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Who's Who on Avlis - A New Charater Autobiography Page

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Who's Who on Avlis - A New Charater Autobiography Page

PostAuthor: Misty » Tue Nov 19, 2002 5:51 pm

I'm working on updating the Players section on the Avlis site. While the stories were great on the other thread it was difficult to gather all my info. So I'm starting this new thread to hopefully organize the info better. I'd like it to be somewhat like a personal ad so if I am looking for someone to adventure with I can get a rough idea of his/her personality/goals before hand.

Here's the setup I'm looking for.


The rest is from Orleron's thread. Please keep the description/history short.

* Character's place of origin. Give a nation if you desire. You can find them all on the map thread.

* Character's history: birth, education, how they obtained their class, deity, etc.

* Reasons for character's motivation. What is your character's goal? Why are they in Mikona? Do they want fame? Fortune? Prestige? A Castle and troops? Godhood?


P.S. If you followed this format on the other thread you don't need to post here.
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Cord Willin

PostAuthor: Gourami » Tue Nov 19, 2002 6:27 pm

Cord Willin

Race: Human
Class: Cleric/paladin
Align: Lawful good, priest of Gorethar

Born in Breckon, just outside the Seven Cities

2nd son of wine maker/vineyard owner. (Sorry, no sob story here!) Sent to priesthood as per family tradition. Tried to be a paladin, wasn't cut out for it (hence only 1 level pally). Started a drinking habit. Became a priest and a healer, but tended to overeat, also a bit of a slob. Was sent away from the temples by the high priest and commanded to: "perform acts of goodness and kindness in the name of Gorethar" (i.e. he was kicked out because he wsn't setting a good example). Was drawn to M'Check because of its problems and felt he could serve his purpose here.

Cord's sole motivation is to help other citizens - protect them, heal them, etc. It is his mission in life. Started Cord Willin's rescue service to help trapped or dead citizens.

However, he is still a drinker and sometimes brawler. He has a particular fondness for slaying undead, but will not back down from a fight with any creature of evil pursuasion. Although lawful good, he is very tolerant of other alignments, realizing that sometimes associating with "those who stray from the light" is sometimes necessary to achieve the greater good.

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Friday Alibar

PostAuthor: storminj » Wed Nov 20, 2002 6:51 pm

Friday Alibar

Human Female
Chaotic Good

Friday was an orphan raised by a benefactor of mysterious origin. She was only allowed to refer to him as Sir, My Benefactor and on the rare affectionate occasion uncle. She was taught by a series of tutors brought in to specifically teach her alone. She had a very diverse education ranging from business management to metamagic arts. Whenever her benefactor is mentioned she goes quite or changes the subject.

She does not believe she is a typical rogue and definitely not a thief. She refers to herself as a ?Privateer Extraordinaire?. She does not always have a price because she does not see herself as evil and will either not take the job or tender her resignation if asked to perform as such. She has a tendency to watch out for people who are innocent or cannot defend themselves. She does not have a great amount of respect for governments or law because it is not equally just for rich and poor alike. She follows a deeper set of rules and believes that one must do the best one can in any given situation even if it is considered wrong by the law. She does not try to go against the law but sometimes her sense of right and wrong do not coincide with the letter of law. She is quick in freindship and slow to forgive. She has a tendancy to hold a grudge and occassionally takes justice into her own hands.

Her only real goals is to be successful at what she does, help the little people (little does not only imply halflings or children), and to do what she thinks is right.
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PostAuthor: Jorio Alerian » Sun Dec 08, 2002 7:40 am

Jorio Alerian
Lawful Neutral
Level One

Jorio's mother was a princess named Dagadontera, a decendent from the Alerian Royal Family located on the Glacial Plains of Jechran. Dagadontera was to succeed her mother, Vessana, as ruler of the Alerian Family Empire- lands containing some the region's richest, and most fertile soil. Dagadontera's only requirement was that she had to give birth to a female child before her 23rd birthday to replace her spot within the Alerian blood line as a future successor to the family throne.

Vessana had orchestrated an arranged marriage between her daughter, Dagadontera, and Cordan Jorio De Sancuzo, of the Sancuzo Principality in the Kurathene Empire. The marriage was an attempt to thwart an escalation of the regional wars brought on by the religious zealots and their Holy Wars.

Dagontera, now twenty-one years of age, had accepted the arrangement and married Prince Cordan Jorio De Sancuzo on the anniversary of her father's passing- as was the custom for the women of Jechran. Within a few months, she became pregnant with her first child. Not wanting to risk the chance of losing the throne due to her carrying a male child, Dagontera sought out the magika of a Ta' Nari priestess summoned from the abyss to determine the sex on her unborn child- and to possibly alter it if need be.

The ritual was conducted without the guidance from the High Temple of Alerian, and the results were disasterous. Dagontera had forgot to cast upon herself "protection form evil" and had summoned the Ta' Nari priestess without a protective barrier. The Ta' Nari priestess, realizing the mistake Dagontera had made, seized the opportunity and unleashed a series of mind-affecting and freedom-from-movement spells upon her. The Ta' Nari then forced Dagontera to deliver her baby pre-maturely in order to claim the child for a live sacrifice to the demon lord of the abysmal plane from which it came.

Just as the baby was born, Prince Cordan Jorio De Sancuzo entered the room to witness the horrific event. With his mighty Warhammer in hand, the Prince brought the mighty weight of his Mithril hammer back and drove its forged metal head into the base of the Ta' Nari's skull. The piercing shriek of the beast, just before the Prince's hammer was to end its measley existance, summoned several more Ta' nari priestess' from the abysmal plane. By now, Dagontera had regained consciousness, enough to mouth the appropriate command to close the portal and seal the remaining Ta' Nari beasts from returning. The pool of blood, however, lost from the forced premature birth of her infant "son", weakened Dagontera and she knew she would die soon. As her heroic Prince fought off the onslaught of the two remaining Ta' Nari demons, she placed the listless body of her near-death son in her blood stained arms. Dagontera realized she had enough power left to either save herself, enough to keep her alive until she could return to the High Temple, or save the life of her once seemingly, unwanted son. Her heart would not let her do it; and, with all the strenght she could muster, she commanded the life back into the soul of small boy back just on the brink of death.

