing you by the soul and reminding you just how real and important everything is, how much pain and history he's had to live through, and how much the world needs proper heroes.
Moonlit Paw's unwavering dedication to putting people in danger is commendable.
Ilomas is so smart and so good at the specific character he's doing. Watching him grapple with the Avariel and the drangonari, what it means to the world, and what it means to him, has been beautiful.
Riva Wennen's unwavering dedication to getting people out of danger is ... no they're just as likely to get you killed.
Hats off to Timber Kins'Poesy for taking the risk of playing someone who's young, and sheltered, and viewing the world through a very specific lens- and for the wrenches she's throwing into everybody's gears about it.
Here's to Constance Drake, we could not have done it without you!
Cel and Timber’s roleplay this last month was a refreshing change of pace, and I look forward to experiencing more of the same.
Luci and Mac are turning into some legit ARCANE POWER-houses, and are great fun at any gathering!
Kurn is always ready to stir up shit, and I really appreciate it.
Enoch looks smashing
The one and only, Thienna.
If you ever want to see how fast Nostalgia can run, just ask the right question. If you ever want to see how hard Nostalgia can hit, just ask the wrong question.
Loonin Rapplenummen is gnomey in the awesomest way!
Prend is a promising new character, it'll be fun to see where he goes!
Every month I sit down and write some variation on "Alexis Dufresne Montjoie is a delight". I've done it again!
It's all coming up Ishra Qiyun and I could not be happier for him. He's a great verbal sparring partner, and really sells the idea of someone whose religion is politics, and whose politics is religion. So glad he got knighted.
Interactions with Glorandrea this month was honest and genuine and her crafting knowledge is immeasurable.
Tagnar for being grubby and unsophisticated and lovely!
Fellock! AWK!
The amount of characters with crushes on Ruby continues to climb.
Kaelyn Grumbald is dutiful and fun.
Kzin is low key but sweet.
All hail Morgan Thornheart, The Annihilad, Proselytizer, Godslayer, First of His Name!
Here's to Naelwyn for never letting go of being grumpy. No time to smile when you gotta smite.
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Thu Jul 06, 2023 11:15 am

Please submit your comments for June if you haven't already!


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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Thu Jul 13, 2023 8:03 pm

My first and biggest rave goes out to all the mages who played those couple of days of uncertainty to the goddamn hilt. Jenny Hallendon's exhaustion and horror, Kassha's bitterness at the betrayal, Lilliana Be'letane's controlled scheming, Ronan's guilt in his lonely rooms, Tikno's self-mutilation and rebellion. It has been a privilege to watch the character work people have been doing with it. You guys are fucking champions.
Raving Cel's journal; keep it up!
Fellock Dust Talon is one of the best characters ever. Every single thing I've ever seen him do is funny, full of heart, and healthily peppered with world lore and history. Just amazing.
Watching Nostalgia, Lexy and Sceluscio is like seeing a season of "My Two Dads", directed by the Coen brothers.
Alexis Dufresne Montjoie is one of the best character's I've ever played with for emotes that can be unobtrusive but deeply significant. He's someone who's very good at paying attention and weaving your contributions back in. Excellent partner in a scene.
Fellock's a treasure! He's not just about making you laugh; he can make you cry, too.
There's a lot of things I love about Silver Fox, but one of them is what a master she is at the humble brag. Like she's mutilated two gods and killed a third, but it's no big, you know, just what one does when one is a blackguard.
Xzar Nefzen has thrown himself headlong back into the world of Wild Magic. We are doomed!
Thanks to Keira Sophia Dane Tochi'larian for party planning advice and awesome hosting considerations!
Caydo of the Many Hats! And a special shout-out to Ruby, the buxom bombshell!
Moriand Dias never fails to be anything less than profound and pleasant to play with. And also an absolute murder machine. I know I rave him every month, but he's goddamn spectacular.
I had a blast watching Xandra finding all the angles on a tracking quest. Total operator.
Silver Fox goes from absolutely slaying to literally slaying in one outfit change.
This has been a really nice month to get to know Cel, who has always been a really quiet character. I've been appreciating his journal and his sweet simplicity.
Tell that story, Kassha!

Tell that story, Thienna!
Here's to Kzin, who's quiet, but a very nice guy.
Moriand Dias is putting in the hard miles to revive the Keepers of the Cycle, and it's an effort that should be recognized and encouraged.
Anytime Dani is around, I know I'm going to love my play-time. She's genuinely good-hearted, but also savvy & clever & funny; who says the good guys have to be boring?
Fellock is a true treasure, with a comment for everything, and a story to go with it.
Morgan Thornheart is a true son of M'chek
It's been so nice to see Kosjixen as part of this dragon plot dealing with fundamental truths about himself that he doesn't like. He brings a lot of history with him and it's been lovely to watch that character grow.
I'm failing to recall a time when I haven't had fun interacting with Dameon.
Macharry Mennemein has come into his own as a mage, and it's been enjoyable to see it happen.
Here's to Delurion Imyn for having some unexpectedly relevant things to say about love.
And the thinking-on-your-feet award goes to Silver Fox's player, for "Alexisn't" and "Not-stalgia"! Honorable mention to Sceluscio's player, who can always come up with clever stuff at a moment's notice, too.
Dani Earthgift is a a fun, down-to-earth paladin, and a sweetheart of the first order. It's also always fun to see characters who have a lot of their formative experiences in a different culture, and bring a good dwarven sensibility to Avariel.
Big shout out to the AMM and friends and the RP associated with that little bit of drama. The RP was superb even if the subject was difficult.
Lilliana's clarity of expression is refreshing.
Ilomas is, as always, a character full of depth, history, pain, and insight. He has been spectacular in the wake of Angadar.
The Tcharov Brothers are fast becoming my new favorite sibling rivalry.
Loonin Rapplenummen is among the best gnomes ever. It's always hard to find a perfect balance between the necessary kitsch of gnome and being what is ultimately a very moving character with a lot of history and expertise. Great job, Loonin!
Kassha Firehart is so generous and helpful, he should be part of the new player tutorial.
Good sermon from Morgan! I enjoy how much he's carving out his own path as an Aarilaxian. And also that he's carving that path through the flesh of lesser gods.
Whatever is going on in Amendir's head, the Mind Wind is blowing at full gale force.
I enjoy what Sceluscio is laying down as an RP vibe. He's pretty relentlessly committed to being an odd little duck who doesn't quite "get" the more emotional stuff, while still being quite clever and insightful in his own way.
Olisa gave a hell of a mini monologue at the Order of the Dragon!
It's always good to have Tagnar along! He's the dwarfiest!
Kurn's lack of impulse control is one of my favorite things about him, and I have a lot of favorite things about him.
While we're usually raving characters, I wanted to rave Moredo, Kat, and Pek for their various characters who each bring something to the world, and the players are always fun to engage with.
This month was the first time I think I'd gotten a chance to interact directly with Claudia Nalvad and I really enjoyed the thoughtfulness of the exchange.
Everybody reacting in their own way to the Monolith business. Some great RP both in person and on the boards.
Ruby Velvare is bubbly and vivacious!
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Thu Aug 03, 2023 8:29 pm

