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An open question about your characters

General discussion about Avlis

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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: GrayKing » Tue May 11, 2010 6:05 pm

This kind of reminds me of this old thread.

My char concept.
GrayKing wrote:My inspiration started at DarkCrystal the movie.

The Garthim Master skekUng

Formerly the commander of the brutish Garthim, skekUng was physically the strongest of the skeksis after skekSo. He had a bitter rivalry with the chamberlain skekSil, which culminated in a successful duel for supremacy after the death of skekSo,

The Slave Master skekNa

The supervisor and disciplinarian of the pod slaves, he is described in The World of the Dark Crystal as "purely and openly evil from the beginning" and in The Dark Crystal novelization as having "no imagination and no nobility at all".


Tangleroot (whom I try emulate the good natured give and take play when he could have owned me anytime)
:prost: to Tangler.


And what I try to rp out.

(edited from she to he, but does it really mater with Lizards?) 8)

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Dr. Alan Grant: Do they show intelligence?
Muldoon: They show extraordinary intelligence, even problem-solving. Especially the big one. We bred eight originally, but when he came in she took over the pride and killed all but two of the others. That one... when he looks at you, you can tell he's working things out.

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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: rk57957 » Tue May 11, 2010 6:26 pm

it's been awhile since i've been IG but this is how I mentally picture Kassha

Kassha stands at 5'8" with a wry frame that is slowly loosing the hard edge of a soldier and gaining the softer edge of a scholar. Emblazoned across his chest is the symbol of Andrinor with purple accents; the tattoo is kept company by a lot of fine scars, a souvenir from his time spent in the Blackhawks. When he's not doing anything his hands hang limp at his sides almost like he's forgotten he has them. He does occasionally drool and slobber a lot but usually when he's not in his human form. He's usually seen in his Officer Robles for the Flames ... they are just a bit on the too big side and while clean have a few holes, a few scorch marks and are a bit ragged at the seams. His brown eyes dart around, his thick purple hair is usually mused but still maintains that wonderful luxuriousness about it.

He generally doesn't carry much, a pouch or two but always ever present is his holy symbol, his lucky underwear and two umbrellas. One ... the well recognized umbrella of chaos ... the other a black leather umbrella with fey runes carefully carved on the handle; both are carefully kept cleaned and well oiled.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: silverfields2 » Wed May 12, 2010 1:01 pm

surfer69 wrote:
Grunt wrote:Don't forget to bring these descriptive things into the wiki entry for your character if you want to!

Everyone should have a character wiki!

Even Ang. :twisted:

Ummmm.... errrrr....

I don't know how to wiki, dude.

If I can figure it out, you probably can. :? 8-)
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Hamlet » Wed May 12, 2010 1:22 pm

To all wiki newbies & thread derailers: PM sent. If you want in on The Secret, PM me! :P
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: surfer69 » Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:10 pm

I'm resurrecting this for the new kids or anybody who wants to update what they already wrote.

EDIT: If you update, it might be good to copy your original and add it as another post, otherwise I'm not sure people will know you did.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: theP » Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:09 am

The Scarf BBF aka Slim Bao aka Ferdinaond Barlomuj Blahzay wears isn't simple anymore.
It's made out of Skull Spider Skin and has a small brooch of one of the UD Cartels (with enough lore one would know it's Mortanus merry Cartel. -With Thanks to Szabot ;))
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: surfer69 » Mon May 09, 2011 6:57 am

Anybody - especially new players - have anything to add?
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: eeevil » Mon May 09, 2011 9:04 am

Not a new player but I missed this great topic, so here goes...

Cale Bross:
Threw in the avatar of Cale since it originally served as a source of inspiration for how I wanted him to be. He bears the marks of someone who has found out things the hard way, growing up in the less fashionable parts of Mikona. Living by the knife, in every possible meaning of the saying, he prefers to stick to doing what he's good at - scouting - and leave it for others to call the shots. A man of few words, on the rare occasion he actually offers his opinion on anything, it's well considered and thought out. For Cale it's not about the glory, it's all about getting the job done quickly and quietly, getting the gold and getting the hell out.