Dagontera's sacrifice of her own life for the sake of her son's was not taken well by the Royal Family. Without a female heir, and the threat of the religious zealots now gone, Vessana Alerian demanded Prince Cordan Jorio De Sancuzo to return to Kurathene, while the baby remained with her. Not able to live with the sight of young Alerian boy for very long, as it brought great pain onto the Royal Family and the memory of their lost daughter, Vessana had the boy sent to a remote village in the Highlands were a congregation of monks took the boy in and raised him as one of their own.

Now, twenty-two years later, young Jorio Alerian has become a man. After learning the truth behind his real identity, young Jorio has set out to find his father and discover more about his birth, and of his heritage. This quest will not be any easy one. For you see, Jorio's father, Prince Cordan de Sancuzo, was given word that his son was taken to the farthest most eastern lands beyond the Taggard Mountains; and, without warning and with no word given to any one, had set off to find him.

Armed with nothing more than a few coins and an ancient tome, young Jorio starts his journey out in the City of Mikona. Jorio's faith in Gorethar, his one true God, has brought the young cleric to this City where it is believed that he will find the first clues to his life-long quest.
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Krilla Blake

PostAuthor: Krilla Blake » Fri Dec 27, 2002 9:01 pm

Krilla Blake

Race: Half-Human/Half-Dryad
Class: Rogue/Ranger
Alignment: Neutral Good

?It looks like justice finally caught up with you, Baron,? I said softly to the dying man on the bed next to me as to slipped my sword back into it?s silk-lined scabbard. He could only gurgle in response, but I suppose talking is hard when you?re choking on your very life?s blood.

I pulled the hood from my head, and with a sigh, smoothed back my disheveled white hair before sitting down on the cold hardwood floor next to him. ?Do you remember Taryn Wilde?? I asked him sharply. No response came. ?No, I suppose you don?t,? I whispered sadly. ?The young girl was your maidservant some four years ago. You forced yourself upon her, and then, after learning she was pregnant, tossed her out into the streets.?

The light in the man?s eyes was rapidly fading and I knew I didn?t have much more time. ?She and her now dead son send their regards.? Wordlessly, I tucked my hair back into my tunic, slipped the hood over my head, and crept out the window into the chill night air.

I didn?t sleep well that night. I never do after finishing a ?job?, as my underground mentor used to call the detestable practice of taking a life. But this is different, right? I?ve never accepted money for it. I?m killing those who deserve death ? those who have caused untold hurt to others yet are untouched by the ?justice? system.

As I lay in my plush, down-filled bed, I dreamt, as I often do, of my father?s death. I saw the arrow pierce his neck over and over. The blood. So much blood. I?ll never forget the face of the poacher who killed him. I can still see him laughing. One day, I?ll find him.

(ooc) ? I have this annoying habit of leaving a lot of things unsaid.

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PostAuthor: lord_ion » Sun Dec 29, 2002 12:55 am

Dok, Initiate of the Iron Mantis Sect

Race: Halfling
Class: Monk
Alignment: Lawful Neutral/Evil

Dok's parents had a difficult time with the precocious youngster, so much so that they apprenticed him off to a passing tinker as soon as he was eligible (at age 16.) Unfortunately, the "tinker" was actually an agent for a slave ring, and little Dok found himself on the block. The slavers soon realized that this foul little monster would be difficult to sell, as he was sullen, lazy, and tactless, with poor hygeine to boot. They despaired of unloading him and put him in charge of the hounds, meaning he fed them and slept in their pens. Dok's tremendous hatred of dogs started during this period, and he has the bite scars to back it up.

The slavers decided to cut their losses when the fifth dog turned up dead of some sort of intestinal discomfort...and left Dok at the gate of a remote monastery in M'Chek. The monks of the Iron Mantis Sect took Dok in despite his failings and trained him in the traditions of their order. The Iron Mantis Sect is an order of contemplative mendicant monks devoted to earthly perfection of the body, mind. and spirit. Their traditions stress the gain of earthly power in all it's forms. Initiates of the Iron Mantis Sect are expected to beg both to bring gold into the coffers and to observe to actions and speech of others.

The Iron Mantis sect also practices the Iron Mantis Style of unarmed combat, a hard/hard technique stressing powerful, all-out attacks designed to kill or maim as swiftly as possible. The weapons forms of Iron Mantis style concentrate on dual kamas to emulate the powerful forarm attack of the mantis.

Dok has been granted a period of several years to travel Avlis. seeking power and knowledge in the name of the Iron Mantis. His own inclinations tend toward drink, pipeweed, and the bath house beneath the Rompin Romini, although he wouldn't mind if some elves showed up there now and then.

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Pathanis Smith

PostAuthor: Lord_Nova » Sun Dec 29, 2002 7:38 pm

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Pathanis is from a small non-descript village (basically one of hundreds of peasant farm areas).

Pathanis was raised by 2 loving parents and though not exactly rich they were decent farmers and had a sturdy house. Pathanis lost his father at a very young age and when he asked the elder or his mother they would always tell him the same story

"When you were 5, there was missing livestock and a rumor of a few Drows nearby, around 5. The council assembled 30 of the towns strongest men to set out and kick these unwelcome guest out of the land. Your father was one of them. We didn't know what happened that night but the next morning the entire expedition was killed. Each in a very painful manner"

Since his father died when he was young, Pathanis doens't really have a good memory of him. The only real memory he has is that of the night his father left home. A stern man, a big man with very kindful eyes. His father was part of the local militia and bore the respected leather uniform. Pathanis remembers handing his father's sword to him. The sword was heavy and the young boy could barely hold it with both hands but his father's arm easily took it from his hands. The man smiled and patted Pathanis on the head and walked out the door. This is the sole memory, the memory of a hero willing to fight for his family.

