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PostAuthor: girlysprite » Thu Apr 14, 2005 10:59 am

Amiru is pretty original. He has been influenced heavily by another character, Isamu of course :D
though in the begining he wasn't like Isamu at all.

When I make character I have more like a few basic blueprints in my head, that do not originate from book or movies, but just parts of me I guess.

one blueprint is the lovable, loyal, but absolutely dumb as a fuck guy. Very sweet and very childish (bit of amiru when he started, and have played a halfling before on another pw according that template.

second for evil people is the saracastic cynical guy. Throwing nasty comments when he can. Just likes to make people feel uneasy or to piss em off. (amiru is heading that way now, and have played 2 elven necro's with that template before)

third is the intelligent curious and bit naughty girl. Likes to make jokes, and jokes with people around her. Likes to research things, even when it' s dangerous (remembers taking a seed of a palnt that destroyed an entire country and growing a new plant out of it in a bottle in a forum rp)

actually, the three tmeplates even have a name, according the first characters that I made that defined the template
Djing-djing, Seditiosus and Alita. Since then most of my characters can be tracked back to one of those three.
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PostAuthor: Demandred » Thu Apr 14, 2005 12:06 pm

Jade's whole consept 2 years ago was based in a very known ehm, character :wink: , soon to be seen on Episode III on May :twisted: .

Those who still may remember the old times, might recal that Jade was very close to the Psion (not psionisist) Ba'alzamon, forming a master-apprentice relationship, so they might see a little resemblance there.

After that, Ba'alzamon left, Nargulthonossor came with the Order of the Dragon, and redemption brought a whole new (original this time) consept to Jade's RPing.

Was fun... still is to be frank! ;)
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PostAuthor: TripleAught » Thu Apr 14, 2005 12:31 pm

I'm not really sure where Kayn, my main, came from. He's not all that developed in my mind, except for his involvement in the war.

But, I created my alt, Gralktnash "Merc" Ironmace, with a much better background and the intention of playing off the tension between half-orcs (me) and the full orc community that has started growing in Mikona. It's been really fun so far....

but the orcs need to start loggin back onto Alivs to make this work :)
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PostAuthor: Xeo » Thu Apr 14, 2005 3:46 pm

Isamu was from my dark sick side of my personality which I cannot display in public.

Naaaa just joking Isamu was based on Skeletor from He-Man.

Kanga Was based on a mini version of He-Man.

Frem was based on Mini- RoboCop

Timmy Twiggs on Tindertwiggy muahahahah

Ony based on a film Pirates Of The Carribean but female version. Oh and also my old man, he wears Bandana's alot and drives a hugh 1972 Mustang 550 bhp 7.2 litre Big Block Engine *breaths out slowly* Man its fekking horney!
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PostAuthor: bpottery » Fri Apr 15, 2005 7:39 am

My initial concept for Rello was a haughty, prissy noble want-to-be, that also moonlighted as an assassin.

I changed my mind quickly on the assassin thing. Then I just didn't feel good about playing an arrogant character.

Instead, I try to shape her personality to make it more fun for other people to interact with her.

She is also generally very different than me; way more cheery, non-judgmental, non-sarcastic, outgoing. Perhaps in many ways more of who I would like to become.
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PostAuthor: crestu » Fri Apr 15, 2005 7:48 am

Spit originally had elements of Nobby Nobbs from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. He has turned out completely different though.

Oh, and his name came for a book called The True Story of Spit McPhee about an irish brat.
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PostAuthor: Urizen » Fri Apr 15, 2005 8:18 am

Llyshra came from an old PnP NPC I made to torture my players--a fighter/cleric of some less-than-nice Forgotten Realms god. In Avlis, she transformed from the NPC to a person with a background in the poverty of Mikona. Her concept now is inspired somewhat by Lady Eboshi from the Princess Mononoke, although she does tend to have her neurotic and playful moods as well (depends on how much tequila is in the house).
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PostAuthor: nikos23 » Tue Apr 19, 2005 7:27 pm

7-8 years ago, we had our last AD&D campaign, i played a human bard from level 1 to lvl 8 and really liked him. My new char in avlis will be completely different though, one the class is the same with the old AD&D one.

