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July/Aug Financials

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July/Aug Financials

PostAuthor: krackq » Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:25 am

For those that are new to Avlis, welcome! Welcome back returning players as well! As part of FOIG, Inc's mission to keep Avlis alive and running, we publish all of our financial information for the community to see. These give everyone a chance to see where our donations/subscriptions stand against our monthly bills to keep the world running. In order to keep Avlis running, we rely entirely on player donations and "subscriptions" to help pay the bills. We have very few bills.. two really.. web hosting service and our dedicated server(s) hosting. Unfortunately, they do cost money to maintain. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

We're bouncing a up and down around the red/black mark so its close to a wash. Our web hosting went up by $5 again which makes me sad. It's an old hosting package by our provider and I'll have to talk to them about our options. Newer packages they offer are half the price or less. We may need to do a migration in the near future but would ultimately put us in a better position cost wise and some other featurewise too (wiki for example).

I also just realized that after taking the time to make screenshots there is an uncategorized listed donation amount in August which actually should be categorized as a one off donation or as previous months show "Donation Received" We also had a small one-off donor refund that was necessary in July which basically washed the single one off $10.

Thank you to everyone that has donated! Remember, if you love the epic awesome that is Avlis and want to keep the place around as long as possible so that you can stay up way too late and stumble tiredly through work the next day mumbling incoherently about skeletons and zombies and epic cyber rp, then please consider a donation!

Click here for a one time donation via Paypal
Click here to automatically send us $5/month via PayPal
Click here to automatically send us $10/month via PayPal
Click here to automatically send us $15/month via PayPal
Click here to automatically send us $20/month via PayPal

Ok, on to the details!


Thanks to everyone who contributed!!

Donations are listed differently from Subscription payments in the Income section. Subscriptions are monthly recurring and donations are usually one-time shots from the Community.

[*]The "Paypal Fees" listed is Paypal's processing fee for taking donations and subscriptions.

Game on!
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