When Pathanis got older he too, joined the local Militia. Nothing as big as the drow ever happened again in the village. The most exiting thing was tracking down a wolf that killed some of the livestock. In many ways Pathanis had to help on the farm more then any young man should, when ever he had free time he would continue to work with the blade and visit the tavern where sometimes travellers would be. He aquired books from some of these shaby fellows and began reading about the world beyond the farm. He didn't want to leave his poor mother alone so he never left, but he knew his mother suffered from a sickness that no healer could take away.... sorrow. Ever since his father died, his mother just got sicker and sicker until finally she died in her bed with Pathanis by her side. He later buried his mother near his father in the plains.

He then tried to be a farmer but the life wasn't for him. He sold his home and the animals and set off with his sword by his side. Because of his Father's death when he was young, Pathanis believes that a hero could have saved him. That one person could have made a difference that day, maybe not changing the world but at least letting a father go home to his son. So that is how Pathanis sees his role, not as a man that can change the world but at least be a man that can face the perils that others should not. Pathanis has no crazy ideas that he can find his father's killers, for one thing it happend such a long time ago and all tracks are lost, then he doesn't even know if the story is true since he's never seen a drow in his life and considers them more of a myth.

Pathanis is a mercenary most of the time, offering his abilties for a price but, if the adventure seems most worthwild or an innocent's life is at hand he will usually join up with other adventurers for no price and on his own accord.

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PostAuthor: Aloro » Mon Jan 13, 2003 3:42 am

Cha'reth Alindulae

Race: Avlissian Elf
Class: Cleric of Dru'El
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Cha'reth was raised in a small village deep in the forests of Northern T'Nanshi. His path seemed to lie with the ways of the wild, and he was apprenticed to follow in the path of his cousin, a Druid of great skill. He began his training, showing great aptitude for the healing arts and herbalism. However, at the age of 50, Cha'reth was stricken by a mysterious ailment, and fell into a coma.

Shocked and despondent, his family called upon the most skilled healer in the village, an old Priestess of Dru'El. Calling on her holy arts, she did everything within her power to save the boy, to no avail. Recognizing a higher power at work, she told Cha'reth's family that all they could do was wait and see what happened.

Miraculously, after a full month had passed, Cha'reth opened his eyes, and rose from his sickbed, fully healed, and possessed of a great vigor. He had been visited by a vision of Dru'El, and knew now that his path lay, not with the Druids, but with the faithful of his creator and Lord.

Cha'reth is devout to the point of making some people a bit uncomfortable... though he does not wish to force anyone's faith, he tries to share the word of Dru'El, hoping in this way to help make the world a better place. He prays several times a day, and showers blessings everywhere he goes.

Having little respect for laws, he chooses instead to follow his own heart, and the guidance of his church; such is the way of Dru'El. Laws sometimes lead to oppression and tyranny - Cha'reth believes in freedom and kindness instead.

He hates war, and strives never to make enemies without very good reason. To this end, he refuses to meddle in the affairs of the Fairies, and strives instead only to heal and show, by loving kindness, how people ought to live. Though he is often met with scorn and malice by the humans of Mikona, he tries to show through good deeds that elves are not their enemies, and that the two races can peacefully coexist.

Cha'reth will heal any person or thing that is not immediately hostile to him, and spends much of his time wandering the streets of Elysia and Mikona, offering any assistance within his power to those in need. He has founded a charity in Mikona to help clothe and feed the many homeless there, and donates generously of his time and income, so that others might suffer less.

Cha'reth's one vice, if it be such, is a propensity to seek out danger and excitement from time to time. He studies hard to become a better healer, but paradoxically practices to be a warrior of his faith, training with a wide variety of weapons.
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Mach Phiev

PostAuthor: Mach Phiev » Mon Jan 13, 2003 6:58 am

Race: Human (Acmenian, across the seas)
Class: Monk (Noket Body and Mind Warrior)
Alignment: LN

At first Mach appears narcissistic, any idle time is spent tuning his physique. In actuallity it is a specific ritual performed with discipline designed to maintian a finely tuned fighting machine.

Mach Phiev is a result of Acmenian Sublime selective breeding. The Acmenian children are trained mentally and physically by the Training Caste from birth through adolescence to be warriors in defense of their beliefs and their lands.

Most of the Acmenian children have their mates preordained generations in advance by the Sublime Caste. Others are specific offspring that are required to travel far and wide to find a mate that fit specific criteria in virtue and ability, they are known as the "Noket". The Noket are known to be the finest specimen of Acmenian, whether in strength, speed, healing, or magical abilities. Mach is Noket. What he lacks in strength he makes up in suppleness, intelligence and common sense. Mach has been trained in the disciplines of fighting with hand and foot, his title is "Noket Body and Mind Warrior".

Mach's goals are clear, he must find an appropriate mate, and, if their offspring is also Noket, and, if his tenure in the Training Caste is considered successful, then Mach will be considered for the Sublime Caste.

Mach has found that M'Cheks adverturer class shows great promise in his search for a mate. He will integrate himself into that class and attempt to find the special person required to meet his goals. As a new arrival he is aware of the challenge ahead but has the patience and drive to meet his goals.