Ahrton Aseas:
Ahrton is the Blackguard sidekick to the mighty goblin prince, Stook. Not quite realizing this, Ahrton fancies wiping the floor with Stook if the goblin doesn't bring him ale fast enough or just for the heck of it. He's rugged, boisterous and always ready to pick a fight. He is the willing tool of the Slaughterlord and his lust for bloody and gritty toe-to-toe combat goes well hand in hand with Maleki's wise and benevolent teachings. From Ahrton's perspective "might is right" and most problems can be solved by bringing a bigger sword. Drinking, killing, drinking and whoring sums up pretty good what Ahrton is all about. Rated NC-17.
Playing: Cale Bross, Ahrton Aseas, Hagnar Stonecleaver, Grah'nok
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Micah » Mon May 09, 2011 12:39 pm

Micah Ormane - as the White Witch

There are two traits Micah has exhibited consistently throughout her entire career: obsessive determination, and wild mood swings. For the White Micah, these manifest outwardly in a vicious emotional struggle, wherein she has to spend a tremendous amount of energy controlling the impulses and views that facilitated her being so effective as a Red and Ebony. At times, her personality is warm and friendly. Minutes later that can change and she will scowl at even her closest friends. Sometimes she just wanders around and complains to anybody who will hear her. Rarely, all the pieces fall into place and she actually thinks and acts like a typical white mage. Infrequent observers might find her inconsistent in her actions, words, emotions. That said, regular observation reveals that she is tortured by this struggle, especially when forced to put on airs for the public. Those who have known her in her greatest moments would know that the struggle, like most that Micah has endured, is entirely self-inflicted, and it is her persistence that will ensure she sees her current path to its end.

She also loves the rain. Always has. And tends to allow her long hair and face to get rainsoaked. She is almost always wearing a set of ornate, silver and white full plate armor whose lower half is concealed by a robe-like skirt. Micah has been observed summoning raw magical energy into the armor, which crackles with power until discharged through a potent spell.

Vugaris Hudrokan

Vugaris is huge, even by half-orc standards, and built like a scaled up Ahnuld from the Conan days. He is also very old by half orc standards, and looks it. His skin is leathery and wrinkled, and his eyes and teeth are yellowed and worn. Vugaris' demeanor is calm and quiet, but his gruff voice, protruding tusks, and sagging, ancient skin make his every expression come across as angry or mean.

The staff he wields is made of solid Fegallium - the densest metal known to metallurgists - and weighs so much it cracks cobblestone when he rests it end-up on the ground. He controls it with such strength that an onlooker would not expect it to be anything other than a thick haft of oak unless they could identify the metal.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Xaila » Mon May 09, 2011 2:25 pm

Nice to see this get a bump. Figured I may as well add to it :)

Malcolm Griffon

Mal stands about 5'7"-5'8" tall (I guess about 170-171cm?) and doesn't particularly stand out in a crowd at all. Very noticeably of M'Chekian stock. He has dark chestnut-colored hair that's very thick and curls in places (he's not particular good at keeping it neat) and guileless baby-blue eyes that kind of contrast with the rest of him. His facial expression, when not hung over or otherwise compromised, typically looks like he's amused with something or another. On a close look he's very well toned and has a wiry strength, but his typical posture doesn't indicate this. He almost always takes on a very 'loose' posture - shoulders always relaxed and almost hunched, and walking in a lazy shuffling manner. He has a hard time breaking this habit even when in uniform. When he has reason to act however, he does so with a decisive swiftness that often takes people by surprise if they haven't seen it before.

Mal will often try to adopt bits of pieces of so-called 'lower class' accents and mannerisms from around Mikona and M'Chek - think suburban white kid trying to sound 'urban'. For the most part it's painfully obvious that it's being played up this way. When he drops the facade it's quite obvious he was educated well, perhaps even being of high birth. He sometimes claims, not without some bitterness, that he's bastard M'chekian nobility from some line of one of the major noble families. No one really knows how true this is, as he's changed the story on what family it is several times. What is true is that he never turns down the chance to crack a joke at the expense of any noble family or prominent politician.


