GOG Galaxy Overlay feature causes stuttering on older machines when using NWmain.exe.

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GOG Galaxy Overlay feature causes stuttering on older machines when using NWmain.exe.

Post by downsystem » Wed Sep 14, 2022 3:01 am

So I have an older system XFX 7770, I7 3770K which I set up using GOG NWmain.exe instead of launching it via the GOG Galaxy app. Well, to make a long story short my system is basically on the edge of being able to run the game at high graphics settings. I got rather irritated when running through Mikona Marketplace when it kept stuttering with jerky motions. Well, that brought me to trying to finally figure out why my frames would drop out at those moments and I found that this issue is due to GOG's overlay feature sapping my video card's graphics fps even though I wasn't even using it. If you are running an older system around the same years and need to use NWmain.exe instead of GOG's launcher which I found seems to work fine even though it has the overlay, you should disable the overlay in GOG's Settings. This should help reduce or eliminate your stutters, depending on your system's speed. My stutters are nearly all gone after I did this. Gog's Overlay seems to detect NWmain.exe even though the launcher isn't being used, you can tell by it knowing how many hours you played total increasing when you didn't use the GOG Galaxy launcher.

Open up GOG Galaxy main page via its app, and right next to the "Play Button" at the top of the page the dual horizontal lines right next to it, "click Manage Installation", and "Configure", then click the "Features Tab" and "D-Select Overlay Access to GOG Galaxy Features in-Game".

Note you likely won't know how many hours you GOG Galaxy's app totaled up for you in playing time, but seriously why does that matter?
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