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The DemiGod Pelar

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The DemiGod Pelar

PostAuthor: Cuxn » Tue Dec 31, 2002 4:05 am

Is there any info on this demigod?
Any background history?

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PostAuthor: Orleron » Tue Dec 31, 2002 5:07 am

Pelar is the son of O'Ma and a mortal woman conceived during the Age of Peace.

His area of domain is a subset of O'Ma's. He is the god of the hunt, and those who live off of the forest.

Allignment: Netural Good
Worshipers Alignment: Any good
Area of Control: Hunters and Rangers
Status: Demigod
Home Plane: Elysia

The larger gods of Avlis generally have large areas of control, and in addition to being the "God of this" or the "God of that" or the "Creator of this race", they have philosophies that go along with them. All of the nine major gods (and some of the minor ones) use their area and race of control as a disguise for their beliefs of how the universe works and how people of all races should behave towards one another. The good gods often have the same underlying philosophy, which you can find out by talking to NPC's and reading books, yet they stress different points of it. Some gods are inward focussed on the individual ( example: Dru'El), whereas others are outward focussed on others ( example: O'Ma). However, both philosophies will make a perfected being, according to them.

Minor gods like Pelar tend not to have large and drawn out philosophies of their own. Instead, they tend to focus on smaller things, such as the hunt in Pelar's case. Most laymen on Avlis will worship one of the major gods as the driving force behind their personal beliefs, yet they will use the minor gods for aide in their daily lives. Thus it is not unheard of to have an elven ranger of Dru'El ask Pelar for aide in his hunt that day, and other such requests to other minor gods.

Pelar's major temple is actually located within the elven capitol city of Le'Or T'Nanshi. He has many shrines all over the woods, and often his priests appear as normal rangers indistinguishable from other non-clergy.

In particular, Pelar's essence focusses on the male aspect of hunting, which covers the planning, the strategy, and the chase... and of course, the killing. He tends not to focus on the female aspects of hunting, those of animal fertility to increase population, the acts of providing food for sustenance, and the influence of the seasons and environment on the local game.

Pelar is one of the few minor gods who can make druids in addition to clerics, although he cannot make holy warriors. Only the 9 major gods can make those.
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