Avlis proceeedure for Punishment

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Avlis proceeedure for Punishment

Post by Alexandru Stanicu » Sun Aug 03, 2003 2:15 am

On line:
When a player is warned (on or off line) for a rules violation, (Warnings) they will be placed on the watch list.
Also at this time the DM may remove equipment gained via rule breaking, and may impose an Exp fine.

The Watchlist:

The purpose of the watch list is simple. It is there to facilitate communication among the staff. Nothing more, nothing less.
If after they are placed on the watch list, they are again seen to break any rule, they will be subject to punishment.


We have decided to use what we call "Vault Jail" as a method of punishment for most infractions. "Vault Jail" consists of blocking you from logging in to any Avlis server by having your character "frozen" when you log in, a server message given to you to contact the team, and then kicking you from the game. The length of time is dependent on the type, and number of infrations. It is also used to remove characters of players who are being investigated for cheeting, exploiting or PKing (griefing).

We reserve banning for players that:
Continue to break rules after being placed in vault jail
Manipulate or deceive a DM

All cases are judged by a Senior/Major DM and reviewed by Orleron.
Please do not PM/ICQ/Email Orleron about any punishment unless asked to do so.

Alternate accounts:
When we vault jail someone we may jail ALL accounts associated with them. Simply this means that if a player has an alt account we might jail that one as well.
When we ban someone, we ban ALL accounts associated with the banned account. (more on this )

If a player is being placed in Vault Jail we will attempt to PM them first. We reserve the right to jail first contact later. If you log in and can not move, get a message to contact the team and are then booted from the game, you should contact the team via email. (Please do not PM)

One last thing, if a DM speaks to you about a problem, please be polite. We are here to have fun also, and dealing with rule breaking is not fun in the first place, a player being an ass only makes it more unpleasant.

-Avlis Team

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