Big shout out to all the monks who've come to monk brunch! Lee Lane, Penelope Taumilhaut, Haku, Kosjixen, Talla, Tank, Dorig, Riva! Each one of these characters is individually fabulous, but when you get them together, it's fucking magic. Both mechanically and philosophically every single one of these characters has a unique, thoughtful, and interesting take on the class, and watching them show off their skills and talk about where they're coming from (or in Tank's case, get very quiet about it) has been a pleasure and a privilege! Characters looking for power and peace and enlightenment and redemption. I'm so hyped for how well everyone worked off everyone else. Some of the best times I've had in the game, and you guys are all amazing.
We can't rave July people without Raving NH4. In the last 20 years he's held every position on the team including Head DM in some form or fashion and is a huge asset to the Assist Team. He's always reliable and you can count on him to be on the side of his fellow players. You're a pillar of this community and I can't imagine the place without you.
Rave to all the players who organized July events. We had so much stuff to do! It was so great! Thank you!
Nostalgia is an absolute prize. So much depth and that journal. Not a dry eye in this house.
Endo is the biggest, best boy!
Alexis! Is he gorgeous? Yes. Is he an elf? Yes. Does he bustle? About. A very generous player and a wonderful character.
ET is back. How do I know ET is back? Coons and Kuras drama. A KurCoon if you will.
Lily is generous with both oversharing help and pointed criticism. Yay for high wis!
Morgan! Watching him grow from a tentative exile from a rotten place into a man on a mission has been a delight.
I've had multiple occasions to see Xinxar come more out of his shell this month, and show off a bit more of being a changeling. It's been very rewarding!
Shout out to Krackq for the forum and wiki updates and to everyone who pitched in to help with that project. It's nice to see some traction there.
Here's to Silver Fox, who is always elegant, thoughtful evil. The kind of evil that can stand up and make a political speech, and get the people chanting. The kind of evil that knows how to make itself invaluable and inescapable. She gets people together and makes things happen. Absolute pillar of Avlis
Did you see how many people showed up to celebrate NH4's birthday/anniversary party? I had so much fun!
Naelwyn again, for not putting up with any fucking nonsense. I really appreciate her commitment to being an abrasive lawful good.
Loving the RP with Aurora De Ville!

Read her journal! *chef kiss* viewtopic.php?f=159&t=143853#p1482407
This has been the month for Shana for sure! An excellent addition to the community!
Nostalgia! She works at the anxiety factory but she's magnificent fun.
How is it that Aarilax is such a fitting avatar for BeRF? Because I nearly died of fright, that's why. Super creepy stuff! Love it!
I'm never going to stop raving Moriand Dias. He's a generous player who puts his heart and soul into a deep, quiet character. I feel like it's possible to miss several layers of how awesome Moriand is if you don't go digging, but the digging is always rewarded. Also, he's funny as hell.
I really love Krek'siss as a character coming out good from a pretty dark background!
Alexis because of course I'm going to rave him. Keep on bringing the fab fam :D
Kassha! I can't wait to see the fruits of his next ill-advised adventure in experimental artifice.
Raves to Caydo for the T'Nanshi Art Gallery. Can we keep it forever? It's been so boring for so long. I never expected to go to an Art Gallery in-game (more than once!) and enjoy myself enough to return with others.
Dameon Nepirtas, he's been the catalyst for a lot of drama that I was eating popcorn and watching. Thanks Dameon!
Thienna has a wealth of history stored up in her skull, and is a pretty good tour guide!
Lilliana! Consistently one of Avlis' funniest, deepest, most rounded characters for many, many years. It's wonderful to have her around again.
Caedin Stromwell is a fun guy and an upright citizen of the woods!
I know I'm biased on Kassha Firehart, but he's also legitimately awesome. He's a giving community member, incredibly funny, and a great scene partner. Also it's been amazing to see him at so many steps of his development from cocky over-confident waster heartthrob to wizened grouchy master of his trade. A walking history book (annotated by a madman) and a great character.
Mac and Luci continue to be an absolute delight! I'm so pleased with how far up in the world they've come!
Keira! Dress? Immaculate. Bow? Loaded. Champagne? Perfectly poised. Here's to you!
Silver Fox, because I'm in love with her and she doesn't know who I am so she can't lop my head off with her grotesquely large sword!
Morgan Thornheart, out there killing gods and making lists! This character really feels like he's coming into his own, and it's so lovely to watch. He's a subtle and nuanced study in how to be kind of a monster.
Tikno Ruv continues to be a thoughtful, interesting character who elevates everyone who comes into her orbit!
Gotta rave Kurn for that custom Tribute Song. Loved it!
I'm really happy to have met the new 'bold Kaede, looking forward to seeing him grow.
Moriand! One eye, but he rarely misses.
Cel has been great to interact with this month. He's keeping a heartbreaking journal, and doing a really good line in quiet, shy, and deep. Great whittling.
Ronan! Who doesn't love a spooky boy?
Prend is a sweet happy little guy
Ashanith! Don't let that thin smile and lack of outward emotion fool you - he really is dead inside.
Really enjoying Max as a fun, happy, very Elysian PC
Fellock is, as always, inimitable and amazing. He is legitimately one of the funniest characters ever, and he's fantastic about keeping his dialogue full of lore drops and interesting in character information. I've also gotten a chance to see some great bardic play out of him- dancing, impressions, and songs that use his unique character voice(s). Amazing guy.
Tank! Give 'em hell, you maniac.
a shout out to grumpy Naelwyn. (seriously, pop a heal kit :lol: )
Xzar does wild swings and bold choices and I really appreciate that! He doesn't take himself too seriously and it's great.
Fellock! An all-time great, and a guarantor of laughs.
Enjoying Naia'Tzeleth as someone who's not troubled or angsty about a very dramatic adoption!
Dani Earthgift is a stalwart and true friend, and a charmingly down to earth paladin for somebody running around with angel wings.
Harrmpf! A gobbolicious gobbo indeed.
Alexis Dufresne Montjoie. I mean, what do you even say? Fetching emotes, to-the-hilt rp commitment, and a bloody-minded compulsion to write everything down where the most people can read it.
Duq! Somehow both an unnervingly amoral experimenter and a menswear icon.
Lilliana Be'letane coming into her own! She's one of my favorite characters in Avlis history, with a very distinct, dryly sarcastic voice, and legitimately always funny. Also, THE character for all your coup-based needs. How else does one survive the Violet?
Ilomas is always understated in the most spectacular way possible!
Kedar! Avlis' most Near Death cleric never leaves home without the Zone of Fun spell!
Only Lillianna can make Open Surgery less scary.. uh.. wait..
Some good conversations with Sceluscio this month.
Here's to Dameon for his commitment to playing a petulant, messy, drama character! He has been the catalyst for so much talk this month.
Ronan is aloof and spooky and I love that shit!
Amby, for all of her many roles that she plays. She's versatile, flexible and very talented. Thank you for what you do!
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Tue Sep 05, 2023 2:18 pm