Mach Phiev
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PostAuthor: Erek » Tue Jan 14, 2003 11:25 am

Race: Unknown
Class: Shapechanger
Alignment: Lawful Evil

The girl wakes in a field, and barely able to sit up carefully feels for the source of the pain wracking her head, finding a large swollen gash above her ear. Looking about she sees signs of a recent battle not far away. Many bodies both human and elf, and some of other races, lie broken and lifeless around the place. Most look like mercenaries, or farmers and tradesman who had strapped on some old armor.. anything but soldiers. She tries hard to remember what happened and how she got there, but it does not come to her. Shock slowly cuts through the numbing pain as she realizes that she has no memory of herself at all. Fighting a weakness that goes beyond the physical injuries, she crawls as far away as she can before collapsing into sleep again.

Upon waking, feeling a bit stronger and with a clearer mind, she tends wounds and tries to piece together what she knows. She knows that she has knowledge of some things: languages, places, histories, how to tie the laces of her boots, but how these things were learned escapes her still. Searching about her person and clothing reveals nothing, until she notices a very purposeful tattoo high on her left leg, not the kind one gets for decoration or as a symbol of devotion. Among the business-like markings and symbols of the tattoo is the word 'seven'.

"Seven", she muses absentmindedly, "I guess that is as good a name as any. Now what to do about this hunger.."
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Edward Von Ravenstone

PostAuthor: Ed_99 » Tue Jan 14, 2003 1:21 pm

Race: Human
Class: Ranger/Monk
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 39

Edward was born a farmer outside Mikona. During a famine he left his farms to seek more fertile lands. He finally found a good spot to plant near a dense forest that seemed to reek of evil. It was good land for farming, and his hunger drove him on. Inside the green veil of the woods, he met an Elven Ranger who befriended him. In turn, Edward helped the elves defeat a witch that was infesting the woods with spiders and vermin. These elves taught Ed the secret craft of a Ranger. Bidding the elves a farewell, he returned home to find the famine still biting the stomachs of his old friends.

Bringing them to the elven forest, they carved out a place in the wood to farm. This angered the elves there, and in defense of their home, the farms were decimated and Edward, barely escaping with his life, was a target of the elves who taught him their ways.

Now a Traveller seeking to space himself from this past, Edward gave ear to a Deity named Ptah, who aided Travellers much like himself.

He is currently in Mikona seeking the aid of a Monk Order so that he might hide his Ranger status among the humans. Eventually, the long memories of the elven folk will catch up to him, and he knows it.

Long term? Edward hopes to make the roads safe for those who journey from place to place, and is saddened by the war that is tearing Avlis to pieces. Someday he hopes to make amends to the elves that taught him the arts of being a Ranger.

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PostAuthor: Beary666 » Tue Jan 14, 2003 8:54 pm

Name: Aramil Hanlen
Race: Avlissan Elf
Class: Ranger
Career Path: Ranger/Rogue
Deity: Dru'El


Aramil was born on the road. His father, Laucian Hanlen was a ranger. Laucian was well known by his unique attire and woodland call, though not by name. Aramil's mother was an elven merchant who often found herself in trouble only to be saved by Laucian. The two fell in love and decided to leave T'Nashi in order to explore the world.

Five years later, Aramil was born in a small grove of tree. As it is hard to raise a child in the wilderness while on the move, they decided to stop in some villages during their travels for brief periods of rest.

Once he turned fifty, Aramil had learned almost everyting about the forest. He learned the names and appearance of many helpful plants and herbs. It was then that his father thought him learned and mature enough to commence training as a ranger.

It was barely a month after Aramil's training had began, when the Hanlens arrived in a town. They intended to stop only for supplies, but what they saw disgusted them.

The town was ruled by a cruel wizard and his lackeys. The people were bascially slaves. Laucian intended to do something about it, but he did not want to endanger his family. He told his son and wife to remain near the outskirts of the town and he went in alone. But Aramil followed him.

Aramil kept his distance as not to alert his father to his presence. Laucian fought his way up to the wizards stronghold. Aramil was scared and he stayed outside.

A few minutes later, the wizard ran out the door at the top of his stronghold, Laucian was not far behind. The wizard began to cast a spell, Laucian charged but stopped suddenly. One of the wizard's lackeys materialized in front Laucian. He began to slump to the ground.

Even from below, Aramil could see the glee in the wizard's eyes, he would make Laucian pay for his actions. While in the final throes of his powerful spell, Laucian used his last bit of energy and lashed out at the wizard. The wizard had forgotten to raise any defenses and Laucian's sword drove deep into his gut as he finished the spell.

It misfired terribly.

There was a large outward force that emenated from the wizard. Aramil saw his father's body fly off the keep to be sucked through some dimesional rift. Many more rifts started to appear. Everything within 50 meters of the stronghold was thrown back and then sucked back into a rift.

To Aramil's mother, it seemed as if everything within 50 meters of the stronghold dissappeared in a massive explosion.

It took Aramil, several moments to recover from the shock. He found himself floating through some strange pocket dimension. Seconds seemed like days, minutes like months and days like years.

Two months later (in Avlis), Aramil found himself back in Avlis, in the city of Mikona but to him it had been about 60 years. He did not remember much about the past 60 years, but he remembered his father's fate. He began to establish himself in this place so close to his parents home so that one day, he amass what he needed to find his mother.


Aramil wishes to find his mother, but he has not completed his ranger training and would not survive long enough in the wild to find out where that fateful day occured. He would have to search far and wide since he had no sense of where he was in the world that day.

He also wanted to find the remains of his father, Aramil needs closure. In his heart he knows that his father is dead, but he still hopes that the magic saved him. In anycase, he wishes to find his father's longsword, bow, cloak, armour and boots. They had been in the family for generations. This is the second reason he wishes to complete his ranger training. He wishes to be worthy enough to wield his father's equipment. To handle them with the same grace and skill that his father did.
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Kerrin Fallows

PostAuthor: Kerrin Fallows » Sat Jan 18, 2003 4:56 pm

Name: Kerrin Fallows
Race: Human
Class: Fighter/Wizard
Deity: Mikon
Age: 16


Kerrin was born and raised in the city of Mikona. Judged a normal and healthy child at birth he was often cited as a mischevious troublemaker. His parents were law-abiding citizens and devout followers of Mikon. His father was a member of the Mikona militia and was often out on defense errands while his mother stayed at home in their rich house to take care and educate him. Noticing that he was quicker to pick up things than any other kids his age, his mother thought it best to send him to the church for a better education than she could provide.