..and part of the name... "Moontongue"

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PostAuthor: Cameron Klym » Tue Apr 19, 2005 8:54 pm

Tor is pretty much an original concept. He was inspired by my ancestor's and I guess has taken some of my ..umm...traits. If you think Tor has a bad temper....he is a nice guy compared to me when my temper takes hold( I hate to admit it ...but there you they say , the truth always hurts).But I think all characters take on some traits of the player that ..well ..plays them. Just like actors usually add something of themselves to the roles they play, and since RPing is like acting..well you all get what I am trying to say. But everything else about Tor is based on my own concepts of a lot of historical reseach on the Nordic and Germanic tribes...from as far back as I have been able to get till about the 1000's ad.Of course somethings are changed a bit from the general common knowledge as I have tried to use more of the old terms for words and things like that. But Tor is ..well ....Tor, and he always will be till he passes from Avlis. But he is not based on anyone from any books , movies , or real life, hence I call him an original concept.

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PostAuthor: e'kieron » Fri Apr 22, 2005 9:47 pm

Vincent e'Kieron is my main...

The name e'Kieron was taken from a group of books written by a Master Storyteller named, Steven Brust. He writes a series of books based on an Assassin named Vladimir Taltos. Aliera e'Kieron is a friend of Vlad's in the books. However, the e'Kieron name, line, and lineage traces back to the creation of the society that Vlad lives in.

Back in 1995, I rolled up a PnP elf character named Glorvin D`el. He began as a Ranger. His story was that he was an orphan and taken into the elven village when he was a small child. As he got older, his red hair and large stature stuck out heavily in a village of blond haired 5'2 elves. Glorvin, standing almost 6'0 and with darkened burned red hair stuck out terribly, so he left the village in seek of his true heritage.

Over the course of five years playing the same character through countless PnP adventures (as well as a few others here and there) he married a woman named Adrina who had draconic blood, found out his parents were ancient Elf/Dragon folk, started a kingdom and began a line of his own.

Years went by and it turned no luck on his heritage. He had already left his elven name in the dust many years ago, but still those from his village knew him by that. He met a powerful wizard named Lanthanlas from a land called Dominaria, where Vincent later built his kingdom with Adrina. Lan had lost a child named Vincent years ago to a tragic accident, thus after years under Lan tutelage, Glorvin honored Lan by taking the name of his dead child, hence Vincent was born.

Vincent learned the arts of Assassination first from a man named Mario Greymist and his arcane arts from Lan. Thus the Ranger/Rogue/Wizard Tri class Vinnie has on CoPaP. Years later, during a battle to save Waterdeep from a Demon called The Gorgon who had come to Faerun through the Great Rift from the Birthright campaigns, Vincent met a Celestial named Ex'Zeer who knew of Vincent's heritage. Ex'zeer is my DM avatar on Hala. :D

Vincent's heritage led him to find that he was decended from Kieron the Conqueror from a distant land called Drageara. (also from the Brust books)

So, in a nutshell, the idea of the name and some fantastic concept ideas came from Brust's books. But the attitude, growing, and classes for the character very much came from original PnP games over the coarse of ten years.

The CoPaP Vincent is almost exactly like the PnP version, only the PnP version of Vincent uses a Great Sword called Blackwand, whereas the CoPaP Vincent uses a rapier and main-gauche.

(Vlad uses eastern style fencing in the Taltos books though. :wink: )

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PostAuthor: Marleh » Fri Apr 22, 2005 10:22 pm

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My Character

PostAuthor: Reaver » Sun Apr 24, 2005 3:41 pm

My character (Geryn Havilhand) came from a book by George Lucas (Star Wars) and Chris Claremont (X-Men Comics) called Shadow Moon. I changed his personality a little to be more neutral and less lawful because in the book he betrayed his friends to follow orders that ended up getting him killed.
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PostAuthor: Grunt » Sun Apr 24, 2005 6:31 pm

Well... Grunt is kind of tough for me to pin down.

