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Holy Warrior Ordination - bump

General discussion about Avlis

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Holy Warrior Ordination - bump

PostAuthor: Moredo » Thu Feb 16, 2006 1:58 am

I'm gonna go ahead and bump this 'old' post from Deider, due to stuff I've seen IG over the last week. You do not necessarily have to belong to a Holy Order to become a Holy Warrior.

Deider wrote:There has been a change to the way PCs can attain the various Avlis holy warrior PrCs (Blackguard, Champion, Dominator, Avenger, etc.). There are now three ways in which a PC can take these prestige classes:

1. Send a request to asking the team to run a quest for your PC. This has been and still is the least effective method, because it depends on there being a DM who has the time and inclination to run such a request.
2. Find a holy warrior PC who is 10th level or higher, since they have the ability to unlock the class for you through ‘training.’
3. Contact the player-run guild associated with the PrC you wish to take (Hands of Dru’El, Reavers of Maleki, Order of Aarilax, etc.) and ask them to run a quest for you to become a holy warrior. If the guild is satisfied with your performance, the guild leader will unlock the class for you.

#3 is new. Leaders of the holy order guilds, in the coming days you should see some new functionality on your leader token that enables you to unlock the appropriate PrC. Please check the guild leaders forum for more information.

Note: you still need to have the prerequisites (feats, skills, etc.) to be able to take levels in the class. That includes the proper alignment and deity in your deity field – there will be no Blackguards of Zo, I’m afraid :D
Always consider alignment as a tool, not a straitjacket that restricts the character.
— AD&D, 2nd Edition Player's Handbook
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PostAuthor: mortzestus » Thu Feb 16, 2006 2:35 am

Just to clarify, the old way to become a holy warrior was to complete a DM run quest, with this quest being available only for members of holy orders.
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