At about age 8, his family started to notice that he was atuned to the magical energies and so they decided to remove him from the church and seek his education elsewhere. They knew that while their social standing would protect him from any outright attack they couldn't protect him from the ridicule at the hands of the other children and their parents. They left Kerrin with the church while they journied to find a school worthy of their son.

Not too far from the city of Mikona, they ran into a lich and a band of skeletons. With no possibility of aid, as they didn't tell anyone of their journey, they knew that they had made a tremendous mistake of leaving their son alone in the city. Even as they fell, the prayed to Mikon almighty that he might watch over their son and help him grow into a well balanced man.

Whether Mikon answered or not isn't clear and will never be, but at the moment of the prayer, the guardians of the temple of Mikon knew the boys parents had fallen and took it upon themselves to entreat the boy to the remainder of his education, in hopes that he would become a cleric of the order of Mikon.

The clerics, while having good intentions, stifled his interest in the magic. So at age 13, with the other kids teasing and ostracizing him about his abilities, he left the church for good to seek his own fortune in the streets of Mikon. He knew that he'd have to be careful with his magic as it wasn't a safe world for magic users. He'd heard stories of bands of people uniting against wizards and though he knew the stories to be greatly discolored, he realized that there had to be some truth in the matter. So he hid his powers and took on various employments while biding his time until he could actually leave the city and find out what befell his parents.

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Janur da Medican

PostAuthor: JollyOrc » Sun Jan 19, 2003 11:33 am

Race: Human
Class: Bard
Alignment: Chaotic good

Janur da Medican was born as the third son of a minor noble in M?Chek. His family arrived in M'Check by sea some fifty years ago.

Since he won?t inherit anything (the family is also rather poor for nobility: They don?t have enough land to live from it, so the income comes from the work as a merchant), young Janur followed a travelling bard to learn his trade. Saalam Siing, his tutor journeyed with him through the outskirts of Mikona, teaching him the trade of a bard. Sadly they got in the way of bandits, and Janur panicked.

He ran as fast as he could. He never saw Saalam again, and knows not if his mentor is dead, captured or alive and angry. Janur is deeply ashamed of this deed and won?t tell anyone of it. If asked, he always tells that they ?went different ways?.

Now he roams Mikona and tries to make a living. He has recently tried going out adventuring again, but after dying two times he is not only afraid: He is convinced that this is not his way, that he should not fight! He?s sworn a vow not to wield a weapon again.

Young Janur was named after the founding ancestor of the da Medican, the notorious adventurer Janur da Medican. In the family there exists a great chest of tales, anecdotes and stories of him.

It is said, that he earned nobility for saving the world more than one time, that he was a friend of dragons and elves, that he fought undefeated in the gladiator pits of the lizard king and that his courage and manners finally convinced a princess to refuse her title and live with him as a commoner. Other versions say, that he wielded holy weapons and that he still lives somewhere in another plane of existence.

Yet another variant says that he was just a rogue, who made up the nobility title to gain access to a ball where he wanted to seduce a duchess, and kept the title out of habit.

Everyone in the family regards this Janur da Medican as a mythical figure, based on a petty adventurer who has lived long ago. But it is a good bedtime story to tell the kids, and strangely every year, at the fall of the first snow, a bottle of fine elvish wine arrives with a note: ?To our dear friend Janur and his family, we still watch over the light and the dark.?

This Janur is intrigued by this wealth of story around his namesake. He knows that he will never be as adventurous, but feels that this strive for grandeur is also in him. So he searches another way to fame, one that perhaps involves his family past, or the lives of other heroes.

Perhaps the political stage is suited for him, or the stage of trickery. Or perhaps some of the legends are true, and there is more strength to his name and blood than he suspects?

After his first weeks in the Mikona countryside, Janur has found out a few things: First off, he discovered that he is gifted with a talent for pictures: After always having done small doodles and sketches, he has now started to pursue this as a career, which is even earning him a decent living.

The other thing is his pacifism: He has learned the hard way, that fighting nearly always ends with him being naked in a temple. So he has made a solemn oath, not to wield a weapon again. He always tries to find a non-violent solution to any situation.

Curiously enough, this doesn't hinder him to accompany heroes on their forays. He watches, with a morbid interest, but never participates. He constantly seems to seek proofs for his beliefs, challenging the world to provide it.

He is wary of pieous worshippers of any god, although he counts friends among the most devout of them.

OOC INFO REGARDING OOC: Yes, there are a few secrets of Janur in here. But they are not that hard to find out, and anyone may use them against him. Regarding his family: They are minor nobility,so anyone of Mikona origin may know these things.
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Merago Jert

PostAuthor: Merago Jert » Mon Jan 27, 2003 12:50 pm

Alignment:Neutral Good

Merago was born in Ferrel, his father, a tailor by trade, sent Merago to Elysia for supplies a month or so ago. Merago found the city wildly exciting, completely different from his "same-old same-old" life in Ferrel. When Merago returned with his father's supplies, he found he could not drag his mind away from what he saw. He realised that there was a whole world of new experiences waiting for him beyond the placidity of Ferrel. Merago resolved to leave home and see more of the world, so he bade farewell to his family and set off; Elysia seemed as good a place as any to start his wanderings.
While Merago was crossing the countryside towards Elysia, he came upon a scene of total carnage; a merchant caravan had been ambushed by trolls, one of the great beasts still picking through the debris. The creature spotted Merago and charged, roaring in tongues. Merago fled into a nearby forest and hid in the shadows until the troll gave up and returned to the wreckage.
Merago stayed out of site, hidden in the shadows for the remainder of the journey, and was glad he did. He saw more loathsome creatures on his way; trolls, ogres, many other creatures he knew of not and even the walking dead were all roaming around the countryside outside of Elysia.
When he arrived in Elysia, he saw it in a new light. It became clear to him that the city guards had to work hard to keep these beasts out of the city's limits. It seemed to Merago that the only creatures to benefit from the ongoing war were the creatures of evil.
Merago felt compelled to help, but he was never the hardiest soul in combat. If ever the need arose for what little skills he had he would not hesitate.

