Avlis Campaign 0: Chapters 1 - 3

Background Notes about Avlis 50 Years Ago

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Avlis Campaign 0: Chapters 1 - 3

Post by Orleron » Fri Jan 20, 2006 4:05 am

This is a bit of a treat. I managed to find some of the old adventure notes from the campaign I ran in 1996-ish as an undergrad, years before Avlis Campaign 1. Unfortunately, some of the notes remain lost to this day, probably forever, but I will try to fill in what I can remember. The notes will also not be as detailed as the other campaign notes you see here. :(

Nevertheless! Be prepared for some treats regardless. The campaign takes place about 50 years before Avlis Campaign 1, which takes place 50 years before server time started. So this stuff is a century before the server stuff started here.

Around that time, the M'Chek-T'Nanshi War was pretty new. The humans and Titanians had not made any deals yet, and folks were pretty sketchy about who's side they were taking. Also gotta realize that some famous feuds like the Angadar-Valok one had not started yet. Avariel elves are in full swing and Toostan is in perfect condition.

Also, you will notice 2 things:

1) Many of the themes you see on Avlis servers today came from this campaign

2) Many of the themes in this campaign were re-hashed in Avlis Campaign 1, because I thought these adventures were lost and needed to be reasserted.

So without Further Ado.....

Avlis Campaign 0: Chapter 1

Leilina: a beautiful elf maid of unknown parentage, a studious wizardess

Lotar: a mysterious changeling rogue, though that these aspects are not commonly known

Leviatha: a half-nymph warrior maiden from the seas

Orleron Sunmar: a fairly young half-dryad cleric of O'Ma

The adventurers met in a tavern... where else? The city was Le'Or T'Nanshi, on a cool spring evening. Shortly after meeting, they saw another patron walk... half-flying... into the bar. It was a downtrodden fairy in her large form, very sad, and by the looks of her, a follower of O'Ma.

Being followers of O'Ma, Orleron and Leviatha went over to her and asked what was wrong. The fairy explained that her wand had been stolen, and without it she would soon die. Upon questioning her, she told them it was taken by a Titanian fairy not too far from here.

After more coaxing, they got directions and clues from the sad fairy on where they might find the Titanian villain, and they immediately set out together to right this wrong.

After searching, they came across the thief.... holding two wands, of course. One was the wand of the Titanian Fairies, the gold wand. The other was the silver wand of the O'Ma Fairies... the stolen one.

When they pressed the Titanian fairy, they soon realized that all was not what it seemed. The fairy transformed into a drangonari elf!! He was disguised by an illusion. A battle ensues, and the party barely beats him down and recovers the wand.

They then take the wand back to the sad fairy who is immediately brightened up! She rewards each of them with an O'Ma Sigil as a mark of O'Ma's favor and a good luck charm in its own right. They then part company.

Avlis Campaign 0: Chapter 2

Upon exiting the bar, the group is immediately accosted by three avariel elves. It turns out the avariel are bounty hunters looking for a drangonari elf named Arcarel. Apparently, the PC's had lucked out and killed Arcarel the drangonari just minutes ago, and as soon as the avariel in the area heard of it, they had to go see. Arcarel was wanted in the avariel home city of Toostan for crimes against the city.

Toostan was about 1900 miles to the northeast, and the avariel said that if the PC's were to accompany them on the long journey, they would receive the reward that was on Arcarel's head. Thinking that the prospects of a reward from a city's leader were interesting, they agreed and set off on the journey.

About 2 days outside Le'Or T'Nanshi, the avariel are sleeping in the trees and the PC's on the ground during the night. Suddenly, they are surrounded by a group of 6 ghost elves who took the party to be a platoon of M'Chekian soldiers that they had been chasing. When their identities become clear, the two suprised groups back off their hostilities and make up, but as soon as they do that, they are attacked by the real M'Chekian soldier platoon.

After the battle, the surviving ghost elves tell the adventurers that a few M'Chek patrols have been spotted in the area for reconnaissance, supposedly. They tell the heroes to be careful.

One day later, the group is approached by a Titanian dryad. She informs them that there is a hidden M'Chekian base nearby her oak tree, near a pond that has a rather large subterranean cave housing about 35 soldiers. They had been operating from that cave and the Titanians were assembling a small force to attack them becaues the humans were cutting down too many trees, and consequently killing some titanian dryads when they did that. She asks for the PC's help in the matter, and they agree.