Kudo's to all in Amby's Good vs. Evil storyline. While I know only very little of what went on, on the other-side still the outcome was stellar.
Frannie makes the best desserts!
Snuggles has many faces. He can entertain children. Be a great friend. Poke evil in the face faster than anyone else. But I am sure there are still some sides of him I've yet to see. The little green guy has depth.
The big surprise this month for me was Sceluscio Potementia. While he's a quiet and reserved character, when you get him in smaller groups, he's surprising, engaging, and really funny! It's been really nice to get to know him better.
Naelwyn and Duq subtly insulting each other, overtly insulting each other, and just in general absolutely antagonizing to each other is hilarious.
Cinder nails it yet again. The airship was the greatest!
Finn being Finn. Keep it up, sir.
Cel does such a good mix of an inherently quiet character and very big reactions. He's not always drawing attention to himself, but he's often deeply in love or heartbroken or so betrayed he can hardly speak. It's really nice. Plus he has props.
Solid leadership from Olisa during this last plot. Looking for more of the same in the next.
Here's to Bourek (Mr. B) for playing somebody who's up to no good.
Sceluscio is really dedicated to the mental arts, and Druid roleplays that masterfully. I'm thinking particularly of a lecture he wrote recently; great stuff!
Elvi's dedication to be useful and help her Order is to be commended. And she does this while being friendly and original.
Shana's been around everywhere, and I love her curiosity and enthusiasm!
An excellent folk song was added to the Wiki recently, authored by TwiBel; bravo!
Rodrick’s slings the best spells and cleaves the meanest of giants. So much goodness rolled up in one package.
Got to finally actually meet Aurora. I enjoy her newness in the world.
Ahhh! Watching Snuggle be visably upset when Rodrick got kissed was so dramaticly sweet. His emotes made my heart hurt a little. Watch out Alexis & Scel fans! We have two unrequited love duos going on!
Watching Nel ride into battle was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.
Hurrumph is off quietly amassing an information army to rival most cartels. The best part is? I'm pretty sure all most people see is a Harmless old goblin. Absolutely love it.
Thaylis gives good RP and has a well-thought-out backstory with meat on it; a pleasure to interact with!
Been enjoying the quiet subtlety of Xinxar.
I've enjoyed Aurora so far; looking forward to more!
I'm enjoying Lily and her horrible CTS pets.
Seeing Lula drop that giant was perfection. *chef kiss*
Nostalgia's still bringing all the feels. Plus, interesting facts about radishes!
I'm trying to think what to say about Alexis Dufresne Montjoie that I haven't said in previous months. He's just my favorite. Funny and sad and a very generous scene partner.
Cinder is a true leader. He makes the tough decisions and does so with conviction. There's also so much he does behind the scenes that most don't see. Here's to you, Fireblaze!
Pirate's FTW - love me some hawt pirate action to drag an ol' favorite pc of mine out of solitude.
Thienna seems suspicious. Eventually she will catch me. But she hasn't yet.
Naelwyn is so much more than a stereotypical inflexible Paladin. She's on a journey, and I'm looking forward to seeing where she goes.
Duq - has skills you wouldn't think he has.
Snuggles and his hilarious choice. Keep them coming.
Kassha Firehart! Oh my fuckin' God. He's always funny, he's often deep, he's generous, he's a pillar of the community, and he's willing to make big fun choices every time he shows up in a scene.
The storm of chaos that surrounds Nawen keeps you on your toes.
Morgan Thornheart, and not just for “Silver Faux”. Although that helps.
LULA! Lula is such an underrated character who is absolutely marvelous. A rare Avlis Gem!
Shana is fearless and adventurous and has been a great companion through many a dungeon.
Naelwyn is perfect when playing the stereotypical Paladin. Love it.
I talked to Frannie once about maybe wanting to have a dress and she went and made me a dress. The player and character are fun and generous, and just a chill time all around.
Cel just gets better and better the better you know him.
Lula's enthousiasm and hard work is infectious. It was nice to see she got some recognition AND finally got to achieve one of her goals.
Jack Blackstrap Carter Jr is the best captain on the open seas.
Thaylis Beign is a lovely down to earth character. He's supportive and helpful, and has done some of my favorite combat emotes this month.
I'm enjoying the subtle newness of Xinxar having come up from the underdark and not really understanding how things work.
Kir is keeping the ACE home fires burning admirably. He's unfailingly kind and helpful, and it's appreciated!
Tor Varson is an Avlis institution.
Elvi’s presence in the Tower is a refreshing addition.
Rade is always a blast to hang around because you never really know what's going to come out of her mouth, be it insult, insight, or somewhere in-between.
Who is the finest crafter in the entire southern continent? It be Glora.
Jack Blackstrap Carter Jr is a character with a very strong shtick and I appreciate that so much. Journal has a real strong sense of character as well.
Silver Fox is just the best for being the worst.
I love how Iaera calls them like she's them. Never hold back.
Can I rave Easley twice? His love/guilt/fear/relief over Gorethar vs O'Ma is as yummy as a fine wine.
Emick Azorian is very solid and reliably sweet.
Kassha earns every rave he gets!
Fuckin' Kurn Murdolled! He's deeper than he seems, but he's also fast and funny, and a walking impulse control problem, and I love him for it.
Watching Susan step up during the final battle was an inspiration.
Timber is really coming into her own as a healer. She does a great job keeping parties up around her.
Always enjoy interacting with Kurn.
Silver Fox currently holds the keys to multiple epic plots and I don't even know if she knows. She probably does and has the rest of us fooled.
Tupaia Warick is a GREAT druid. Her focus on nature and animals is really lovely.
Nostalgia has been an interesting character to speak with. Very nosey, but in a good way that I don't find annoying at all! :D
Emick and that pick of his is something special to see
I really enjoyed watching Kassaerth Ssalaresh and Krek'siss interact. It's fun to see echoes of the Shaahesk war play out between characters who have to live in its aftermath.
Moriand is sharp and quiet as a blade in the dark. If he's on your side be glad. If not, you're probably already dead.
Duq is just an absolute delight. He's a provoking little gremlin and it's just the best!
I used to love Easley. Now I hate him.
Go Team Maleki! The carnage! The Mehym! The Slaughter! The Laughs!
The Order of Gorethar - Kicking ass and taking names for the Light.
Not enough space here to rave Amby on her efforts, not only in sotried events but the AMM and so much more.
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by Ambrosia » Mon Oct 02, 2023 2:52 am