-Merago is a cheery little soul who finds humour in most situations, he's a little naive and not very worldy wise. But he's brave (though he's aware of his limitations in combat) and loyal. He has no interest in the current state of politics in Avlis, he'll profer help to anyone who needs it regardless of race. Sometimes his impetuosity lands him (and those around him) in trouble, but he will always try to undo any damage he (inadvertantly) causes.
Merago also has a fascination with magic, during his sheltered life in Ferrel, he was not exposed to magic or magic users very often. He is in awe of those who are able to command magic and can be easily influenced by magic users. *edited* <Merago has been exposed to a lot of magic since moving to Mikona, he has even started trying to learn little scraps of it himself, and can sometimes be found in the library doing research. So his understanding of magic has improved, he does not see magic as his vocation though, more a useful hobby.
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PostAuthor: timo » Mon Jan 27, 2003 4:50 pm

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PostAuthor: KinX » Tue Jan 28, 2003 9:12 am

Kharak Hammerstar
Race: Dwarf (dubgaldokin)
Class: Fighter/cleric
Alignment: LG

Kharak Hammerstar was born and raised in Deglos. While growing up there, he came into conflict with..well....just about everyone. He was entirely devoted to the dwarven nation and somewhat distrustful of other races, including the gnomes that made their home there. What made his situation worse was that he has vicious temper and virtually no sense of humour. A combination that didn't endear him too well with everyone else, dwarves included.

Many said that he belonged with the northern dwarves, the Galdokin. Finally, after preaching one too many times about the fact that Dwarves should stop trading weapons and armour to outside races, lest they be used against their creators, Kharak was 'encouraged' to travel the outside world. After many months of wandering, the only thing he has learned was that some non-dwarves aren't so bad.

For many months Kharak lived only by his axe, realising that fighting without a cause is empty and futile, he has since devoted himself to the Battle Lord, Gorethar, and his teachings.

Kharak has been accepted into the Order of Gorethar lead by Vian Valorian. Though he has come a long way since his mercenary days, he is still cursed with an extremely violent temper and a tendency to say and do things without thinking his actions through.

[ooc] if any are familiar with the 2nd ed Dwarf book, Kharak is a Champion. Which is a fighter/cleric kit for dwarves only.
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Kunin Talonhand

PostAuthor: Ed_99 » Thu Feb 06, 2003 9:59 am

Name: Kunin
Race: Dracon
Class: Cleric
Deity: Toran
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 23

* Character's place of origin. Kunin was born in the Mountain Strongholds of Lokrinar in Far-eastern Toran Sharda.

* Character's history: He was raised in the ways of Toran since before he spoke his first words, or took his first steps. He follows the letter of the Law, whether it be good for one man or a thousand. If there is reason to alter the Law, it would take Kunin many moons to decipher the causes and make a decision - erring to the side of precedent, of course.

* Reasons for character's motivation. Kunin took quite some time to think before leaving his home. But the winds of rumor spread whispers of a Chaos Vortex somewhere to the south. Dracons, being tuned to such things, felt a mighty disturbance within the very deeps of their soul, and the Sorceror's Gatherings were rought with fear mixed with anger mixed with an awe of wonder that such a thing could destroy the Order of their entire Existence. The Wizards concurred, but all agreed that they needed more direct information regarding what this new Vortex was and what was being done about it. But - what emissary to send?

Enter Kunin.

He was young, but well trained. Toran would guide him to the source of this Vortex. In the end, the Draconic magery decided to let Faith guide them.

Alone and un-aided, the Cleric meditated and prayed to Toran throughout his "Molknorin". His Sacred Journey. He went East. Far to the East, where the Rocks of his home surrendered to the waters of the Ocean. And there, he saw Chaos stirring... In Elysia.

But there was hope! A small shrine to Toran still stood within the Elven City of Elysia. There he prayed for some weeks, and finally took a ship to Mikona.

He hopes to sway the people to the cause of Order and Law, and to show them all the danger that this Chaos Vortex poses to the world of Avlis.
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PostAuthor: izyk » Thu Feb 06, 2003 7:19 pm

Zachar Mordecai
Race : Human
Class : Monk
Alignment : Lawful Neutral

* character origin - Zachar is a son of Jechran, far north of the wastelands beyond Drotid.

* character history - Zachar had always been favored by the matriarchs of his people, if not for his beauty (which is no more than average), then for his wisdom, which was apparent even in the child he once was.

Simply to stand in the presence of Zachar as a child was to feel yourself at peace. His presence at festivals, treaties and coucils of his people became expected, as both favored pet and occasional advisor to the priestess.

When his duties as concubine and playmate allowed him the time, Zachar studied the Bal from the other men of the Harem. An enchanting dance with an odd hypnotic property, Zachar could lose himself in the intricate weaves for hours at a time.

In time Zachar mastered the Bal rite of Waves, and his skin was mystically died blue to enhance the spectacle of his role in the Bal's display at the pageants of his people.

When Zachar become the eldest of his Harem at age 19, he was taught of the beast that lay within men...and of the hunt that must be to protect the true peoples of Jechran. His sorrow was vast, for he loves his people, and he began to prepare for the time a few short years later when he must run and die, or become a threat to the very people he loved.