The dryad leads them to the base and points out its major qualities to them. Apparently, there is some sort of party going on inside the cave, but the group cannot tell why. The party is getting a bit rowdy and noisy and there were only 2 sentries posted.

Just outside the camp, the group meets up with ten more titanian fairies, adn they prepare the attack. The fairies transform into their small form and become invisible. They then fly into the cave and become large and start attacking. The PC's job was to kill anyone trying to leave the cave to escape the fairy attack.

Suddenly, during the fight, a group of O'Ma fairies comes out of the woods and joins in the fray. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell which side the group is fighting for. They seem to be trying to accomplish something.

As the PC's rush into the cave after the O'Ma fairies, they see what is going on. Inside, there is a human soldier being guarded by an O'Ma nymph. She is pleading with the titanians not to kill this man.... he is her newly wed husband. This only enrages the Titanians because they cannot stand the site of interbreeding between humans and O'Ma fairies. Briefly, they try to parley.... most of the humans are dead by now and the situation between the Titanian and O'Ma fairies is getting intense.

Then all hell breaks loose as both sides dive into battle. The PC's come to the aid of the O'Ma fairies to save the newly married couple, and then retreat off into the woods with the avariel.

Avlis Campaign 0: Chapter 3

After a day of travel through the woods, the group is approached by an O'Ma sylph. The sylph informs them that a certain cleric of O'Ma in the area witnessed their role in the fight the night before, and the cleric wishes to meet with them. Looking for some answers, the group agrees to go with the sylph to her village to see the cleric. After waiting a couple days in the settlement of sylphs in the trees, the cleric approaches them. He says he witnessed the disaster from a distance, and he believes there's some other type of adventuring party behind the tension between the Titanian and O'Ma fairies in the area.

For example, he believes that the other adventuring party tipped off the Titanians about an O'Ma nymph in the area that was marrying a M'Chekian Captain. The Titanians got enraged and hired the PC's to wipe them out. The resulting battle wound up being a battle between the two fairy types, instead of a battle between human invaders and fairies that live in T'Nanshi. Other incidents of the same type were occurring, seemingly orchestrated.

Another example is that some Titanian fairies had been found killed by lightening, such as that which comes from an O'Ma fairy's wand. He didn't know how this was done, but he offers to hire the PC's to bring back at least two of these adventurers alive.... for justice. He suspects they are still in the area and they will need to be tracked or have their whereabouts found out through the network of fairies in the area.

After agreeing and setting out to find this evil crew, the PC's and avariel encounter more dead Titanians, killed by lightening. They also find areas where the trees had their positions changed through illusions, which is always inconvenient in a forest because you wind up bumping into the real trees, which are invisible. They also got attacked by some crazed, or charmed, wild animals along the way.

Finally, a Titanian fairy cleric attacked them with some more wild animals.... she seems to think that the heroes are this other evil party that was behind the attacks, but she is eventually lulled into ceasing her attack in giving them some more information.

She informs them of a dispute happening not too far away between some Titanian fairies and O'Ma sprites. When the PC's find the disputing group, they find out that the Titanians are arguing with the sprites over a body of one of their comrades. The fairies said the sprites knew who did the murder but weren't talking. The sprites denied it and said they had no idea who did the murder.....

Suddenly, an arrow flies out of the forest and imbeds itself in the lead Titanian fairy's chest... its acidic bolt eating into her. Looking to the source of the arrow, everyone sees a sylph laugh and disappear. The Titanians go ballistic and attack the sprites immediately in the name of their goddess. More sprites join the fray and all hell breaks loose. The PC's spot a group of humanoids leaving the battle and yell out to the fairies who pursue.

The adventurers are too far ahead of the heroes but the fairies are faster. Eventually, the PC's catch up but they are too late. The fairies are dead.... the sprites are nowhere to be found, and neither are the adventurers.

Distraught, the heroes make camp for the night. The next morning they begin their search again, hoping that the whole forest does not break out into war. Just then, they spot a diminutive but VERY beautiful female fairy carrying a diamond tipped sceptre instead of a wand. She informs them in a queenly voice that she fears the fairy races are about to clash again, and that she does not want that to happen. She tells the PC's they must help in order to stop the death. She then informs them that the foes they seek are just over the ridge.... she said she would take care of them herself, but she has more serious matters to attend to in a far away land. Then she disappears.

Sure enough, over that ridge, the PC's encounter a group of five: a drangonari, a human female, a half-orc wearing a symbol of Maleki, an O'Ma fairy cleric of Valok, and a human male.

The battle is fierce, but the heroes triumph and save the day.
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