Shout messages and server reloads

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Shout messages and server reloads

Post by Nighthawk4 » Thu Dec 28, 2006 10:29 pm

TheElvenKing wrote:This is just a reminder to all of you of what to do when a shout message appears about a server reload. Wrap up what you are doing, get to a safe area, save your location, finish your crafting cycle, etc. - these are all acceptable and the reason we give a 5 minute or better warning notice. If you are in a tight spot or will take longer than 5 minutes, do not be afraid to fire off a quick tell or page the DM channel for more time, that is perfectly reasonable.

Do not ignore repeated warnings about an upcoming reset and proceed to start a new round of crafting, mining, chopping wood, running off to engage the next group of spawns, etc. - it is rude as hell and a waste of our time.

A vast majority of the playerbase understands and is extremely accommodating to reload interruptions from my experience, and it is very much appreciated. This is aimed at the other 1% that for some reason or other find it convenient to ignore shout channel messages - please, stop doing it and help us out a little.

Please remember that a server takes a few minutes to stabilise after a reset. Trying to login immediately it seems to be back will only make the problem worse.

Therefore, if the server has just gone down, go for a comfort break, look around to see if it is day or night, say Hello to family members if you can remember their names, fetch a drink from the fridge, etc. Anything rather than attempting to log back in straight away. :lol:
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