Avlis Campaign 2: Chapter 11(B)

Background Notes about Avlis 50 Years Ago

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Avlis Campaign 2: Chapter 11(B)

Post by Orleron » Sun Jul 17, 2005 5:01 am

This happened about a year ago in RL, but I am just getting around to posting it:

The setting is what passes as a military base for a force of O’Ma fairies, mostly hybrids, and some elves that are aligned with them. The base seems to function as a point of contact for mercenaries fighting for the cause. Here the heroes are once again united in life and comradery.

Once they are settled, the PC’s are brought to a cleric of O’Ma who runs the base. He tells them that there is a mage from the Silver Order here to see them. The mage is an elf named Yer’uval Grans. He is the head of the Silver Order.

Yer’uval tells the PC’s that he caught wind of their claim that a Negerai had journeyed to their time using an artifact, and he managed to confirm their suspicions. The Negerai was apparently creating havoc among both sides of the Fairy War, and purportedly just lost a fight against a group of Silver Order mages and their templar companions.

Yer’uval happens to be a sage on rare creatures, and he knows that the Negerai can only really be killed if he is restrained first. Generally an item called Iron Bands of Bilaro could do it, but that particular item is not strong enough. It will be necessary to find someone who has a better version. The sage has heard of one being owned by a temple of Gorethar, far to the north, just inside the mountains of Galdos. Yer’uval will write a note to the high cleric there, and send fair warning of the PC’s arrival. Gorethar cleric’s name is Garnock Daemonsbane.

Using Tupaia's druidic magic, the PC's made the journey to the border of Galdos and T'Nanshi. Once inside the gate, they beheld the spendor of the dwarves with their cities of squat buidlings carved directly out of the earth.

After a time, the heroes find High Cleric Grans and they learn that he does indeed possess an artifact capable of restraining the Negerai. In the temple, they argue over whether or not the cleric can let the party use the artifact. The dwarf is quite stubborb about not giving it up in case the Negerai were to attack Galdos.

During the squabble, as unfortunate luck would have it, the Negerai and some of his Ta'Nari minions teleport into the temple. Pandemonium breaks loose as a battle ensues. The heroes and the clerics fight bravely. Many demons and many Gorethites are slain. The artifact is seen by Raven to hang from High Cleric Grans' belt. She tries to take it, but before she succeeds, the Negerai notices her plan and activates his amulet once gain.

He disappears.

The battle ends.

The heroes dust themselves off, wondering how they will catch up to the Negerai now that they have no idea where he has gone.

During some conversations, the party weighs their options. The elves and dwarves talk it over. When Thain asks the dwarves if Dru'El's clerics back in Le'Or T'Nanshi could be of any help, he gets a blank look from them. They have no idea who Dru'El is. At that point, the heroes realize something is very wrong.

An instant later, a huge being with a serene human form and large grey wings appears in the room, a Mikonator. Mikonators are the earthly neutral angels that serve the god Mikon, and this particular one does not look pleased. He glares at the party and demands that they accompany him immediately.

The next thing they know, the heroes find themselves deep beneath the surface of the earth, deeper even than the deepest depths of the underdark and Galdos. They are in a closed cavern with no exits. In the middle of the cavern lies a sword stuck into the stone.

The Mikonator tells them that this sword once belonged to the mortal Dru'El. The PC's wondered why he referred to Dru'El as a mortal and not a god. The Mikonator said that Dru'El never became a god. He was killed by the Negerai long long ago. This is his sword that fell on the site of his death. Mikon brought the sword and the land immediately around it deep into the earth to protect it and keep it safe.

The PC's now realized where the Negerai went. He transported back in time to before the Nine were gods and killed Dru'El in a battle. Who knows what else could be changed? The Mikonator agreed with this and said Mikon orders them to head back there in time to go correct the matter.

The Mikonator and Mikon were to use their strength and the sword of Dru'El as a focus to get the heroes back in time to find the Negerai.

By the end of the ritual, the heroes found themselves again in a forest, but not as dense as those found in T'Nanshi. Off in the distance is a small humanoid with beautiful serene features, webbed fingers and toes, and a fish-like mouth. It resembles nothing they have ever seen before. They approach the creature which is very scared.

After some coaxing, the creature tells them it is being pursued from every direction by demons. Its fellows have all been killed, and it fears for its life. When Vanoviel asks if she has seen any other kinds of creatures passing by lately, the spirit responds that it did in fact see some strange creatures heading northward, battling demons as they went. She said they appeared to be heading towards the main fortress of the beast that controls all the demons.

