Chests/Locks by David Gaider, Designer

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Chests/Locks by David Gaider, Designer

Post by Prophet » Thu Dec 27, 2001 1:29 am

Seriously, I am the king of copy and paste tonight...

Chest Attributes/Lock Spell Restistance:
Hmmm. I haven't seen any lock specifications that allowed you to put SR on it. But the capacity is certainly there for something to be scripted.

Let's see...I got my editor open right now.

OK, I plunk down a chest. It's on a big list of containers, which is a sub-list of your place-able objects. First thing I do is go to the 'Basic' tab...there you have the following:

* Name (this is what name will come up in-game)
* Tag (this is what scripts refer to it as)
* Plot? (this is a check-mark button, in case you want the item to be indestructable)
* Useable? (if this isn't checked, the item is just the same as background)'s the stuff on the item, itself:
* Hardness (hey, someone asked about this...Okay, so it's finally in)
* Hit Points (until it's destroyed)
* Saves (you have Fortitude, Will and Reflex, just as normal)

Anyway, once I check 'Useable', the tabs for 'Lock' and 'Trap' pop up.

Under 'Lock', it's pretty basic...
* Locked? (you check whether or not the item starts off locked)
* Can be re-locked? (self-explanatory)
* Automatically remove key? (after using one)
* Key required? (if there is a key item that will open will ask for the tag)
* Open Lock DC
* Close Lock DC

That doesn't do what you need. We'll check 'Trap':
* Is Trapped? (obvious)
* Trap Type (there's a big pull-down list)
* One Shot? (will the trap only go off once or every time?)
* Disarmable? (self-explanatory)
* Detection DC
* Disarm DC
* On Disarm (here you can insert a script)
* On Trap Triggered (here's where the trap's effect script goes)
* Hmmm...some other trap stuff that I don't know anything about. Looks like mods to rogues setting traps on the objects, but I'm not sure so I won't list it.

Still nothing you would want there. Okay, then...if you move to the 'Events' tab, it gives you all the possible events which can trigger a script you make. This is where you'd want to do it, I imagine...and I don't think it'd be too difficult from the looks of it. Here's the triggers:
* On Closed
* On Damaged
* On Death
* On HeartBeat
* On Inventory Disturbed
* On Lock
* On Melee Attacked
* On Open
* On Spell Cast At
* On Unlock
* On Used
* On User-Defined (everything else)

So...let's see. There will be, no doubt, some sytem for how SR is going to work. I'm not sure of it, myself, but you could add it in the HeartBeat so it's renewed. Maybe even on the Spell Cast At. Then again, you might want to think about what kind of magic you're protecting it from...and script according to that.

At any rate, it's pretty flexible, as you can see.
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