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Freelancer's Guild Available Charters:

Post by Midknight » Fri Jun 23, 2006 4:20 am

Don't Trust Your Coin with Anyone Less!

The Freelancer's Guild provides quality dispute mediation and escort services for any situation. The following charters are available:

An orcish mercenary company situated in the south: ((pm Kinerata))
kinerata wrote: Mercenary company for hire!
I, Rob the orc, am part of a free mercenary company associated to the Kurathene Freelancers Guild. Our company has a mixture of talents, but most importantly a penchant for wreaking havoc on our enemies. We are currently in the south, but hoping for prior employ to bring us north due to the cost of such a trip. We are primarily orcs, but we hold no love for other orcs. in fact we look to fight against them where possible. if you are looking for an effective group to bolster the size of your forces, then we are the ones for you. I can currently be contacted in the south in mikona, so sending letters to the harbour master will reach me. ((pm me))

Rob the Orc, initiate of the Ebony

((OOC we are mainly aussies, and on the timezone GMT +10. a couple are GMT -5 ))
A pair of companies based in the lands of the Empire: ((pm loki70 for Ben's Bravos, and Midknight for the Company of the Coin))
loki70 wrote:Ben's Bravos

I, that being Ben Datson, have formed a small company that may or may not grow, and as such may or may not be available for work within the provences of the once great but now defunct Kurathene Empire. I and my cohort, or those that are currently available, will do all in our power, considerable or otherwise, to carry out the completion, or fail in the attempt, of any contract for which we are hired. You can be assured that we will give our all, or as much of it as we can muster, to see that the assignment is completed to your satisfaction. Current roster for the company includes:

Ben Datson

Rainark Means

((will update as people join or quit))
Midknight wrote:The Company of the Coin

The Company of the Coin prides itself on offering quality service both on
and off the battlefield, in arts of both swordsmanship and courtsmanship. Whether it be warcraft, courier duty, or diplomatic escort, we deliver our services with an unrivaled gallantry. Coined sellswords are the perfect escort for any noble seeking guards who not only have skill at arms but discretion and an understanding of proper conduct.

We are searching for swords with not simply talent in warcraft, but also skills in statecraft and diplomacy as well. If you are a distant or estranged relative of a noble family, or count your talents as those above, then contact Zaviel, the company leader, at the Star of the Empire Inn.

Currently, we have two members,
Zaviel, Company Commander

((OOC: If you've got a character who might be more talk than fight or use 'alternative methods of acquiring wealth', or if you have a character with qualities of nobility and aren't looking to pick a specific side, this company may be for you. That being said, this doesn't mean your rough-cut warrior can't join, just keep in mind what we try to offer))
A mercenary of many talents: ((PM weeno))
weeno wrote:Fallen Angel

I am a lone wolf, skilled in battle, warefare and stealth. If you are looking for a man to get the job done, no matter the odds or the opposition, then i am your man. I prefer to work alone, but will work with other freelancers to ensure a job is done. The completion of a job comes above all else, no matter what it takes. I grew up with a band of bandits and learned to survive. If you need something dirty, secret, and highly dangerous done, youve come to the right man. If you need the best, you have found him. leave your jobs requests with the guild and i will know how to contact them. ((pm weeno))

The Fallen Angel
A bladedancer from the Seven Cities: ((pm Kerrick))
Kerrick wrote:I am a freeblade from the Seven Cities, trained in the basics of bladedancing (a style that uses twin weapons), and have recently unlocked the spark of arcane magic withing myself. I am apsiring to learn weaponsmithing, so that I can make better blades, as well as wield them. I'm currently situated in the south, but once the land route is mapped, I'll be moving north to offer my services to the fiefs.

Sabrina o' the Blade
Contract Policy

In cases where a company or specific mercenary is to be hired, the Guild guarantees fair pricing through individual negotiation of each contract. ((ooc: in other words, PM the mercenary you want to hire directly and work it out from there))

If you do not have a specific individual in mind, and have a preset assignment and price point, send your advertisement by sealed post to Zaviel, the Freelancer's Guildmaster. Your assignment will be circulated throughout the Guild, and interested parties will contact you directly. ((ooc: if you have a preset offer, PM it to me and I'll see that it goes on the merc boards - interested players will then PM you. It's a good idea to give yourself some time well in advance to work out scheduling))

In all cases, please do specify as to payment and any equipage provided, if applicable. These fall into three general categories:

Advance Payment: Payment paid in advance of the contract's completion

Contractual Payment:
Payment paid at the completion of the contract

Plunder Rights: The amount of coin and/or equipage scavenged or found during the contract term that can be kept by the mercenaries. ((usually from NPCs))

((ooc: You don't have to use these terms exactly, but letting us know how and when you are paying is very helpful. Do keep in mind Plunder Rights, especially if you are hiring mercenaries to go up against NPC creatures that drop gold or items, as sometimes that can suffice as a payment in and of itself.))
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