Her wiki is a bit out of date, but the basic physical details still hold true. What has changed is that she has mostly given up using blades in combat, instead focusing her time and effort on offensive spellcasting and countering. She tries to keep in shape, but has lost a bit of the upper body toning from using her rapiers so often.

She's also very tattoo'd, but her robes cover most of them. Her largest is a runic-looking sun on her back. If asked about it, she will mention that it's actually what amounts to an apprentice warrior tattoo that was never finished, as her life took a much different path. Small stars connected with lines are found around it, notably being constellations. A smaller and more personal symbol with a similar sun theme is found on the shoulder opposite her Trust mark.

She's almost never without a small and rather dented silver flask. It has some crude etchings in it, one of them being a similar runic sun as the one on her shoulder. When under duress she'll sometimes hold it and trace the lines of the etchings.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Joeyo » Mon May 09, 2011 2:58 pm

I can't believe i've not participated in this.

Bedlam Dender: Bedlams personality and demeanor can vary greatly. One day he may be laid back and fun, the next he could be a control freak. I try to exaggerate his "personalities", and try out different ones all the time. As far as his looks, the first notable thing about him would be his eyes, if they're visible. Swirling red, with twinkling flecks of color. Secondly, would be the stumps that were formally horns jutting out from the top of his head. He's got tattoos almost all over his body, except for his hands, face, and neck. They're just randomly placed, but most of them have something to do with magic or the arcane. He likes to dress in exquisite clothing and gaudy accessories. Bedlam is never consistent in anything, except for his knowledge and devotion to the Vortex of Mortal Magic.

Xeslana: Yeah... what? She speaks in possible riddles or just rambled garbage. Has a snarky imp who follows her around. She dresses in either a plum-ish colored robe, or purply garments. Doesn't usually wear shoes. Many times she has melted wax on her face and around her eyes.

Ziik: A skinny, blueish cave goblin who wears simple loose-fitting clothing and carries a large backpack adorned with a bundled up baby, and many torture devices. He's usually very polite. Likes to hear ghost stories, or stories that inspire fear.

Ving: a filthy, lying, two-faced, scumbag. He will stab you if he gets the chance. No exceptions. Does not show skin, and always keeps his hood up and pulled low. Smells like a wet dog that's been rummaging through trash all day. Keeps his weapons immaculately clean.

who else have i played regularly?
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Turkusoli » Tue May 10, 2011 4:52 am

"Father" Kurt Villainova is very tall and darkly handsome. From his well trimmed beard to his haughty stride, his heavy well made jewellry to polished boots and well kept robes he exudes civilization and nobility. A gentleman schooled in societies arts he is a dancer, an orator, a businessman, a poet and a leader. His bright white, friendly smile sets those in its presence at ease while he speaks riddles in his heavy malekian upper crust accent that I picture as a deep, moderate paced,eastern european. A cross between Rasputin, Graz'zt, Lao Tze, Oscar Wilde and someone I have never known in name he exudes persuasion, power, wisdom and sensuality while being as pious to his god as any could. The beauty of the human spirit mixed with the darkest understanding of the same he is a human demon. And as a mortal he can think of things far worse to do to his fellows than any immortal might.

"Long live the mortal spirit" as he says. "I mean this, most so."
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: bidocks » Tue May 10, 2011 1:03 pm

Elutian, AKA Lute....

Hard to discern what others see vs how I see him, but here goes.

