Avlis Campaign 3: Chapter 2

Background Notes about Avlis 50 Years Ago

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Avlis Campaign 3: Chapter 2

Post by Orleron » Fri Dec 09, 2005 9:37 pm

By now you've probably figured out the gist of our first couple adventures, and are pretty amused. I'm sure that in classic Avlissian style, things will start light and gradually get into deeper and deeper shit. ;) But, at 2nd level, that's a little rought to attempt.

The party found Troka’s shop and for his signature he wanted the party to guard a caravan carrying a special item heading south from Deglos. The party headed north out of the Dwarfgate and proceeded north towards Deglos. They finally found the burnt out remains of a caravan, there was also evidence of orc tracks leading into the woods. The party began to follow the tracks and soon was beset by orc archers atop stands in the trees. The battle was waged from both sides and soon the party climbed the trees also, they climbed to higher heights than the orcs and gained the advantage in the battle until an orc mage cast a darkness spell on the party forcing them to descend from the trees in a darkness darker than the blackest night. Once out of the darkness the party found that the remaining orcs and the orc mage were gone. The heroes quickened their pursuit and soon came upon the orcs camped in a clearing. The three wagons were arranged in a defensive triangle. After much thought and deliberation and some inventive use of Devon’s psicrystal to spy on enemies, the party decided on an attacking at night using the archers to take out the sentries before they could raise the alarm. The plan was well formulated but during the course of the battle one of the wagons was set on fire. The other two wagons were able to escape before the heroes could stop them. After futilely attempting to interrogate the remaining orc, the party took off after the wagons. After another day of travel the heroes came upon a wooden fort at the foot of a five hundred foot crag located somewhere near the Ferrell-Deglos border. The fort was in a clearing and the heroes decided the safest approach was from the crag. After a climb up the crag in the black of night, the plan was to light the main building on fire with alchemist’s fire and use the cover of fire to have the archers take out the guards in the towers. The first attempt at lighting the main building was a horrid throw by Koriel and resulted in a secondary building being ignited. The fortuitous result was that it was the barracks that were on fire. This lead to general confusion in the camp and allowed the ranged attackers to slay the guards. The battle proceeded to the compound and the remaining orcs were slain. The door to the main building was slammed shut and barred. The half-orc inside said that if the party left he wouldn’t have to kill them. Lucius, having enough of the villain’s bravado, kicked in the door. He immediately was struck in the chest with a glowing green arrow. The party entered the structure and stood face to face with two orcs, a strapping half-orc, and a female orc dressed in robes. The party engaged the two guards and unleashed ranged attacks on the mage, not before Lucius was struck again in the chest, although this time it was glowing blue arrows. After the party dispatched the guards and mage the half-orc battled mightly until he finally fell to Idril’s sword. A search of the domicile revealed an ancient dwarven double axe, which the party assumed was the weapon in which Troka was interested. The party returned uneventfully to Elysia returned the axe to Troka and received his signature. Troka also suggested visiting the Temple of Gorethar as their Headpriestess was the current council member.
The party rested then entered the Temple of Gorethar and after a lengthy discussion about the ills of the city and the Order of Gorethar taking over patrolling the city for the Champions, the party agreed to investigate the undead that were rising in the graveyard. They went directly to the graveyard and even though it was the middle of the day they were assailed by skeletons. Koriel commanded one of the skeletons and the party quickly dispatched the rest. They proceeded to the oldest portion of the cemetery and began to examine mausoleums for signs of activity. Some of the mausoleums were empty, some contained skeletons, and some contained zombies; none of which presented a problem for the adventurers. After exploring nearly a dozen mausoleums the party finally came upon one that had evidence that the sarcophagus had recently been moved. After attempting multiple combinations they finally stumbled upon the correct order of buttons to open the secret door. The sarcophagus slid back to reveal a set of stairs descending into the darkness. The party cautiously descended the stairs and found a secret lair. They were faced with a hall way with three doors, one to each their right and left and another straight ahead. After exploring the right and left doors and finding a library and a bedroom. They entered the third door and were set on by a skeleton unlike the previous skeletons they had faced, this skeleton appeared to have battle skills and the party was hard pressed to defeat it. Koriel used touch attack healing spells to damage the skeleton and the skeleton returned the favor to Koriel by striking him down with a mighty slash of his bastard sword. Devon managed to pull Koriel from the battle and give him a healing potion. Koriel then completely healed himself and then he healed the skeleton to death.
After the battle, the party noticed another door in the room. When they passed through the door they saw an altar to Maleki and the cause of the undead problem, a cleric of Maleki raising an undead army. In the classic villain way the evil cleric yammered on about the foolish weaklings not being able to stop him or disrupt his plans. It was at this point that the party, having heard enough of the self-aggrandizing villain speeches, attacked. Unfortunately, there were four fast moving zombies in the way. The party engaged the zombies and the evil cleric using some harmful spells of his own nearly killed both Koriel and Lucius, if not for the quick action of Elrik in getting behind and flanking the villain and Lorelian singing to inspire everyone the battle might not have been won. After slaying the evil cleric, the party returned to the Temple of Gorethar and got their third and final signature and proceeded to their long-awaited meeting with Sarmon at the Council.
But fair readers, that is a story for a different day.
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