Avlis Campaign 0: Chapters 4 - 6

Background Notes about Avlis 50 Years Ago

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Avlis Campaign 0: Chapters 4 - 6

Post by Orleron » Fri Jan 20, 2006 4:49 am

Avlis Campaign 0: Chapter 4

After a little more than 4 weeks of travelling towards Toostan, the party hears voices one afternoon coming from over a hill to the side. They creep up to see the same beautiful fairy woman from a few weeks ago talking with a pale haired elf dressed in blue carrying numerous pouches and a glass shortsword.

Elf: Come on! Are you still fed up with that little battle we fought in Elysium? Get over it! Or are you that much of a sore loser? *the elf smirks*

Fairy: Angadar, you had better watch your tone iwth me, for you know I could destroy you with but a thought.

Angadar: Well, begging your pardon, Lady Titania *much sarcasm in his voice*. But remember, HERE it is *I* that can destroy you with but a thought... or should I say, with the influence held by my thoughts, and remember, even if you did manage to defeat me in the Nine Hells, you would stil have to deal with Valok. *feigns sadness, sort of like the Emperor in RoTJ* And I'm afraid that you are not the favored bet on that one. *smirks*

Titania: In any case, you have no right to bring my people to war---

Angadar: ----And you had no right getting in my way when I was dealing with Toostan!!!!

Titania: You were attacking a people as a whole when only one single individual of that race ever did anything to you! You have already perverted some of the avariel into that putrid monstrosity of a race you call drangonari ELVES! Of course I'm going to get involved when I see such an injustice!!

Angadar: Psshawww.... you are as blind to injustice as any fairy. *smirks* The only reason why you chose in involve yourself was because I was a member of that party that beat you in Elysium when you tried to kill O'Ma!! And because I personally dispatched Skerrit's avatar. Don't play your games with me! I will make your whole race regret it!

Titania: Threats, will get you nothing but killed, Agnadar. *adopts a regal pose* I am a defender of fairykind and the Queen of the Selie court. The avariel are in my favor even though they are not one of my races.

Angadar: Well, if ever another one of your puny races gets in my way again, I promise you I will eliminate it! Understood?

Titania: Fine, if it's a war you want, Angadar, then it's a war you've got. I can see where you will go with this.

Angadar: *smirks and holds out his palms* All the better to me! We'll see who comes out of this with an intact following!

Suddenly, both avatars disappear.

At this point, the PC's are a little unsure of themselves. The followers of O'Ma: Orleron and Leviatha feel disgusted with Angadar but also know their god is grudgingly allied with him. The avariel leading them to a reward are allied with Titania in the sense that she favors their race and their city. A sort of uneasiness creeps up between everyone, except for Lotar and Leilina who's motivations are not affected by this.

The rest of the adventure was basically just random encounters to fill the space on the way to Toostan. The group begins to build up some loot and experience.

Avlis Campaign 0: Chapter 5

About two weeks outside of Toostan, the party's luck takes a turn for the worse. They are ambushed and captured by shaahesk.... afterall, they were travelling through Drotid, what else would you guess?

In prison, they meet a couple of female human warriors from Jechran who tell them not to worry.... they have a large group of their sisters coming to the rescue. Sure enough, the next day, the party awakes to some high-pitched hoots, hollars, and war cries. A large group of nearly 100 jechranian women riding on jecheras begin to invade the compound.

The PC's gain their stuff back and take up the fight against the shaahesk which is about even now. A little while later, a woman on a Sandstone dragon flies into the fray and starts eliminating shaahesk left and right.

After the battle, she approaches the group, seeing that they were travelling with some avariel. She introduces herself as Jadwiga Sunstreamer, aka Jade. The juvenile sandstone dragon she rides is named Grux. She had raised Grux from an early age when she found him abandoned as a hatchling after succesfully coming to the Prime Material Plane for the first time. She explained to the heroes what that meant. Soon after arriving, she met an elven village which became liek a family to her for years. Then one day she was banished back to her own plane when a group of drangonari elves intruding into T'Nanshi wiped out the village. She never got to say goodbye to her adopted family.... That made her a bit angry with her father, Angadar.

Now, she managed to get back to the Prime once more and she was on her way to the city of Grantir to besearch her father to make the Prime her home plane somehow. She put fly spells on the party and they set out together, since the two cities were very near one another.

Suddenly, a limestone dragon came out of nowhere and fried Jade before she had a chance to get onto Grux.... she was incinerated. Grux and the dragon began to fight, and the PC's retreated as fast as they could. They were pretty sure Grux wound up as lunch, at least they hoped, because then it meant the limestone dragon would not be coming for them.

Avlis Campaign 0: Chapter 6

Finally! The group makes it to the tree city of Toostan, haven of the avariel. Immediately, the avariel who are with them usher them to the King's palace where they are taken to a direct audience with King Alanerix. He thanks them and gives them a chest filled with 2000 gp. Originally, he says, the reward was 1500 gp, but his advisor, Jeminix, convinced him to up the reward because of the length of time that Arcarel went uncaptured. He then gave the party free roam of the city and set them on their way. They parted with the avariel bounty hunters that had been with them on the journey.

Later that night, in the city, they were contacted by Jeminix, the advisor. The notes get a bit sketchy here. Jeminix is a drangonari agent in disguise. Orleron and Leviatha are a little horrified by that, but Leviatha takes a liking to Jeminix and gets over it. He tells the group that things are bad between Toostan and Grantir. Titanian fairies are building up within and around Toostan for an attack on Grantir, and not only that, but they have stolen an artifact that was protecting Grantir. Jeminix doesn't trust them enough yet to tell them what the artifact is, but he gives them a time and a place to meet someone: At Darmon's Wingless Orc Tavern, the group is to meet with an operative of the thieves guild who will ask, "Good day, can anyone tell me why there is no sand in Toostan?" The heroes are to respond, "No sand? We just came from the beach."

Sure enough that night, the rogue approaches them in the tavern and the passwords are exchanged. The group asks the avariel rogue about the artifact and he says he will tell him if the PC's do a favor for them. He brings them to the guildhouse where it's safer.

In the guildhouse, they are met by the guild master who is an urban sprite named Teek. The urban sprite explains to them that they will get the info if they help with an assasination first. Titanian forces are coming into Toostan to prepare for an attack by Grantir, or an attack on Grantir, he's not sure what will happen first. This is bad for business. The thieves guilds in Toostan and Grantir are heavily intertwined and do not want a war. The PC's are to take out the generals of the Titanian army housed near one of Toostan's walls on the ground.

The assasination goes off without a hitch. Orleron is a bit disgusted with it but perserveres. After the group brought proof back to Teek, he tells them the location of the artifact, which they find out is a large faceted diamond (chaotic good alignment). It has the power to protect all within a city it occupies against magic (20% resistance) and dragon breath (1/2 damage, save for none), if the source of the attack is from outside the city.

The PC's are told that the artifact is located inside a shrine to Berryn in Toostan. If they are to get it, they must not be seen. They attempt to retrieve it and succeed. However, at that moment, the Toostan thieve's guild attacks them in an effort to take the artifact for themselves.

The commotion sets off an alert throughout the city. Everyone realizes what the PC's just tried to do, and they scatter. All of them make it out ok, except for Lotar who is carrying the artifact. (He was the one who was skilled enough to actuall steal it and he was running out of the city with it.)

The PC's all head for Grantir with Lotar somewhat behind.
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