Slightly short for a male Elf, at only five feet tall, with a very athletic build, that of a runner or swimmer, slim but well toned, Elutian stands tall when he walks and emotes an air of quiet confidence most of the time. His bright red hair is worn long, past his shoulders with bangs always in his eyes, that he never seems to wipe away, much to the dismay of others at times. His clothes are clean and neat, as is his body itself. He appreciates fashion and will wear finely tailored suits and clothing when not training or hunting and seems just as comfortable dressed up as dressed down. Even his "hunting clothes" are well made with attention to every last detail, to his specifications. His eyes are always watching, his ears twitch and wiggle much like a cat's tail does when they are excited. He has a child's playfulness on the surface that makes many believe him to be nothing more than the Forianite he appears to be.

Lute is silly, sarcastic at times, and normally fun to be around. He gives off a welcoming aura, and is quick to smile and make a new friend. There is a certain twinkle in his eye and you have to wonder if he is really trying to be a clown or it just sort of happens.

Lute also has a serious side, this is called upon whenever there is a need for strategy or someone's life is in danger. In these situations, Lute will be one of the first to jump headfirst into whatever situation it may be, and also unafraid to assume a leadership role, even though by his own admission, he is no leader and has no aspirations to be one.

He's easy to talk to and has no problem talking with new people. There's always the feeling there's more going on behind that twinkle though. Also, he gets a bit tongue tied around women he finds attractive, if he's speaking with them socially... During a strategic session or in the heat of battle, he can concentrate enough to not be distracted, but... once the fight is over... he will be fuddling with his words again.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Isadora » Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:06 am

I'd live to revive this thread to really cement something about my character Flowera. I already have two descriptions, one IG and on her wiki, but there's something very important about her that I notice most people miss

Her IG head is not a graphic glitch, and it isn't me picking the wrong head. She is BALD and wears a MASK over her mouth. That's the black thing you see.

Flowera is bald, as in clean-shaven. Every now and then if she hasn't groomed you will see the white-blonde hairs growing back into fuzz but never for long. She often wears delicate headband jewelry over it. Her mouth is always covered with a silk cloth, colored to match her outfit. It moves with her speech and breath, and when she smiles wide enough, the corners of her lips peak out from the mask. Her mouth is obviously maimed in some way, and her ears, past the rings, are scarred as well.

This would be a stranger appearance if not for all of her expensive fabrics and jewelry.

But she is ugly, ok? :P
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Ulu Elexin » Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:57 pm

So I'm res'ing this amazing thread as many of the guys and girls I've played with recently aren't here. If I've spoken to you, and you're not here... would you mind adding your character to this thread? I'd love to read about other characters playing at the moment! :)

I'm going to update Ulu's as she's... "matured" a bit during her period away, if it's a good thing or not, I'll let you decide. She's still annoying as anything, it would appear. :oops: :twisted: hehehehehe

Ulu Elexin wrote:Ulu Elexin

Self confident, arrogant and rude are some of the things that anyone could (rightly) say of Ulu when they meet her. She carries herself with an air of smug self reliance, and usually speaks in amused tones, her words carrying an undercurrent of dry sarcasm, measured with undertones of genuine curiosity. Her accent is a strange mix, seeming somewhat neutral, but with a hard Mikonan edge on certain syllables. She is careful to observe social protocols such as introductions and goodbyes, and often over-compensates in these situations by offering a seat, or a drink, or some other social niceity.

Seen recently with a fancy black umbrella, thigh length Gnomish Ice Boots™ and two rather ancient looking short blades at her hip, she watches her surroundings as much as her audience. Her gaze lingers on anyone who may show outward signs of knowing magic, arcane or otherwise, and usually she affords them her respect.

If she does cast any spells herself - she does so with a mere moment's thought, the need for verbal components long since eliminated from her spell casting.

Ulu can be, at times, unusually generous to those who initially impress her. Often this generosity is delivered with a cool smile, but she's not one to be seen frittering money away without a good reason, and will often seem to aim her "generosity" to those she deems worthy of it. Whatever fortune she happens to come across in turn is stowed away carefully, each coin counted before being placed away in her purse. This... you'd note... this is down to a fine art.