When the first of his own children achieved the age of manhood, Zachar quietly slipped from the gates of the Harem, and headed south into the wastes without supplies or hope. He would die among the caves, far from his own.

For comfort, Zachar found himself alone in the wastes dancing the intricate weaves of the Bal...

Hours later, the hunt found Zachar delerious from hunger and thirst, still dancing in place. Eager to make thier first sacrifice for the Glory of Yeriaha, the young warrior women surrounded weapons drawn. But as they struck, his body reacted - releasing the secret of the Bal for the first time in centuries.

Not just a simple dance, Bal contains the history and knowledge of a lost and deadly gong fu. When the fugue passed, and Zachar faced the slain bodies of his people, he knew only that the beast had arisen at last. His mind, already weakend by the ordeal of his journey, snapped.

When next he becomes aware of his surroundings, Zachar finds himself within the cargo of a ship docked in the quiet city of Elysia. A kind beggar beneath the pier takes pity on the strange man - and offers a drink of strong ale to ease his woes. Lost, naive and confused Zachar accepted, and he has used ale for comfort since.

Of late Zachar has crossed the Wilderness to Mikona, and he has found refuge in the monastary of the Iron Mantis Sect, under the guidance of the Revered Brother Dok. Perhaps the teachings of the Iron Mantis can help him regain the center he had as a child...
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update about the bios of most of my chars

PostAuthor: DAnjal Veskandar Rai » Fri Feb 07, 2003 10:24 pm

Written in Elven Runes of unknown origin

Biography of D'Anjal Veskandar Ra?

Race : Alvii / Avlissian Elf
Age : Unknown, but already lived 2 elven lifetimes.
Alignement : Neutral Good
Class : Wizard


The arrival (ooc part of old thread)

D'Anjal was original an Alvii, an eternal elf. Not just any elf, he was one of the nine supreme mages of Ellon, his homeplane. In those days, a mantle of shadows seemed to cover the plane, resulting in crop starvation, hunger, and even murder in the darkest corners. This seems to be the work of Vy Thrytes, the long forgotten dark arch-mage. Battle after battle the Alvii fought with the rampaging orcs and kobolds led by Vy, in vain...

The mantle kept extending his grip on Ellon, leaving only death and destruction. In a final attempt to break the power of Vy, the nine supreme started a series of incantations that should take care of the mantle. When the last incantation was being spoken however, Yrroth Osormach, the right-hand of Vy Thrytes and a cunning assasin with magical powers, leapt from the shadows and unleashed a black bolt of negative energy at D'Anjal. The result however was not what he expected.

Instead of stopping the spell, it altered the nature of the spell. Most of the people in the room were teleported to another place on Ellon. D'Anjal and Yrroth however, being the cause of all this, were banished to another plane: the world of Avlis. The complex magics used by the nine also had other side-effects however: Ellon was engulved into an eternal time-stop until the spell ends the loop created by the disturbance. It can only be terminated in two ways: the total annihilation of both D'Anjal and Yrroth, or their return.

His experiences on Avlis

Many things have happend in the meantime. His search for Yrroth seemed to have come to a dead end. The dreaded rogue is nowhere to be found. Who has been found however was Arkn'Sterod, the lawkeeper of Masilis. D'Anjal made it a matter of personal honor to guide him trough this world, as Arkn guided him trough his city once.

As time went on, his friend chose sides in the war. D'Anjal too symphatised for the elves cause, but he was not clear if it was worth the bloodshed. He had seen enough of that back on Ellon. However, about the same time, he met an elven green-haired ranger. The three of them traveled a lot, be it in the wilderness or the underdark. Nothing could stop them, a formidable team.

Even to this very day, D'Anjals connection to his compagnions in those days remains unbroken.

After some time, another person became part of this mans history. His name is Alanon Baldor. This arrogant little fellow seemed to deem himself worthy of becoming D'Anjals apprentice. Although D'Anjal had doubts at first, Alanon became a trusted companion and a good friend. The arrogance stayed however, but was tempered after the 'Azyra'-threatment.

A year passed.

Melonius Housewarming Party. The Vortex. Chaos...

A new age had begun. Magic on Avlis was taking a rise. Old mage orders were given new life!
Melonius, the fresh new archmage of the Ivory Order of the Sun, contacted D'Anjal to join his ranks. Once more, he would become a part of a High Circle of Mages! Gladly he accepted, honored and willing to part with all other plans.

Untill this very day, D'Anjal remains the Great Mage of Relations of the Ivory Order of the Sun. Still searching for a way to get home, he also feels his responsebilities tie him to Avlis now.

Still looking for a solution. One man. Two worlds.
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Pike Stonecutter

PostAuthor: GucciDonnavan » Sun Feb 09, 2003 3:27 am

Name : Pike Stonecutter
Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Pike lived most of his life in a mining village in central Deglos. Pike was one in a long line of great miners of the Stonecutter family. He was taught nothing else than how to mine, and he did that well. Pike was also very dedicated to his god Gorethar. He praised Gorethar for his wife Deemli, his young son Pikos, and the plentiful ore than he was able to find in the mines.

One day, after a hard days work at the mines, Pike returned to his village to find a that most of it had been destroyed. He quickly ran to his house to find that his wife and child had both been slaughtered. On the floor of his home, he found that a strange symbol had been painted there in the blood of his son. Pike became distraught, abandonded his god, and vowed to avenge his family at all costs. The once goodnatured Pike Stonecutter was now numb inside and had only one goal in mind, punish his family's murderers at all costs.

After 14 long years, Pike was finally able to avenge his family. With no more purpose to his life, he aimlessly wondered the lands of Avlis until he reached the city of Mikona. Shortly after his arrival in Mikona, he had a strange and terrifying visit paid to him by one of The'tons servants. After this visit, Pike relized that he had a new path to follow in life. He must try to rid the lands of the evil followers of The'ton and like-minded beings. He must also try to regain his faith in his lost god Gorethar. Pike is now on a quest to nourish his soul that has been nothing but an empty void for the past 14 years.