Bumpitdy buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuump!
"I clearly need to teach "debauchery 101"
- Alexis Dufresne Montjoie
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Sat Oct 07, 2023 5:43 pm

Player journals rock my socks, thank you all for sharing deeper insights into your characters!
Everyone who participated in the Pub Quiz; that was loads of fun!
I am impressed with Thienna's clear-eyed empathy and her ability to articulate a convincing, compassionate argument.
Lilliana Be'letane is so goddamn funny. I love her dry wit and her disregard for people's inflated self-image.
Kurn is always a welcome addition to a party!
Nora deserves a nod for having to put up with 2 idiots. 'Nuff said on that. The player always conveys the right emotion at the proper moment. Wonderful to RP with.
Thank you, Flinn Swiftmoss, for your old pants. They were upsettingly tight and short.
Here's to Tagnar for doubling down on weird gross decisions. Best dwarf.
Dani has a great backstory full of emotion and detail, and watching her learn about it was a privilege.
I didn't think Darkfire could play Dameon any more unhinged without moving into un-fun territory, but adding sleep deprivation and wild-magic has been a crazy trainwreck that's fun to watch!
Nostaliga is amazing! I've been in awe of this pc since coming back after years away. You've got a super cool puppet master, Nos!
I love when Moriand says the most beautiful, deep, poetic, insightful stuff followed by some fantasy equivalent of "I've just smoked a bowl." He's so good, y'all.
There's more to Chyjri than meets the eye.
Warmaster Finn - The elves never really let a person retire.
Everyone hates Nails. 10/10, no further praise needed.
I have been enjoying Ilomas' subtle RP.
Timber is such a great character. Plays empathetic and caring in an extremely believable way.
Cel is really funny. But also funny real. Keep on squatting, sniffing, carving, winking, chopping, not spitting (thank Gods!), and taking care of that bird.
I didn't think I needed another elf archer who's always in a great mood and optimistic for murdering things in my life, but I did! Three cheers for Shana!
Kurn needs a vote this month for all the work he did in the Underdark.
Everyone and everything Kat is and does.
Lilliana Be'letane reminds me of my boss IRL and the way I play my character around her feels relatable and familiar. In a good way
Sephira's roleplaying has always been fantastic and so fun to interact with, but somehow it has gotten finer, smoother, and even more intelligent ... COMPLIMENT! Now... Sephira as a DM well... DAMN SMOKIN' all over the place!
Dear Mr. Ostentatious (you know who you are ;) )... I mean what the heck? You've stunned me since day one, and I won't say how long ago that was. Thank you for being here for so many of us. You beautiful human.
Liam - A solid, stellar Champion of O'ma. I can't stress this enough.
Moriand is who I'm bringing along when it's time for a game of Hide (the bodies) and Go Seek (the next of kin)
Love me some Allie Honeydew. Gives me Buzz Lightyear vibes!
I loved the subtle back-and-forth between Finn and the T'Nanshi government this month. He's like "they're so cute, they think I'm not retired." While the elves are all, "He's so cute, he thinks he's retired" :lol:
Shout out to Kat for being able to step away from the ick yet still love the game. I admire someone who isn't afraid to put mental health first.
Here's to Alexis for starting the Opportunist back up, and for always being somebody who's doing the maximum to make sure everyone knows what's going on and is included in it.
Nostalgia just blows my mind sometimes with her questions - sometimes as fast as a hasted arcane archer shooting arrows, or stammering and deep thoughtful questions depending on the situation.
Silver Fox is fantastic. I'm a sucker for deadpan humor, and she makes me laugh constantly.
Zerub cracks me up with his disgusting mannerisms while at the same time impressing me with his unassailable logic.
Is there anybody who's better to know as a new character than Kassha Firehart? He's incredibly generous, both with stuff and with information. He's also absolutely willing to make your new person feel important even if they're not yet.
Ran into an old goblin named (something like, but not exactly) Harrumph. Enjoyed that brief interaction tremendously.
Cel and Timber are cute as hell, and I respect them both for playing characters with strong opinions and reactions. Also it's been very sweet to see their relationship moving forward.
Alexis of course. I gave him some notes and he flew with it :liebhab:
Am I allowed to rave last month's murder? all the murder. so much murder. it was very satisfying.
Duq is blatantly creepy on the surface, but you need to get to know him to find he's a bit of an onion, with multiple layers. It's just all those layers are creepy in their own special way.
It's been so fun to see Ilomas Tahm'lieulia in light situations as well, because the seriousness and darkness that defines the character doesn't completely go away, but he also doesn't feel out of place. Instead, he feels like a fleshed out character who persists no matter where you put him.
Tillie - heart of gold, trying vainly to turn the ship from its course toward the reefs ahead, while the rest of the crew stands below the sails on deck, waving flaming torches at each other.
What's there to say about Silver Fox that hasn't been said? To her face. Nobody would talk behind her back, as far as she knows.
Here's to Dani Earthgift for looping her backstory into the current conflict in a way that echoes and reinforces one of the main conflicts. It's always nice when the world picks up a good character and says "hey, you're exactly the person for the moment".
If Nostalgia can't talk sense to you, she's going to beat it into you. Politely, either way.
Moriand is the uber antihero ranger. But we all love Endo better.
Siona. Trying so hard to be the best she can be.
I'm secretly in love with Claudia. My only complaint is she doesn't get enough screen time.
Siona Lyeri's been a great cornerstone for dealing with the refugees. And her relationship with Dani is great.
The1Kobra - ICly I hate all of your PCs. OOCly, I love all of your PCs.
Gorr! I'm here to tell ye that there's no better dwarf than Tagnar!
Lord, never ask Sceluscio Potementia a question he can answer with just yes or no, because that's all you're getting, baby! In all seriousness, this guy has such a strong character and vibe and I really enjoy the time.
Morgan, so young, so suspicious, an always happy to stir the pot. I can't decide if he's a good or bad influence on the groups he hangs with.
Silver fucking Fox, man. The player is so fast and so funny you feel good about being menaced and exploited.
TIMBER!!!! Seriously, so much to love here. Never stop those wonderful wing-play emotes! :)
Emick is such a fun combination of gee willikers and absolutely deadly. Best Hin representation.
Tupaia Warick is a very good druid and I like her gentle, natural vibe.
Tagnar, a dwarf's dwarf, always tactful and well spoken... for a dwarf. Meaning, he probably shouldn't handle delicate negotiations. But ladies, he's available!
Rodrick! A character that seems easy to believe could actually exist! This is hard to pull of in a would or RPing and goofing off.
Silver Fox vs. the race that shall be forgotten. That wasn't politics it was personal.
Xinxar doesn't talk much, but those times he has something to say it's zero hoop all net. Some really good and insightful stuff from the guy.
Timber! Watch out for that tree!!!
Rade, you are the best! Despite common wisdom that psionics and lycanthropy are incompatible, you read minds (at least when it comes to business negotiations), and you are the goddess of scouting for a party!
Lilliana is doing great work in the Magisterium, a continuation of how they've always pursued magic. The heavy lifting isn't always noticed, or appreciated, but they've worked so hard, and deserve the praise.
Refminion should be noticed for the characters they play, each with their own quirks and unique voice. Always fun to play with.
Nails! Fucking Nails. I love how angry and abrasive she is. Top marks for making it a fight.
Siona has been wonderful this month.
There's no situation that isn't made better by adding Kurn. He's just a delight in every possible way, and I love those times I get to see him!
Liam Wefess was a pleasant surprise this month! I hadn't really played with him before, and he's a charming representative for Elysia.
I wish I got to hang with Claudia Nalvad more because I really like her.
Lillith, sneak, snoop, snacker. And rather good at all three.
Duq is a horrible little goblin and he's so cute.
I enjoy how fighty Azug is and he looks fucking great.
The Keepers of the Cycle - here to help you with your undead problem, whether you want it or not!
Daybreak: hire them. If you survive negotiating the price, they are the epitome of professionals.
The Order of Gorethar for running with the plot and seeing it to the end.
AMM shenanigans and baby dragons, 'nough said!
The Luminous Order and Friends.