During a conversation, even if she does not appear to be following it, her eyes remain alert and watchful on her surroundings. Often rolling her shoulders or flexing her gloved hands; she seems distracted - and doesn't stay for too long in any one place.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: luminance » Mon Sep 10, 2012 1:59 am

Okay, why not. I type too much and it's really obvious which is my main. :p

Miranda is not as pretty or as skinny as her in-game model, to start with. She spends most of her time sitting on her ass in a library so she's very pale and notably overweight, though she carries it pretty well and knows how to dress to flatter her figure (mostly: covering every inch of skin possible and cinching her waist with a belt or corset). She is covered in freckles and has recently cut her hair to a chin-length bob. On the rare occasion she does not fully cover her torso (I know she has a few shirts that are low-cut in the back), she has some pretty nasty-looking old burn scars in there somewhere.

She's a very shy and introverted person; she does okay with small groups or people she knows, but starts to get anxious around large groups of people she hasn't met. She will often retreat to hiding in books when she's overwhelmed. She also has a habit of touching her left arm and hand when she's nervous, either a rubbing motion like it's sore, or fiddling with gloves and sleeves.

In my head, Andy has the sort of look to her like a soldier who has returned from a long and traumatic war. Even when her expression is calm, there's a certain hardness or coldness to her eyes that she can't quite get rid of. She is likely to stare at people when they are talking, and while she hasn't got pretty or notable mary sue eyes exactly (they are grey!), I think she might have a sort of piercing or harsh gaze.

She does occasionally relax but is more likely to get haughty than fun, anymore. When she is around Ronan, she follows him like a lost baby duck and spends a lot of time trying to look proper, maintaining posture, etc.

Oh, and she also has a very light foreign accent. People who have been to Arkaz might recognize it as a low-class Arvian accent, but she does put effort into speaking clearly, most of the time.

Lueali is basically Andy's polar opposite. :p He loves people and relaxes well in groups most of the time. He moves with that sort of "lazy elegance" that looks effortless but is probably very, very practiced. He's a very physical person and likes to sit and stand way too close to other people, touch their shoulders while talking, etc. He is a ridiculous pacifist that I basically cannot intentionally take dungeoning and will basically only fight in groups to protect others, or defend himself when attacked.

He's sort of ridiculously thin, probably unhealthily so, and likes to wear fitted and tailoring clothes that, while flattering, probably only serve to emphasize how damn thin he is. However, while his weight is iffy, he has nice healthy-looking hair and dark skin--probably darker than the tone I chose, oops. He's probably also obviously not Avlissian; he has learned "Pelail!" but has a horrible accent.

Nymdaer, alias "Nymil," is covered head to toe but by height alone, is probably elven. His clothing is pretty nondescript, but he has an interesting staff with some kind of words in foreign elven carved into it, usually about where he puts his hand. He has a soft voice and an odd accent that is hard to place.

He is very aware of himself and his surroundings and is constantly making sure his face can't be seen and that his back is safely against a wall or similarly safe surface. He does this to a ridiculous extent, basically acting like he expects anyone he's interacting with to suddenly attack him. This probably results in very twitchy, jumpy mannerisms, something like a frightened cat, all the time. He's a classy guy.

Spider, who I don't think Avlis has met yet, basically just shouts all the time and climbs on all the things.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: LadyAwesome » Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:04 am

Arcadia - She physically looks rather tall for a human, pretty but rather dainty - like she would snap - she holds herself high and has a bubbly attitude. She is often seen skipping places, grabbing peoples arms and dancing with them. She is affectionate and loves almost anyone, if she does not like you though she will let you know, but is not rude about it. She has a big heart that is easily hurt, her love for nature and her friends is really important, considering she has no childhood memories or family. Anyone would think Arcadia is still a child.

Ditsy, carefree and bubbly! Arcadia to a T!
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Geris » Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:14 am

Geris Grey

Physique. Geris towers well over six feet tall and possesses long limbs, narrow hips, tapered torso and broad shoulders. His body exhibits perfectly proportioned bone structure, with musculature developed to the physical limit of one who regularly drives himself to exhaustion without heed to building power, leaving every contour full and sculpted, but lithe instead of bulky. His 'stubble' is a dusting of dark hair, soft and sparse. There are just enough lines, just enough weather to his skin to suggest a man with just shy of forty human years spent in the outdoors.