The heroes took their leave of the spirit and journeyed northward. Eventually they became lost and dejected. Not knowing what to do, Tupaia prayed, "Dear Lord O'Ma, we praise you for your wisdom and knowledge and ask that you guide us on our mission."

A voice answered quizzically, "Is somebody calling me??" A man steps out of the bushes. Sure enough, it is O'Ma himself. O’Ma has a stocky build and powerful muscles. His head is devoid of hair except for a small amount at the top, which he wears in a topknot. He is built like a wrestler, but carries himself with a feeling of compassion and joyful presence. Tupaia and Van fall to their knees, and this confuses him even further. He bids them to rise.

At that point, eight other men show up.


A stocky man standing about 5 and a half feet tall and just entering his middle age, Gorethar is powerfully muscled. His hair is salt-and-pepper, and he has a beard and mustache of the same color. He seems to be wearing very little armor, mostly leather, and carrying a sword strapped at his side.


O’Ma has a stocky build and powerful muscles. His head is devoid of hair except for a small amount at the top, which he wears in a topknot. He is built like a wrestler, but carries himself with a feeling of compassion and joyful presence.


A skinny man of average height with chiseled features on his face and body. Dru’El has brown hair and what seems to be a perpetual smile of wisdom and caring. He wears little armor, and carries a sword at his side, as all the other gods do.


This man well over 6 feet tall, and stands with perfect posture and confidence. His face is smooth, and somehow well-shaven, and his hair is cropped short. Though he is not incredibly muscular, he appears very fit. His demeanor is calm, and he seems to be looking around taking everything in.


This man is of average build and average height. He has plain brown hair and brown eyes, and holds himself with a generally calm but very alert air. It is hard to tell what his age is. He could be old, or young, but in either case, he is well-kept.


A mass of unkempt graying hair sits on top of this man’s head. He looks around the room randomly with a wide-eyed stair, never seeming to blink. It is hard to discern his height as he goes from place to place stooping over to look at things, sometimes even talking to inanimate objects. Still, deep within him, you sense something that could be dangerous.


This elf appears very serious as he stands there with his arms folded, and fully alert. He has brown hair and violet eyes, and holds himself in a relaxed manner that vaguely looks like a disguised combat stance. On the surface, he appears to be very genial, like many other elves, but behind those eyes, you can sense many calculations taking place.


This man has a dark complexion, as if he came from a land with a lot of sunlight. He seems like he would be at home in a steamy jungle, judging by his sinewy build and bulging muscles framing his lean form. Something about his mannerisms is very deadly. He moves with the grace and ease of a snake as he watches you.


The contrast between this man’s pale skin and dark black hair is most apparent on first glance. The hair is slicked back with some unknown substance, spit maybe? His figure looks as if it’s been a while since he’s seen much exercise. He is not fat, however, there is very little definition in his form.

The confusion takes a while to sort out. The Nine are not sure what other humans, elves, and halflings are doing there. The heroes are simply awed and mystified to meet the Nine. After stammering through introductions and explanations, some of the Nine immediately wish to help: Gorethar, O'Ma, and Dru'El. Others, like Toran, Mikon, and Forian want proof that the heroes are in fact in danger from a lesser Negerai. Valok, Aarilax, and Maleki just flat out think the heroes are lying and refuse to offer assistance.

At that point, talking becomes moot. A massive army of demons materializes just over the hill and charges on their position. It seems someone is intent on stopping all of their missions. A MASSIVE fight breaks out. The heroes struggle against the hordes of Ta'Nari, with creatures as tough as Balors among them. The Nine cut the demons to ribbons two and three at a time. As they fight side by side, the crowd begins to thin. The heroes and the Nine spot a massive version of the lesser Negerai swooping by overhead. The Nine tear off after it, taking many of the demons with them.

Some of the demons stay behind to battle the heroes. At that time, the lesser Negerai shows up, and the last fight is finally on.

Demons die. Heroes suffer wounds. Finally, a large wrestling match breaks out and the Negerai is pinned. Arie runs him through with her blade and he is destroyed.

In the residual army, the heroes grab up the artifact from the Negerai and use the command word they heard him say so often.....

Next thing they no, everything is still. They are back in the forest, but where? Arie asserts that it is in modern times. A crackle of thunder and lightening flashes, suprising them all, and a familiar face appears in full splendor, Mikon. He thanks them for setting things right and destroying the Negerai to restore the balance. After that, he promptly destroys the artifact and gives Arie back the stone from it, which belongs as the fourth stone to her sword. The heroes dust themselves off and move off into the sunset... some of them, like Thain and Fel, are to live in a new time.
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