Avlis Policy on: Attacking Cities and Temples

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Avlis Policy on: Attacking Cities and Temples

Post by Ronan » Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:21 pm

Attacking Cities:
The cities of Avlis contain a population much higher than the tiny number of NPCs you actually see there in the game. Also, some of these are not ordinary Commoners. Some of them are good warriors, Guards, Mages, etc. No pushover to kill large numbers of them with a small attacking party.

To attack such an area without first gaining DM Supervision is an abuse of the NPCs AI. You should not do this.

Attacking Temples:
If you plan to attack a Temple and slay the clerics therein, please arrange to have a DM present.

Deities will not uncommonly take steps to protect their Temples and their priests, and moreover NPCs do not act intelligently to defend themselves. With no DM present, it is also very difficult for us to decide what can be known about the attackers - as the slain clerics will not uncommonly be raised soon afterwards, and divinations can also be done in some cases.

This ruling does not apply to shrines.

If you have questions on what either of the above applies to, please contact the Dungeon Masters.