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Post by Ezekiel » Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:30 am

I'd like to start with the Ferrell fair. There were many DM's and players that made that 3 day event truly amazing and fun! The DM highlights were the wheel-spin game, the late night craft-off (the late, late, late night craft-off), and then the DM run auctions. My character also met so many other characters that weekend which has made future IC interactions that much easier. Thanks to all the Team members and the players that added to make an amazing weekend.

During the fair, as I mentioned earlier, Verosa ran the Wheel-spin game. Coincidentally, I had been thinking of asking the Team if there was any IG housing still available, but had been putting it off thinking that there probably wasn't any left or it would too costly. Well, my character was one of two lucky characters who won a housing unit during the wheel spin game! It's nicely and uniquely decorated and coincidentally in the very building I had hoped to have my character live! Having a p-chest really aids with crafting and gives a nice interruption free environment when you need to level up and have no clue what you plan to do! I also like to bring my character there at night (when I'm on that server) to have him go to bed when I log off. So, thank you, thank you, thank you Verosa for making that IG IC dream possible! My toon has a home now!

Then just the other night a number of us were helping a noobie character, named Iku, in Mikona. At the end it was my character, Vincent Morris and Iku going to the crypts to give Iku a chance to spread his combat wings though we also kept him protected. I noticed a number of unusual spawns. It was Verosa. It was fun and appropriate for the spread of character levels between the three of us. I also got a nice XP cookie which was larger then normal, and thanked / then asked Versosa is it was intended? It was given as a reward for helping the noob out. Well, Verosa also helped the noobie with a few reward items to help them get their initial footing. Vincent and I each got a well thought out DM drop too. Verosa hit the sweet spot on with everyone! Then Verosa went to another server after we finished to go DM for other players!

So a BIG thanks to Verosa for not only supporting the well established characters like Vincent, the newly established characters (like mine), but also for spending time helping out the new characters/players! This is why Avlis Rocks!


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Re: Verosa!

Post by megamegamega » Tue Jul 31, 2018 6:58 am


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Re: Verosa!

Post by gutemensch » Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:04 am


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Re: Verosa!

Post by K'Tomma » Wed Aug 01, 2018 4:09 pm

On a recent expedition in game; one that was supposed to take a few days travel time, to while away the time my character did something. Now; the most that I was thinking would happen was receiving a text message along the lines of "As you [do something] you get nothing" or at best "As you [do something] you [get this]". Instead; there was actual visual representations and interactions of exactly what resulted from that something my character did. I never expected that and I was just blown away at the additional action resulting from such a minor action that was being undertaken. That had just made my night right there. That little inclusion of such a minor action and having results to show for it. I was just blown away. And as I said … that had made my night right there; nothing was going to top that.

Or so I thought.

After the expedition was over; Pleth and Gute apparently plotted together and came up with a huge surprise. Now, admittedly; my character is not a big world shaker and I struggle to find time to be on-line when others are also due to an unfriendly work schedule. What these two did just left me speechlessly in awe. A very heart-felt THANK YOU to the both of you. HUGE RAVES … I don't know what else to say …
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Re: Verosa!

Post by Tel » Sat Aug 04, 2018 6:08 am

I just don't even know how to say THANK YOU for all your help with Rockfall's event today

It felt long, and like some PHD capstone project trying to present it all cohesively and you and Mish helped make it all happen from the little details in the gifts, to keeping people occupied while I sounded like I worshiped at Fegall's alter all day long
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