You know what you did.
To all of the Keepers of the Cycle: You're a misfit box of toys who I enjoy playing alongside, like smashing two fire trucks together.
The OoG, Easely, Nora (and Ambrosia, ofc) what an ending.
Sephira deserves special recognition for the whole Grantir plot; she's walking a fine line with style, balancing authenticity and fairness.
Jazz might not DM often, but when he does, I enjoy it. Go Euro DMs!
Special thanks to Ambrosia who has been EVERYWHERE doing all the things. You are an absolute star!
Nostalgia... a small one carrying such a heavy load all of the time. You just want to pick her up and hug away all the troubles of the world. Then again that might be a hazard to your health since she might decide to go all Bruce Lee on your ass!
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Wed Nov 08, 2023 2:40 pm

October 2023

Alexis Dufresne Montjoie - the man, the myth, the legend, the hat, the boots, the posts, the gestures, the...
Cel delivers the goods every time.
Nos is just so good, the character is played excellently, the board posts are excellent, and the player sets up stuff to do in game for other players. All round one of Avlis greatest!
Drog's reaction toward haggling (or lack thereof, ha) at the faire, I absolutely adored, it was so much fun!
Glorandrea is the finest woman in the forest
Lily, if you are looking for a character that sticks to her guns, speaks her mind (unless it does not serve her purpose), and it true engaged, not just along for the ride and cookies.. Look her up.. she has a castle you cant miss!
I love Kassha Firehart in pretty much every way possible, but he's particularly fun when he's trying hard to be a respectable senior mage and not a snipey, eccentric bastard. His struggle is so palpable.
Here's to Moriand Dias for reminding us that remembering those we've lost needn't be a thing of sadness
Lycanthropy: The Voyage of the MPS Walsington thread. I LOVE THIS even though I have no part in it. It's just pure rp and engagement that others can enjoy. Love it!
Morgan Thornheart - dress in green, keep 'em keen!
Interacting with Nora is always a blast.
Xandra is an example big people comes in small packages, really enjoyed the Hezlin trip with her!
The creativity of players and the PCs they breath life into is an absolute blast to see! The really cool solutions folks come up with aren't always "throw a big fireball at it!" (though big fireballs are cool)
Thienna did a great job at the Q&A session!
Drog, the character has been around a long time, and I have been lucky enough to RP with him with a number of my characters. Always a trader in the true sense, ready to say NO, ready to barter, and ready to make some coin! (( the player is cool too )). Nice haggling with ya at the fair!
Holy hell, Alfred Honeydew had me rolling at the trade fair. I was not prepared for the earnest enthusiasm or the level of Golly Gee that character was going to bring. Brilliant salvos. 11/10.
EVERYONE WHO POSTS on the boards. As someone who doesn't get to game as much as they'd like, I REALLY APPRECIATE posts to 1. entertain the hell out of me, and 2. keep me in the loop as much as my attention span/time allows.
Lilliana Be'letane - she's a merchant.
Finn keeps us all on track.
"Glenn is be dick" Hahaha! Naia <3
Just getting to know Dani but I've enjoyed her and her good dresses
Silver Fox, sure our characters dont see eye to eye on too much. But always IC being a sassy as hell. Oh and I bet she would HATE to be called 'Sassy' :twisted:
Azug's been a really fun character to get to know this month. Duq's always a delightful player, and I'm enjoying this guy who's had an objectively hard life but doesn't understand how bad it's really been. Top marks.
Nostalgia Bellweather - the word "um" got up, walked around, developed a conscience based entirely on homespun wisdom, forsook the hated institution of shoes, cultivated a full suite of unholy monk powers and whipped up a mean radish dish. What more can one say?
Glora is one of the best crafters out there. Always generous and accommodating.
The town hall at Hearthfire was a lot of fun! Looking forward to the next one too! Kudos definitely to all involved!
*Sings* And I said what about dinner at Alexis's, she said I think I remember the film and as I recall I think we both kinda liked it...
I really enjoyed Timber's swing from we can't trust the drangonari to we're not doing enough. There's a real commitment to playing someone who's young and idealistic (which is not necessarily the same as naive).
Siona's been great for the refugee plot, and her journal in particular has been quite good.
Silverfields 2 - "In Geritri Forest" <3
Tagnar - we've had a lot of dwarfy dwarfs but this dwarf is so dwarfy (complimentary) he makes others look like dwarfs (derogatory).
Kurn gives us solid roleplay each and every month.
Watching everyone go insane at the Sunday drinking contest was a hoot! Great RP for sure!
I saw Toranites marching in M'Chek! Is this a taste of things to come?
I have loved learning about Naelwyn's past and her family! It puts her character so much more in context and adds a really fun dimension to her oaths to Gorethar. Great prompt and I'm delighted at Scaylz for picking it up and bringing it to life!
sinn - "Near the Elania Falls" posts <3
Azug - this guy's gonna go far, and I'm gonna keep out of the way of those fists!
Frannie and her cupcakes. What a combo!
It was really nice to have a proper talk with Kurn. He's a character who has a fun and interesting perspective. It was also great watching him meet an old-timer elf. You could feel the gravity of it for that character.
Aramil is cool. I like Aramil.
Trigger - for letting others enjoy Elania Falls, and well just for being Trigger as all of your characters
Ali - poverty took a vow of her. But do did depth, mystery, humanity, and good humour.
You never know what you'll get with Nawen, and its great every time.
Lilliana Be'letane is never not funny.
Tupaia Warick for taking the time out to show my character something beautiful and special that meant a lot to her. And for being a sweet, community-minded druid.
Terror - You literally taught me by example how special this place is (a hundred years ago). Your chars are always thoughtful, present, imaginative, and they always always add to a situation for enhanced rp.
Brant - the return of "Risky" Risko is a real delight!
Its good to see Eddic Moor developing like he is.
Kassaerth Ssalaresh, for digging deep in the day to day of different made-up societies, and for letting me go on about food.
Tagnar is dwarfy as fuck and very funny.
Kiranring Thalos is a fancy elf and a real nice guy! I like him.
Kurn - I'm running out of superlatives. Gimme a break over here! Be less good!
Scarlets heart is as big as her scythe. Great interactions with her this month.
Here's to Lily Thay'tor for guessing right and doing something about it. Also for her "get it, girl" tells.
I'm enjoying Morgan's stories of Jechran quite a lot. He's a really interesting person to see a society reflected through.
Siona - Well done, Player. Talk about pressure that I'm sure you feel on the other side of the keyboard!
Dani - not only a dedicated follower of fashion, but a really good foil and a rich character in her own right.
A nod to Dameon for his trade fair bartering skills.
Silver Fox is always fun and funny. And more than that, she's always inviting people in the ring to show off what they've got.
Cel's pretty cute, and was especially so as he biffed drinking competition after drinking competition. I'm glad he's around with Precious.
Thienna - Always so patient and insightful. Truly an honor to rp with!
Siona - you've caused me to break the habit of a lifetime and look up elf words.
Dani's a solid friend, and a very low key funny character, in that way only a straight man who occasionally relaxes can be. Also, Avlis's best-dressed.
Kind of a rave for fashion generally- between the costume parties and everyone putting on their best for the fair, it's been lovely!
Shae is everything a Toranite should be.
Delurion - Constant, dependable, solid Elf.
Naelwyn - the mantle of The No-Fun Paladin has truly passed to her shoulders.
Here's to Emick for Avlis Aquaman/ "oh shit last minute costume".
Kzin has been both kind and wise the whole refugee crisis long.
Everyone at the Trade Fair - the best one I've been to!
Oh shit, I almost forgot with everything else this is the month Nails got murdered and had to deal with all that! Kudos to Naelwyn!
Alexis Dufresne Montjoie is, as always, an absolute delight, and a major reason I log onto this game.
It's been a nice month for Sceluscio! He's made some really cute choices in the continuing romance-ish stuff with Alexis.
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Fri Dec 08, 2023 3:18 pm

