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Tidbits of info

Post by Prophet » Thu Dec 27, 2001 1:22 am

Banning Players by CD Key:
When you are banning the CD Key from your server you don't have access to the actual CD Key. I won't tell the exact method, but suffice to say that you cannot get a real CD Key from it. -Derek French, Assistant Producer

3D Audio:
The "microphone" position will be at camera position for most sounds. There are exceptions such as main area ambient loops, which are stereo and will not be positioned and dialog. The toolset will be quite flexible when it comes to placing sounds. Also, there will be access to sounds through scripting as well. -David Chan, Audio Engineer

Rest from Jay Watamaniuk, Community Manager
Pick Pocketing:
Pick pocketing is in- however the specifics are not set yet as to how it will function. Reverse pick pocketing is still an unknown as yet.

Domains and Deities:
We are planning on a player being able to choose their domains. We also should have a box to fill in your own deity. This name can then be checked from scripting.

We have several types of bridges that raise and lower to deny or grant entry into an area. Whether they are drawbridges or not, I can't say for sure right now.

Q: Will we be able to put our own music (ie, music from other games, or other sources) into our mods?

A: Yes, minding copyright issues of course.

Dwarven Racial Resistances:
Yes, Dwarves will have their racial resistance to poison & magic.
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