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Re: Who's Who on Avlis - A New Charater Autobiography Page

PostAuthor: Melakin Skywieder » Tue Feb 11, 2003 8:34 pm

Name: Melakin Skyweider
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Alignment: NG

* Character's place of origin. A small village several leagues south of Ferrel

* Character's history: Growing up in small farming community, Melakin was somewhat of a bother to his parents and other siblings. While a son of a farmer, he was never very interested in farm work. While thought lazy by his family he possessed a quick mind and wit and was still loved. This also lead him to be interested in things mechanical as well and he spent endless time tinkering with many items, taking them apart and reassembling (most of the time). Locks were of particular interest and as he became older this ability to open locked doors and chests became less cute and more suspicious. One day the mayor of the town found missing his prized crystal medallion and suspicion that Melakin took it was immediate. The result of this required Melakin to leave town in a hurry and he set out for the city of Mikona to seek his fortune. Although it was not true that he had anything to do with the disappearance of the item, he realized that his true calling might be associated with such activities. He has come to Mikona in hopes of further learning this craft. Though bright he is not too wise and since has been able to fight his way out of other situations in his home town, he possesses somewhat of an aggressive personality for a normal footpad. This will surely get him into a great deal of trouble one day.

Update 1

After a couple of seasons in Mikona he realized that he prefers the company of elves over humans and made his way to Elysia where he lives now. The proximity to the forests have allowed him to do a fair bit of scouting and likely saved him from a life of crime in Mikona

Update 2

The turning of Melakin's life have been dramatic and the history presented here has almost no bearing at all in who and what he has become. You'll have to met him to understand this better
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PostAuthor: Zuth » Tue Feb 18, 2003 9:29 pm

I posted a new topic when I should have posted in this thread I am so sorry. Here is my character's information:

Race: Dwarf (Galdokin)
Class: Berserker
Alignment: Neutral Good

Place of Origin: Galdos

Character History: Zuth is the son of a Cleric of Clangeddin. His father tried to force him into the clergy and he refused, causing a rift between them. His father finally relented and sent him to the Galdos Guard as a trainee. He befriended an old veteran of the Guard and learned much about the lands outside of Galdos.

It is here that the mystery of Zuth's past begins. No one knows what happened to cause him to leave his homeland of Galdos. When asked he will readily change the subject. He cares about his friends and family deeply and loves to hear tales while drinking a good tankard of ale. He is quite intelligent for a berserker dwarf, often thought of as a tactician around his peers in the Guard while he still lived in Galdos.

He has a strong belief in authority and ranks and shows respect to those who he feels are above him. He is quiet, especially around non-dwarves, but in the recent years he has opened up quite a bit. His goals are unknown to all, except himself. He is in Mikona to hire on as a mercenary or to seek adventure. One would say that Zuth is out to discover just who he is. Rumor has it that the Galdos Guard has sent representatives looking for him in the past, which he seems to slip away from before they can find him.
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Ghallis Malignant

PostAuthor: Baron von Maxwell » Tue Feb 18, 2003 10:28 pm

Name: Jack, later Ghallis Malignant
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Birthplace: The Nation of M'Chek

Growing up on a farm like most human children, Jack learned little but how to grow and harvest crops. Living what most would call a healthy and productive life, Jack was completely content to go on like this forever. But, as we all know, all good things must come to an end, and so did Jacks family and farm. On a fateful summer, Jack at age 11, a group of bandits raided his parents farm taking everything, and destroying what wasn't of value. All but Jack were ruthlessly slaughtered.

Later that same day, a group of Gorethar paladins, persuing the bandit's path of mayhem, found Jack crying in his home. He told them everything, and the party allowed Jack to accompany them, so he could see the bandits brought to justice. The bandits were all arrested, to be tried later. Jack soon came underneath the protection of Gorethar, and later joined them to be trained as a cleric of their faith.

Jack joined the order with the sole intent to punish evil in the name of justice, and, to the dismay of his teachers, devoted himself to the dark arts of necromancy to further this goal. After several years of service, Jack found out that the bandits, though tried and found guilty, were not sentenced to death, but instead, a life imprisonment. Angered at the ineffectiveness of the order, he broke into the prison and murdered every single one of them in their cells.

He was caught in the act, club in hand, and himself arrested. Because of his church affiliation, he was given a short prison sentence, but upon his release, he vowed to take a more active role in destroying evil.

In doing so, in every subsequent battle, he murdered instead of captured the criminals, and in once final incident, after being subdued and tied, a group of 10 bandits captured by Jack's party were killed by him in the dead of night. His cohorts saw this as a ruthless murder, and for the 10 counts of murder, he was tried again.

Jack was sentenced to death by the very people he felt he was defending, the farmers and commoners of M'Chek, and when this happened, Jack felt an anger and bitterness towards them that could never be quelled.

One day before his execution, a dark hooded man in black and purple robes opened Jack's cell with a wave of his hand, and said "From this point on, you are Ghallis Malignant. You will come with me, there is much work to be done." :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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PostAuthor: Grond » Sun Feb 23, 2003 9:33 am

Name: Perum Teallpockets
Race: Halfling
Class: rogue
Alignment: chaotic neutral
Deity: none (Perum can do anything on his own)

Perum is a son of a poor halfling family. His father died 3 months after perum was born. And when perum was old enough he had to go to the big city to earn money for his family. And the more money Perum earned, the more he liked it. And he had to give all HIS hard earned money to his lazy family.
And that's why Perum left his home and went to mikona. He is going to be the most wealthy person in Mikona.

His goals are to gain as much money as possible so he can be the most important and wealthy person in Mikona and surroundings. It doesn't really mather to him how he earns his money, as long it is profitable.
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