November 2023

Welcome to Avlis, Yharghna Longpaw, you're disgusting and that's great.
I like Krek'siss a lot. She's a full blown person with a history and a very real and personal connection to the world.
Morgan Thornheart - Morgan invests his every word and action with an earnest desire to convert you to his revolting murder god.
Big shout out to Ashanar Sekor for sitting down and really talking about death, art, life, happiness, sadness, history, and the Harpinger. I love that shit, man!
Rali'vinee Ish'tarestacia is constant fun.
Kassha should tread lightly - if you look too long into The Vortex, you become the incomparable Sammy Valorian
Giant shout out to Timber Kin'Poesy. Timber gives great response to the events and actions around her, and having her around when there was no choice but to do something drastic was awesome.
Dorig Stonecleaver does a great job of playing out what he's doing as a monk, and delving into how it works.
It was fun to see Riva interact with evil monks. I'm sorry I didn't get to stay around for more of it.
Pekarion - I don't care who he's playing, this guy's characters are all gems. Don't make me choose!
Tank! Tank! Tank! Tank!
Tagnar is like all seven dwarves piled into one. A matryoshka of dwarfishness.
Sammy Valorian is BACK BABY! It's so cool to have watched Sammy come out from the shadow of older characters and become a legend in his own right over the length of his playtime, and now to have him as a sort of Red Mage Emeritus. It's really nice.
Silver Fox never ceases to make me laugh at the way she just saunters over, not unlike a neighbor letting you know that they're grilling burgers if you want to stop by. She's a horrible person! There isn't a string of pearls long enough to clutch when she's around! Stop encouraging her! :D
Kassaerth is a fun addition to any party.
Bentren Dunbarrow is just adorable. I don't get to play with him much, but he has a very clear Thing and it's a delight every time.
Lilliana Be'letane - you know what, Lilly has been one of the top mages on Avlis for years. Research! Publications! Events! Philosopho-religious musings and parables! That horrible spell she casts that makes people's insides go outside! All this with a great sense of humour and abundant generosity for other players and characters.
Cannot stress enough how much I enjoy Naelwyn's absolutely no silliness approach to paladining. It makes her such a great foil and ironically a really fun time.
Dani Earthgift is a stalwart companion who is doing paladin right. The character is both reliably and outspokenly good, and also full of little foibles that make her feel real and weighty.
I got to see Fignar's bags and they're the sweetest, most adorable tribute to illiteracy I've ever seen in a video game.
Kassha should tread lightly - if you look too long into The Vortex, you become the incomparable Sammy Valorian
Here's to Chyjri for magical research and ritual preparation.
Faide is a great addition to every group. Quiet, wise, and intense.
Sammuel Valorian - hello hello! A very consistent and clever character who enriches the world with his presence. Juuuuubilation!
Silver Fox is just the best. It's so nice to have a character who can be an absolute antagonist and someone you're sure would leave your broken body in a ditch, but a player who's working hard to make it fun for everyone around.
Rade's in a difficult position sometimes as both a player and a character, but huge shout out this month to them for trying to make sure everyone in a situation is feeling safe and having fun. I really appreciate the care and kindness.
I don't think there's a cuter character in the whole damn game than Alfred Honeydew. The enthusiasm never fails to be charming, AND he's got a pony.
Kassha Firehart - it's never a bad time when Kassha's around.
Okay, this is a weird as shit rave, but Lilliana Be'letane runs a tight as fuck meeting. Fuck, I wish any group activity I ever did in real life ran half as smooth as the magisterium thing I went to. It's been great to have her keeping things moving, involving players, and being genuinely funny and fun while doing it. She's also been great to work with on plots, sharing openly and bringing in all sorts of people.
Xinxar's been coming more into himself on the screen and it's nice to watch. Thanks for climbing a tree!
Alexis Dufresne Montjoie has been handed some difficult RP stuff this month and has handled it with grace and panache. Always a top player who lifts the experience.
Dani Earthgift - just a delight to be around.
Emick is always solid and sometimes he quietly says exactly the thing a moment needs. A character who does a great job of being funny and adorkable without kicking anyone around him out of the spotlight.
Thienna is more of a support player than people give her credit for. Sometimes she's center stage, but there are other times, at least equally appreciated, where she's quietly giving others the information they need to act.
Nostalgia Bellweather - another very moral character, grounded in the world, who never loses sight of the need to stick up for what's right and what's just.
Siona's been lovely this month. She's very young for the position she's been thrust into- and stepped up to. I enjoy her navigating the politics around two hundred years of genocidal war.
There's so much I love about Kassha Firehart- he's genuinely funny, he's a great scene partner, he has amazing stories, he's fully grounded in the world, and he's always moving things- giving people things to do and think about. It's also really fun to watch him artifice, like the Jackson Pollock of magical gems.
Alexis Dufresne Montjoie - as well as being funny and fabulous (with a wit as sharp as Heartbreaker), Alexis is a character of great depth and integrity, guided by an unerring moral compass. Patient, good-humoured and resolute even in the most trying circumstances.
Azug has been such fun this month! I like that he's been moving and growing without ever leaving behind the stuff that's the core of the character. Also, he's already fucking terrifying in combat and I'm excited to see what the character becomes mechanically as well. Also, also, he's the character you need to have in your party when an NPC calls for as many piles of rat meat as you happen to be carrying.
Cel is such a good study in a character who is quiet, but is always adding to a group or conversation. Rarely does he make a talk about himself, but he's always giving honest, heartfelt responses. If you're not watching him closely, you should start.
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Mon Jan 08, 2024 4:45 pm

