Avlis Campaign 2: Chapter 4

Background Notes about Avlis 50 Years Ago

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Avlis Campaign 2: Chapter 4

Post by Orleron » Wed Jul 17, 2002 8:47 pm

Upon returning to the Daimyo, the adventurers relayed all the information they heard in the village to the west. The Daimyo, Horokoshi, was pleased. He let them know that his spies have found an area with a large concentration of spirits, and they uncovered news that the spirits indeed were serving a powerful creature who was controlling them all and helping them to spread the taint.

He also told them that the Uraki-Oni was reportedly in that same area, but if they were to go after them, they would need protection from further tainting. The Vanara, he said, were a race of monkey-like people who lived in the trees. They had a large establishment called simply Monkey City at which many of them lived.

The journey to Monkey City was long, but easy, and the heroes were stunned at the reception they received. None of the Vanarans had never seen an elf or fairy hybrid before. This caused the whole entire village to come out and see them, bombarding them with zilliions of questions about everything imaginable. Between the barages of questions, the heroes were able to get some small information on blocking taint. They found that high quality jade was good at this sort of thing It can absorb taint before it infiltrates a person's being. After more questions, the PC's requested some jade which the Vanarans gladly gave. It was their pleasure, and if they had more jade left they would have all joined the party and set out to fight evil spirits alongside them. However, they did not, much to the heroes' relief.

Continuing on their journey, they reached the designated area and found many spirits there, most of whom were not pleased to see them. After a brief fight with some particularly powerful Gekido-Oni, the Uraki-Oni appeared. In their parley, he revealed that he was the one called Neeldrick Volray, who recovered the stone for Ari's sword 1000 years ago after the explosion that ended the Great War. He no longer possessed the stone, however, because his master took it from him for his own purposes. The master was revealed to be a Negerai of great power. Volray was now intent on destroying the heroes for crushing his life stone, which was the focus of his power and immortality.

Another battle ensued, and it was hard fought. Derick the Champion of O'Ma, who had been faitfully attending his master, Vanoviel, was killed by a Gekido-Oni fighting on Volray's side.... mauled to death. A bolt of earth coming up from the ground sent by Volray brought death to one of Tupaia's druid acolytes. Arie was also nearly killed by the Gekido-Oni and their claws and teeth. Another spell from Volray trapped Vanoviel in a wall of bone with a very frightened Gekido-Oni. After killing that, she worked herself free with help from Kung. The battle did not look good, but eventually after a series of flamestrikes from Tupaia, and a lucky sword cut from Arie, Volray died.

The End: Chapter 4
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