Tattoos. Three inked serpents in tribal motif coil together as they twist as one from his right elbow up and around his bicep, with each of the serpents themselves detailed with three smaller coiling bands. The pattern continues over his shoulder and scapula then back to his chest, where it spreads over much of his right pectoral into a single serpent head, jaw spread and fangs barred. Over his left shoulder blade rests an eye superimposed on a pyramid superimposed on a flaring star, all in the same motif as the serpents and as large as his palm. Close inspection reveals the eye itself consists of carefully inked sylvan phrases.

Body Language. His gait is smooth from amble to stride, with chin tipped down as a consequence of his looking down upon the much of the world, and while he walks like many men with head forward and shoulders slightly hunched, he presses his shoulders back instead of forward, causing the natural sway of his body to resemble that of an aggressive, prowling panther. Many of his movements are similarly feline, from the cant of his head when something strikes his curiosity to the ginger, paw-like swipes of his hands when he manipulates weapons. His eyes are dark and brooding regardless of the warmth of his expression, and while a few things do cause them to flash and brighten, most reflect the predator and not the man. When he stands to his full height, he gains two or three inches and carries himself with the presence of a general.

Demeanor. His moods are mercurial, as is his train of thought. He exhibits a mild borderline personality (Link, may be offensive to some viewers) shaped by extremely high wisdom and charisma. The right triggers can plunge him instantly from lightheartedness into bloodthirst, but there are others that reverse the direction just as abruptly.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: The Dasair » Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:21 am

I've posted a few descriptions in a few places (the wiki, a descriptions thread, etc.) so I'll probably be repeating some things. But... Have some TLDR about a Myst.


He's a moon elf, but really tall for one (it's actually the norm where he's from). He's about 6 feet even, and not terribly lanky, but slim. He is always covered in really elaborate, gold and black clothing with foreign runes and symbols all over them. He looks sort of ...dead, at least in coloration. He has greyish lips and fairly light grey skin. He has weird red markings under his eyes, down his neck, and along the bones on the tops of his hands, if you can see them. He also has a oval shaped face and a large, bridgey nose. He's not particularly 'good looking' as the Elven standard goes, but typically seems friendly, albeit looking constantly tired. A few pictures of this are up on the wiki and in threads and whatnot.

But as for what isn't portrayed, he has a bit of almost a Scottish sounding accent (closest one to how he talks), and a somewhat deep voice. He pauses in conversations a lot, and takes his time, speaking playfully, but deliberately. Occasionally he'll gesture as he talks, if his hands aren't otherwise occupied. When he has a stern voice, it's a rare occurrence.

He seems decently formal in appearance and language, however, his posture occasionally suffers. It almost seems as though he has issues sitting up straight, for when he relaxes a bit more into the conversation, he tends to lean on something if standing, or even if sitting and he has the option. He also doesn't stand all that long if he can help it, and if he must, he will get more and more shifty over time. The more relaxed or pleased he gets, the more informal he becomes, typically. He may start rocking back and forth on his heels if he is standing and leaning on his staff, or potentially rest his head in hand and elbow on table if he is sitting.

When he is just standing still, or even walking normally and not being addressed, his eyes tend to dart all over the place. He moves his eyes notably before he turns his head, if he even does. He retains his sleepy grin while this is happening, he just seems to be always rapidly processing information about his surroundings. When there is a loud or unexpected sound, he might glance quickly, but he will also look back at the faces of everyone else around him to gauge their reactions, almost as though that takes precedence.

In large groups, it seems sometimes, he prefers to act as though he does not exist at all. He may watch people quietly with a smile, but not make many actions to draw attention to himself, unless he is being watched. Then he'll stare straight into the eyes of whoever is looking at him, likely tilt his head, and make a comment about it. His stride is careful and deliberate, with a decently long step.