Grunt Neanderthal was the name of my first PnP character, a stupid warrior of immense strength and constitution. The name came from our Dm saying "Look at how low your intelligence and wisdom are...he'll be nothing but a brutish neanderthal..." So, it was a joke name in a way. But it fit the way I played the character. Think Incredible Hulk. Only not green. This carried over to computer RPGs, where I kept the name and changed him up a bit. In one he was a goblin fighter who would sneak up on people and backcleave them with a battleaxe...

So when I found avlis I used the name. The changing from Neanderthal to N'Anderthal was because I forgot my description :)

Of course, the character had to fit. So I had in my mind this vision of a CG character, born a bit disfigured and more or less an underdog at life. Grunt N'Anderthal isn't even his real name but comes from his father calling him a "Grunt" because of his perceived ugliness. N'Anderthal is a mish-mash of names of those who helped him during his young years on the road after leaving home. I didn't intend him to be a brash heroic leader of any sort, but more of a quiet example-setting type. Not quick to anger unless you hurt someone he cares about.

Well, Avlis influenced a lot of what the character became as I found myself in Ferrell instead of Mikona, learning alchemy and herbalism, and putting more points into my INT to bring it up to where I thought it should be to practice alchemy. I still have the base character, the underdog turned vigilante... someone who can laugh at himself and say the wrong innuendo at the wrong time (on purpose). I'm a person who likes to joke around, so part of it comes out in this character because it needs to...otherwise I'd have to roll an alt. I also know what it is like to grow up with nothing and do your best to make something of yourself.

So... Grunt is a bit of my personality, a bit of the classic underdog hero, a bit of the goofy sidekick from movies and books, and a good dose of Avlis player and world influence... so he's original in his own way.

Anytime I felt that the character needed something to develop further, something *happened* to help do just that. I think the fact that the players and world molded the character as much as I have on my own speaks volumes about the RP of this place.

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PostAuthor: Pandaerus » Thu Apr 28, 2005 12:02 pm

The Story of Susallia Songbird and recent developments...

Susallia is mine concept, I wanted to make a carring Bard, a true Troubadour in the Novelties of terms, I succeeded greatly in that.

Then someone made her CN ((she was first NG)) nothing wrong with that but then her second name kicks in, as that is the reall story to be told here. the Songbirds is a PnP Organisation in the game EARTHDAWN. The personal trackers and hunters and master spies of Alachia the blood elf queen. They are specialist in blending in with the people, and doing things in the dark, counting on their reputation of being innocent. Sus already made a nice beginning with this while NG, but she always was bound to keep a track on herself, not crossing the line to let hurt befallen on some one.
Those bounds are now gone and these are interesting times.

She smells her own freedom of mind, but is just a little child, seeing things for the first time. The Step to Evil is quick to make, but I truly wish that people pays back some debts and try to redeem Sus and get her back to the Good side....
What will become of Sus is not up to me, she will travel first, see what this new freedom brings her. If she falls to Evil or to Good is not in my hands, it is of those around her. But beware, she always will be the scheming spy with only her own agenda.
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PostAuthor: Nimrod25 » Thu Apr 28, 2005 7:31 pm

Xalnia was originally an avlisian adaptation of a character that existed in the ever-changing world that's been growin in me head for the last decade. This char originally started out life as something similar to a changeling/doppelganger, and basically ran the 'underground' of this world. Having hundreds of forms and faces she'd infiltrated a lot of the so called 'good' organisations of the world and was often credited for the organisation's fall into darkness after her identity was revealed.

I'd wanted her to infiltrate a lot of orders on avlis and basically gain all the info of each, then attempt tp either corrupt or destroy some. Due to my own mistakes, the intervention and rp of others and circumstances beyond my control, Xalnia drifted rather a lot from this concept. Right now she has very little purpose in life, though she may claim otherwise sometimes, she simply exists to experience momentary lifts from making others as miserable or hateful as her. See.... she deserves pitty.

Gor exists for the sole purpose of making me laugh when i need a little comic relief. He and his often extreme attempts to get some are inspired by every sleazy, cheap, dirty guy out there, mixed with a little childish behaviour.
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PostAuthor: oneioscope » Fri Jun 03, 2005 10:07 pm

Tarja D'Ferros - I spent at least 45 minutes generating a name for this character. I was listening to some Nightwish and the name Tarja popped in my head. It suited the red-headed Elf girl I was creating perfectly so I decided to go with it. Tarja kinda takes after me with some of her silliness. Other than that, she's her own person.

