Tenirra Arken'Held

Records of great achievers who have shaped the face of Avlis.

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Tenirra Arken'Held

Post by Hylia » Tue Nov 23, 2004 9:34 pm

Born in Le'Or T'Nanshi to an Elf couple, she was raised in the teachings of Dre'Ana as a babe. Her parents were killed when a call for heroes to banish the balor king was made by the council of nine ages ago.

She was then raised by the Temple of Dre'Ana in Elysia until she was old enough to fend for herself.

Following the teachings of Dre'Ana she continued to improve her skills as a warrior maiden until she decided that she wanted to help other maidens like herself find a home. She founded the Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana at this time.

During her time as Arch Mistress she negotiated many alliances with the likes of the Order of Gorethar, Order of O'Ma, Church of Angadar, and other groups in the world of Avlis. Then she took some time away from the maidens and Misty Moonbow was appointed Arch Mistress in Tenirra's absence.

Upon returning from her journey abroad she found the Warrior Maidens a hollow shell of what she had originally created and she tried her best to help reform them into what they once were under the guidance of the newest Arch Mistress Arena Heleren. With her help the Warrior Maidens grew into a powerful and useful group for good in Avlis and they remain to this day as such.

At this time the ancient evil that is the Balor King was beginning to re-awaken beep below T'Nashi in the underdark. Its summoned minions began working to bring its essence fully into Avlis once more and break the blood seal that Tenirra's parents had placed upon it centuries before.

The minions began by attacking the Maidens keep in the guise of slain Angadar Clerics that were mistakenly killed in attempts to raise money to build the keep. When this failed the Balor's spirit was revealed for what it was and it's wishes made known.

Later during this conflict, Tenirra was struck ill by one of the Balor's minions cutting both her forearms deeply with its claws coated in the still wet blood of the Balor King. This set a raging infection going in her system that threatened to kill her. She became very weak and turned to abusing Bloodfury Crystals to maintain her strength during the many battles with the minions of the Great Balor.

A group, consisting of Mari Briggs, Jorio, and Ixldor managed to discover the Balor King's resting place and recovered three items from the remains left behind by the slain heroes of old. These items were Tenirra's mothers Sword and Armor, and Her father's bow.

The sword was later discovered to be greatly enchanted against evil. This blade was determined to be the only blade that could injure the Balor King and break its protections.

The Balor launched a final assault on Elysia and this prompted Tenirra to launch a counter offensive to hunt down the Balor once and for all.

Fighting its minions every step of the way, Tenirra and the group who accompanied her managed to fight their way deep underground to its cave and Tenirra struck the blow that broke the protections of the Balor, before being struck unconscious herself. This allowed the rest to bring the Balor down, with the help of a well timed Harm spell cast by Mari Briggs.

Afterwards, a cavern was constructed using knowledge of the ancient elves and dwarves near Elysia. This Cavern was enchanted with the prayers of the 5 major churches of Elysia. O'Ma, Dre'Ana, Gorethar, Dru'El and Angadar. As well as powerful Magical wards cast upon the physical vessel, an Obelisk. The Balor is there to this day.

After all the trouble she had brought the Maidens due to her lineage, she decided it would be safer for them if she retired and left them to their own devices. She became the first Phoenix Maiden at this time.

She then fell in love with a woman, and turned to Kelvos for guidance, so much so she denounced her allegiance to Dre'Ana and became one of his Preistesses. Later Kelvos saw fit to destroy this union between her and this woman, which for a time drove Tenirra into a fit of blind murderous rage. This began her downward spiral into her current, darker path.

She befriended many new people in her new life and eventually found herself in the World known as Hala. Here she stumbled into a mess involving her old friend Misty Moonbow, who had stepped down as Arch Mistress of the Warrior Maidens when she had returned from her wanderings.

She discovered that Misty had fallen into service of an Arch Devil named Mephistopheles. Fearing the worst she decided to try and influence things in this, but instead became nothing more than Mephistopheles' and Misty's pawn for a time, being badly abused in unspeakable ways until she and those who had been abused with her banded together and began to work to overthrow Mephistopheles and Misty's influences.

Over time they managed to escape this situation and in the end, Misty paid the ultimate price of her life to free herself from the Arch Devil. These events haunt Tenirra to this day--so much so that before her return to Avlis she took a new name derived from her past, Phoenix, as a reminder of how she had once before risen from the ashes to begin anew when she left the Warrior Maidens.

She began studying magic at this time and was drawn to Angadar and his teachings to the point she again swore allegiance to a new god. Her powers have grown over time since this time, and she has been working along side Amonien Amana to learn this new religion while she has worked in Mikona as the New Manager of the Canvas there. She was hired to turn the canvas into a respectable establishment after it had gained a regrettable reputation as a high class brothel. She seems to be doing well in this new role.