Avlis policy on: Faking IC races/abilities aka 'cheesing'

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Avlis policy on: Faking IC races/abilities aka 'cheesing'

Post by Orleron » Tue Apr 29, 2003 5:34 pm

"Cheesing" of races or abilities is not acceptable on Avlis.

*ahem* *puts on his professor cap*

"Cheesing" a race is the act of picking one of the standard NWN player character races and then entering some other non-NWN race into the subrace in order to try and pass yourself off as a non-standard race. "Cheesing" an ability is the act of playing your character as if they have an ability which the NWN engine would not otherwise allow them to have.

Example: You cannot be a giant-kin by picking half-orc and writing "Veerbeeg" in the subrace field. This is not allowed, and if you are caught doing this you will be forced to re-make your character.

ONLY real races are allowed. Custom races are goblin, kobold, half-ogre, half-nymph, half-dryad, drangonari elf, lizardman, and orc. You CANNOT play any other races other than these and the standard elf, dwarf, human, halfling, etc.

Example2: You cannot say your character is a vampire with exceptional strength and the ability to make other characters into a vampire by biting them. ONLY abilities that are granted by your class, race, and level within NWN are in-game. Extra powers that you make up or pretend to have are unacceptable.

There is a very very good reason that we have this rule. A long time ago *evil grin* a player came in and decided they wanted to be a vampire. So they did all kinds of things to fake being a vampire, and none of the abilities were really implimented in NWN. It got to be really bad because in order for that vampire to be successful, OTHER player characters had to PRETEND that this person was a vampire. So it became this whole big thing about having REAL NWN abilities and abilities that you are PRETENDING to have. Not only is that really cheesy, IMO, it can get very confusing.

Player1: *pretends to whack Player2 over the head*
Player2: What was that for?
Player1: You're unconcious now. I whacked you over the head.
Player2: No I'm not. You didn't do any damage to me at all.
Player1: But I have a 42 strength. I'm a giant.
Player2: No you aren't. You look like a halfling, and your character sheet says you have a 7 strength.
Player1: I know. I know. That's what my character sheet says. But I'm REALLY a giant and I have a 42 strength, so you better roleplay being knocked out, buster.
Player2: That is the stupidest fucking thing I have ever heard.

That's just an example. You can substitute *pretends to bite your neck and suck blood* in there for the first line if you want. But I think you see my point.

Anyone caught doing these things will be asked to remake their character to conform with the NWN engine and to stop faking abilities.
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Post by Alexandru Stanicu » Mon Aug 07, 2006 10:56 pm

When you create your character you have to pick either male or female:
If you select male you will have one set of male equipment.
If you select female you will have one set of female equipment.
This is an either or situation, you may not "mix and match". (ie you may not have male and female genitals)

Also you may not have more than one set of genitals, unless the Avlis description of the race states it does.

Note: For Discussion of this policy please go here.
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Re: Avlis policy on: Faking IC races/abilities aka 'cheesing

Post by Ronan » Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:33 pm

Note on Remorts

With the addition of being able to play unusual remort races on Avlis comes the potential confusion created when a race doesn't seem to have the abilities or vulnerabilities of its normal race. When we approve remorts, we do so with a mind to avoid cheesing or using substitute abilities that will confuse players. For example, we will deny requests to remort into a vampire since we cannot convincingly simulate the racial vunerabilities, and we won't give a player Dimension Door for the purpose of simulating flying.

On occasion we do have some custom scripting that will allow certain abilities (for example, yes, we can do water breathing).

We do expect players of remort characters to be mindful of their own characters' abilities and expected racial abilities as well; if you've remorted into a race without hands, avoid equipping crossbows!

Avlis Team

More about remorts