December 2023

Glad I waited until the last minute to submit because Poetry Festival!
Xinxar has been very slowly coming out of his shell.
Shae once more is the anchor against the horde.
The night Grandrin wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind and another...
I love Lily - sharp (like, viciously sharp), tough, says what we are all thinking (or wish we had been thinking) but don't want to say it because we will sound mean. Well, she is mean, which makes her one of the most honest friends you could have. (At least my PC thinks so.)
I don't know if I can vote for threads but I'm going to: "Near the Elania Falls"
Straight up some old school emote thread goodness and I am loving it. Thank you for starting it, thank you for keeping it going, and thank you for letting me join in too. What a gift.
Thienna and Brandon - LOLOLOL
Kassha Firehart. I mean, what do you say that hasn't already been said? A generous, funny, consistent, provocative character who improves everything he touches without making it all about himself. Also I loved his umberhulking up to dig a grave.
Frannie’s voice brings tears to your eyes and strength into your heart.
Nostalgia, for burying the head.
Bra'wrk is an awesome concept - his visual description, IG emotes, and appearance are a fantastic combination, and his personality is BIG. Hoping to see more of the colorful gnoll bard!
Thienna storming up to Elf Gate w/a crumpled letter in her fist - another lolol
Alexis Dufresne Montjoie has been a steady hand and a supportive friend in a time that was rough for my little character. Amazingly generous player to work across from.
Glora is generous when it comes to obtaining quality equipment for adventuring.
Thaylis and the Feral Glint!
I enjoy seeing Nostaligia (so young, not quite so naive anymore) working to navigate that balance between doing good in a world where there's an awful lot of grays, and also retain a veneer of propriety.
Sorry Thaylis and Moriand, Kassaerth is my new favorite Pelarite.
Cel and Banks - always so flipping cute!
Silver Fox for always being stylish, smiling evil; for organizing events and bringing in so many players; and for taking the time to backhand my character hard enough to send them flying and knock them into bleeding. Cheers!
Nawen's creativity in bringing Chaos to a solution is the best out there.
For Yule this year I got the great pleasure of meeting Harrmpf.
I love Kassha's dry wit.
The Animal people and their public sessions at Elf Gate this month! They provide wonderful rp and ooc learning the CTS for each other, but also anchor the community around them, adding layers of rp that otherwise wouldn't have existed.
Braccus Carsieligne for getting on and RPing his little heart out.
To Frannie Mouze for a long and well-told story.
Finn wields Wildfire in one hand and an ale in the other. That man is good.
Tig and Fang's Dire Tiger romance!
Let's admit, we all love hating Naelwyn, and hate that we love Silver Fox. It's fun to see Naelwyn's enemies seethe and her allies squirm just about every time she opens her mouth. While folks who by all rights should be Silver Fox's enemies can't help but enjoying spending time with her.
Garren Atwood. Lady Ethraeli chose well!
Azug playing with the Animal people and their animals!
Sammy Valorian is a national treasure and endless light, breezy fun. Whether he's whirlwinding through dungeons or just hanging around chatting, he's always a 10/10 time.
Terry Goddamn Murkhorn is so endlessly funny! He's not going back to jail (pet carrier)!
Always present, always helpful, Emick rocks the roleplay.
Rade, in all her misguided, tenacious, broken, desperate, protective glory.
Bentren - you are kind of creepy. Keep it up!
Alexis & Sceluscio in the crypt and a consolation cookie :liebhab:
I suppose it shouldn't be surprising to me how funny Dani Earthgift can be, but it is anyway. Stylish and good, but never pretentious or officious
Timber is doing a great job of being exactly the character she is. Young and figuring out her place in the world; committed to an ideal and trying to give it her all; negotiating things that are harder and more complex than she was ever prepared for. She's great and I love her.
Several of Kurn’s emotes had me in stitches this month.
Lily gets under the skin.
I'm enjoying Prend - the little guy sneaks in these subtle zingers that you probably don't notice if you don't follow the conversations carefully. Plus, he's a great party healer!
Rook's 8-) accompaniments to the Poetry Festival performances! (*Claps two drumsticks* ~ *Pulls out a pair of drum brushes, lays down a jazzy susurrus for beat-poetry*, etc.)
Cel is quiet and understated but what he's giving is so good and so consistent. It's always nice to have one of those characters whose quietly tragic- never going "look at me" about it but always playing it as true and meaningful. A+ job.
Garren Atwood has been a surprise and a delight. There was so much time where I don't think I saw him talk at all, but then he did and he's been a really fun character! Ambitious, competent, and an interesting conversationalist.
Nora's wit and charm are things to look forward to each and every month.
Frannie is supremely confident and competent. Or maybe her epic levels of persuasion just make her seem that way? :lol:
Max: *takes his Naren Holy Symbol out and swings it around in excitement* How adorable was that!?!
Kiranring Thalos is sweet and fun to adventure around, and also because he's a crafter he picks up all the stuff so you don't have to.
Grandrin Kain is very good about joining in when you give him shit, and I deeply respect that about him.
Tupaia is awesome because she is always helping young adventurers out there. Always.
Lily's lovely emotes: e.g. w/her Bistro mug at Elf Gate; removing her stockings to put her feet in the water at the Port (the latter is an older emote but stayed with me as beautiful!)
Fucking Ilomas is just great! He's clever and goal oriented and someone who moves everything he touches forward. Always be on team Ilomas.
Tagnar's commitment to being off-putting and gross is a thing of sheer beauty. Especially because every now and again, judiciously, in such a way that you remember it forever, he will quietly say something profoundly kind.
Lexy is one of the best out there at summarizing many aspects of several ongoing plots so everyone knows what is going on.
Morgan Thornheart is a very fun sort of evil. I enjoy his gangster brutality and his quick responses.
Oh my gosh I finally got to meet Harrmpf the Harmless and he's a pure joy! What a great, awful little goblin!
Alexis' player - I love the care and time they take with emoting for their PC - for instance, Alexis stays in character even through the monotonous game-mechanic instances that are easier to just ignore icly to get through them (e.g. Alexis' player NEVER just has Alexis walks up to his own corpse go silent until bag is sorted - Alexis' deaths are agonizing with embarrassment, tears, fumbling, nakedness, etc.) This can be such difficult rp during large group sessions but they do it anyway!
Can we all say together, “Liam the Magnificent”?
Rodrick Goodman feels like a really good paladin. Diplomatic and principled.
Kassaerth Ssalaresh always brings a cool sideways perspective into things.
Players who don't rush! YAY YOUS! The perfect in-game atmosphere is when ooc time or intentions (to level/get gold, etc.) don't interrupt immersion!
Fuckin' Alinee "Ali" Blake! It was just a chance encounter and one question, but it turned into a much needed guidance and sense of perspective. A really generous player and character!
Allie and Helmer are an adorable duo.
Nawen and their poetry journal!
I wanna give a shout out to Rade, or more specifically to Rade's player! It's really nice to have someone you're playing oppositionally with, but they keep you in the loop and try to make sure you're getting a fair shake and having a nice time. Also, absolute RP shout out for a moment of animal fear I was not expecting from the character. It hit hard and stuck with my character for a long time after. Thanks for everything.
Here's to Kurn for being really generous with his time and perspective!
Azug is amazing! He's on such a fun journey of figuring out the way he grew up is not the way the whole world works. Also he's got so much energy and enthusiasm for violence.
IC board posts :fressen:
That's it for December! Don't forget to write your submissions for the year-end Avlis Awesome Awards HERE. Submissions close by the 21st.
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