Anneke D'Ferros - I was doing the same with this character too.... generating her name but as usual, I had no luck with finding a name that suited her. I was listening to music (I usually do when I create my characters) and put on The Gathering. Bam, the name for my character was created. Anneke is her own person with a pinch of my grouchiness in her.

Deliah Feren - She's pretty much the reincarnation of my old character Serenity Feren, who had more of me in her than any other character of mine. She laughs alot like I do and she seems to always be happy. She's abit on the hyper side most of the time like me too. I was kinda going through a garden catalog while I was trying to figure out a name for her and saw the name of a shnazzy flower: Dahlia. I liked the name so I changed a few letters around to make it a little more original. Deliah is just as pretty as a flower too, so the name suited her very well :D

Fylian Feren - I was generating her name as well and actually found one that I wanted: Fylene. Like Deliah,s name, I switched a few letters around for originality. Fylian is more of a careless individual that sometimes does things that end up getting her in trouble. She doesn't really like being told what to do or where she can or can't go. She usually has the urge to do what others tell her not to. I would have to say that she's my most careless character I have.

Tash - I decided to make a Gothic Elf so I created Tash. I wanted a short, simple name so I looked up baby names for girls online. I found the name Tasha so I chose that and took away the "a" at the end. She's kinda like the way I used to be when I was a teen.... calm, laid back and always wearing black. She sometimes likes to make jokes that get others thinking.
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PostAuthor: Masterchamber » Fri Jun 03, 2005 10:45 pm

Okay this is probably obvious for the First one and the second for those who know me RL know I like to make create pnp based off of friends I play with so they can get twice the laugh out of it when I try to RP them through my character.

Crom Kalidor. Okay I am a BIG Arnold Fan of his earlier work, Red Sonja, Hercules, Conan series. I use to be a body builder myself back in my teens and then like with just about ever one Accidents took and made that life next to impossible for me. Crom was Conans God, Kalidor was Arnolds name in Red Sonja, a Noble lord who doesn't like people to know who he is yet loves to kick ass and be there to help. Crom was a Barbarian God, and Most Barbarians in the books that were about Conan had them as Chaotic thieves that would throw a horse at you as well a axe. I wanted to make a Strong Fighter Rogue, and Found that Being Chaotic Evil was a way for me to play this character to the way I like a little like me yet stronger will, Different then my PNP characters.

Chonk. I made Chonk to make fun of my friend Roy. Roy is a really smart guy but big. He is also a Death metal Bass player and well known here in CA. in the local venues. Has been my good friend for almost 15 years, Calls me a computer geek cause I play this game. SO I made a Sweat loving Fat ugly dim witted Half orc Named Chonk. Chonk was also the Big retard from Goonies. I just combined the two. I use Chonk as my comic relief when I am frustrated at Crom.

I have plans to bring my PNP character(s) onto the world of Avlis, but not until I feel a little more skilled in the going ons of this game.
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PostAuthor: Fuzz » Fri Jun 03, 2005 10:54 pm

A woman I knew, who is now dead.
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PostAuthor: Titanium Dragon » Thu Jun 16, 2005 3:55 am

Sh'lieulias Zemanath was a segment of my personality, twisted into a D&D necromancer, though he has grown considerably, his actual motivation is still the same.

Vence Black was a last minute idea, I just kind of made him up on the spot, personality, background and all. I eben came ub wid de beird bay 'e dalks.
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PostAuthor: Arnimane » Thu Jun 16, 2005 5:36 am

All of mine have been one offs.

The one I play most came, name and all, from the sp version originally. I read the do's and don'ts....plugged in the bits I thought were within the lines... and set off to see how well I remembered the ol' pnp days....these memories were of course, in short order mind you, torn to shreds and adapted to the folks I met early on ig. There are/were some awesome examples of well imagined folk in Avlis. :wink:

The other few neglected log in's I play with a starting point in mind. Something I wish to try and r/p out.....alignment, ability scores, etc. Then of course along comes the merry world and sees fit to alter my preconcieved notions to better suit its self image. Or it dosn't and I try again later with another idea to tempt the world into trying again.