Facewise, Myst's expressions are usually always subtle, and hard to distinguish. If something he doesn't care for happens, he may only give a slight twitch of his brow, but remain smiling. When listening to someone speak about something he has interest in, he likely stares into their eyes until they notice and look back, just up to the point someone might start to feel confronted and about to mention it, and then would look away, generally with an unassuming, unthreatening smile. If it is of less relevance to him, he may stare off into space, be glancing around at everything around him, or seem focused on various other things. He's got that sort of demeanor where, if taken at face value, seems very friendly and playful, but if examined, seems... a little bit off, and hard to place why.

Finally, his hair is.. usually a bit of a mess. It's very fine, and blows around easily if there's a breeze, and because of how difficult it is to keep it in one place, he simply seems to have stopped caring. It is groomed, and he is usually quite cleanly, but his hair just tends to end up all over at all times of the day. He'll blow it out of his face a lot, only to have it fall back a few moments later.

Kudos if you read all that! OTL
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: silverfields2 » Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:31 pm

I've added a few observations to my earlier post. :)
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Blizzow » Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:04 am

I started to write up one of these, but ended up with a (still in progress) wiki entry instead! :cooler:
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: RCon » Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:55 am

Blizzow wrote:I started to write up one of these, but ended up with a (still in progress) wiki entry instead! :cooler:

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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Elradra » Tue Sep 18, 2012 5:31 am


Though Elra was once a curious and pleasant young lady it is often difficult to see under her almost stony countenance these days. A certain melancholy hangs around her like a shroud, the kind caused less by depression or circumstances but more a simple inability to experience pleasure. Her smile is brightest when her spells fill her with the last drop of life from a victim, her laugh the loudest when the touch from her bony left hand utterly snuffs the light from a nuisance. While there is an obvious attempt to smile and be pleasant during conversation there is a certain glint in her eye that might remind one of someone shopping in a meat market.

She keeps her black-dyed hair trimmed enough to keep it out of her eyes, chopping it off with a dagger if she has to. Though her taste in clothing styles change frequently they often have some leather padding carefully placed where her clothes would brush against her skin the most. Those outfits that lack padding typically sport many holes and tears. When wearing anything more revealing Elradra proudly displays the augmentations she's made to her self. Hard, bony skin forms a shell as protective as two suits of full plate and more over her small frame. Her bone arm sprouts smoothly from her shoulder without ceremony or adornment. The scent of blood, bone dust, soil, and rot hangs onto her like a gentle perfume. And though there's rarely an active aura of magic around her she still lurks across the world with a sense of self-confidence.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Zar'roc » Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:12 pm

Shosin is usually seen in a green type of armor, the one she received in Drotid. Normally she has two swords, a longsword and a shortsword, strapped to her hips and she wears them with the experience of a fighter. She is fairly easy going and enjoys lively conversations, but unlike a lot of her green counterparts, she doesn't particularly like to drink. she's always ready for an adventure, whether alone or with others. When she is angry, it shows, and it takes quite a bit to make her angry.

Mero is easy going halfling. She is always seen in flamboyant clothes, with a wide rimmed hit. She bubbles with excitement all the time, whether in a battle or just talking with other people. She is alright at persuading people to do what she wants to do or to get what she needs. Other than that, she acts just like a child.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: nihprodne » Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:04 pm

Moriand Dias stands a little over 6'2. He walks with a long, efficient strides and mindful steps. Physically every action seems a fluid calculation when moving at pace in the wilds. In town he ambles about as just about any other local would, though he never seems to make contact with anyone, even in crowded streets.

Few have seen his face, and those who have never brought it up over tea because it's rather weathered and plain save his missing eye that is covered by a rather out of place and ornate eyepatch.

His attire is meticulously kept in working order with little or no flair for the dramatic. His robes are that of a Pelarite and he always wears his hood. A passerby would most likely think "Oh hey, look, a Pelarite" and move on.

It would seem the prefers it that way.
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