Post by RPotM » Thu Feb 08, 2024 10:28 pm

January 202

New Year, new comments!

Alexis Dufresne Montjoie is always a star, but he's been chewing some particularly meaty scenery as the dragon plot draws to a close. You can trust this character to always have a huge and heartfelt reaction to everything around them.
Sammy Valorian! My man! He's funny, he's knowledgeable, and he's always including everyone around him. He's a character who's been a part of every age of Avlis and has grown and changed with it. It's so amazing to have him back.
Cel and Timber Kins'poesy have just been cute as shit, both together and individually. Cel's journal entries this month have been absolutely fantastic and full of heart, and Timber is always willing to have a big and even unflattering reaction to spice up RP. They're just lovely.
Kassha continues to offer the perspective of years of experience and terrible decisions. He's never not going to be my favorite, and I'm going to rave him every month, but this month it particularly felt like he shined, with talks on strategy, and shape, and gods, and reincarnation, and mad sorcerer experiments, and patience and self control. He's just the best.
Lily Thay'tor- or more specifically Seph for the clarifying journal entry. We've been playing at odds and there's been a lot of whispers and misunderstandings, and I appreciate both the attempt to help out another player who was taking the brunt of it, and the trust that everyone involved would be adults about what their characters should and shouldn't have access to.
Tagnar! For being a gross sloppy dwarf drinking buddy and a hell of a dungeon partner! Just one of my absolute favorites playing.
Sceluscio Potementia is back around and playing spikey, peevish, and socially grumpy. It's been fun to fight him on things. Here's to the player for making sure things stay fun despite IC opposition, and also for always being so clear with the promise there are things worth digging for if you keep at it. It's a balancing act that takes skill.
Silver is always a delight. I loved her slicing up willing victims in demonic lairs, and being the leader so many of our parties deserve.
Lilliana Be'letane is genuinely one of the funniest characters out there, and always distinctly herself. Slightly disheveled, squeaky, snarky, deadly.
Dani Earthgift is exactly the sort of paladin who knows dirty dwarvish drinking songs and that's fucking great!
Tupaia Warwick- Tup is such a great good druid. The way she looks, the way she acts, the whole package. She's in many ways detached and outside of things, but she still cares deeply and works to make sure the community is healthy and well.
Chyjri has been the real work horse of the dragon plot, doing research, following up, being at every event. Shout out to them, I hope they are well rewarded!
Cel's player is such a drama queen!
Alexis is such a dramalicious drama stirrer! Kinda bossy though.
Thienna is the most patient, kind, and loving PC!
Nos' ancestral home is a wonderland! From history, decor, trip descriptions, npcs, and amazing farm! Beautiful job, Nos' player!
Euro players are SO INCLUSIVE. Always. I'm not saying others are not, but as a complete unit, these peeps make me happy and want to move out there just to be on their timezone!
I miss playing with Hamlet. I think. Unless I'm playing with her and don't know it, in which case, I love playing with Hamlet.
C A Y D O ! ! !
Max! (one cool cat!)
Lexy (oooooh...)
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Re: Role Players Anonymous

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February 2024

Chilly - Too much Brownie fun is going on thanks to Chilly and her antics. She is completely refreshing and full of smiles in a world that can be all too serious.
Dee Dee - Another of the Brownie Bunch. A near mirror opposite of Chilly with a sharp wit that will cut you if you are not careful.
Sskenchpk - A blast to RP with, the kindness of the player and the fun actions of the heroically, scared to death, Sskenchpk (type that 3 times fast!) has left me gassed at the end of an adventure more than once the last few weeks.
Nawen’s journal has been on fire the last couple months.
It's great to see Ony back in action on her little island.
Finn has always been a solid, dependable character.
Emick does an exceptional job at role playing his character every time he logs in.
Gloria is very generous to all the players who come to her for new gear and equipment. She can do it all.
Frannie's attention to IG details, both large and small, cannot be overlooked.
Holy shit so much thought has gone into Fignar and he's so good for off the cuff responses. I laugh out loud at all of this player's characters, but Fignar had the best zingers this month.
Sammy Valorian is a treasure. Whether it's a dungeon romp or a sweet chat, he enlivens everything.
Alexis and Sceluscio are a delightful odd couple, and it's been good to have Sceluscio around more to show it off.
Timber and Cel are cute as fuck
Lily Thay'tor is always stirring up trouble
Nails is such a good no-fun paladin.
Props to Chyjri for playing out the consequences of the fairy gardens. It's nice when events genuinely impact a character.
Kassha Firehart, as always, a mensch and a marvel, and a repository of great stories.
Thanks to Dorig for helping me start a guild! It's lovely.
Silver Fox is never anyone but herself and herself is amazing.
It's been a blast to see the completely useless, but still useful, Calwin Fearsite again!
Greatly enjoying the Ref outings and the gang there, since I don't want to forget anyone, I limit my shoutout to Chips! Love that guy (but I really love the whole gang!)
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