Nice poll, some well spoken repsonses too. 8)
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PostAuthor: dreamingchristi » Thu Jun 16, 2005 6:38 am

I don't tend to create characters based on anything in particular, but usually come up with one or two core ideas from which the character then evolves.

Carissa came into being because I wanted to play someone very different from myself, hence her lighthearted, flirty, quickwitted and somewhat charismatic (I hope) personality. She's very much designed to be an antidote to my own rather serious, thoughtful and brooding nature.

The other side of her comes from the fact that I often play characters from the upper crust of society. I wanted to get away from that and decided that Carissa would be common as muck. I kind of liked the idea of her being the lovechild of an elven philanderer and a simple country girl he charmed into bed, hence her roots as a girl who was just too big in personality for the village she grew up in.

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PostAuthor: tygermoon » Thu Jun 16, 2005 3:35 pm

Rika's name came from a PnP cleric character I played, and some of her basic concepts-- so she's original-- but she has evolved FAR past that original concept...highly influenced by the unique flavor, pantheon and community of Avlis..... :D She's also got bits of me here and there... since I think I would find it hard to play her as well as I hope I do without that experience...
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PostAuthor: Pathos Street » Thu Jun 16, 2005 6:44 pm

Fergus was my first attempt at an alt, and quickly became my main. He came from wanting to play a character who was just a regular guy. Someone who had borne the pedestrian tragedies and joys of a common life, unlike a lot of characters I met when I first started on Avlis who had been driven to adventure by some immense, life-changing event. I tried to think of a character that would be both unique and interesting to play, but also remarkably average in his heritage. So I thought, "hey, how about an old guy who's lived in Mikona all his life but never did anything with his abilities?" Of course, when I first started off with him, he was considerably more goofy, optimistic, and much less aware of what was going on around him. Over time he's grown to be a bit more introspective and fleshed out.

I still needed a reason for some old guy leaving everything behind and becoming some old wizard guy. Fergus becomes an adventurer because he's really got nothing left to do. All the family he knows of has passed from old age or participation in the war, his family's minor inheritance has withered away to nothing over the years, and he has a choice to either die an old beggar or try to make a difference in his own and others' lives before he goes.

Fergus' character traits are derived from this... eternally optimistic outwardly, internally conflicted and self-doubting, always trying to do big, important things, but if they don't gain momentum he moves on to something else as he's not got much time left and doesn't want to fail with what he has. He's deeply rooted in his family history and his home city, and can be grumpy as heck. One of the joys of playing Fergus is that a character who has lived most of their life in obscurity can still have a very detailed, rich history, so I get to constantly come up with an incredible amount of backstory to fill in the years since his birth.

I'd say that, overall, Fergus is a strange amalgam of traits from myself, my father (if you've ever heard Fergus complaining about his physical aches and pains, that's my dad), my grandparents, a PnP character I played a few years ago named Thanadin (he was Thanadin the Paladin, about the only LG pc I'd ever played prior to this), Gandalf, Ulysses S. Grant, and Obi-wan Kenobi, probably some other influences. :lol: So... I'll vote original, but if there was an "all of the above" choice, it would be that.
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PostAuthor: Sortac » Sat Jun 18, 2005 6:53 am

Warlen is like Tealk in star gate serie, strong and wise.
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PostAuthor: Rhissaerk Jalesh » Sat Jun 18, 2005 7:28 am

Rhissaerk actually mostly came about because I was tired of playing another kind of personality. I'd played the cold, ruthless, emotionless, selfless, religious fanatic for far, far too long. I wanted a loud, funny, self centered, highly social and more of a boasting warrior type this time around, who's main focus was NOT religion. Although most of his personality wasn't really defined until I played him for some time. I made him clumsy cause I wanted to make folks laugh, and I'd never really played a clumsy character before. I actually at first didn't intend for him to be, and he's even called 'graceful' in his description, but it just fit TOO well.

Talking in 3rd person I just thought was fun and added a bit to his personality. So saw no reason not to do it.
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