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The Spawn of Alifanitax

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The Spawn of Alifanitax

PostAuthor: Orleron » Mon Dec 12, 2005 12:45 am

In honor of the upcoming underdark server, we present:

The Spawn of Alifanitax
Each of the demon lieutenants summoned by Kimonictinus was given a small amount of his powerful Black Dagger essence. However, there is only a finite amount of this essence circulating around Avlis. The majority of it was transferred from the Black Dagger to Kimonictinus when he wielded the artifact to kill the Negerai Prime, and this is why Kimonictinus is regarded as the most powerful Demon Lord entity. With each lieutenant summoned, Kimonictinus decreased some of his power to transfer this essence, but he still managed to remain far ahead of the others in terms of his power.
Subsequently, any time one of the lieutenants managed to transfer essence to another being, it in turn diminished the lieutenants’ essence. For the most part, the most common way to do this was through breeding. The offspring of someone with Black Dagger essence inherits essence from the parent, thereby diminishing the parent’s power. If one of these offspring is killed by the parent or by some other being possessing the essence, the dead creature’s essence is transferred to the killer. The more essence possessed, the more powers a being will manifest.
Alifanitax was the most prolific breeder of all the Demon Lords. Some say it was his lack of discipline and penchant for hedonistic pleasures. Whatever the case, there are tens of thousands of his spawn walking the face of Avlis. On average, the spawn of Alifanitax contain extremely small amounts of Black Dagger essence, barely enough to show any signs of it. This is especially true when the spawn are not his direct children but instead are descendants of his children.
Most spawn of Alifanitax are aware of their parentage and the potential that it creates. With the majority of these children being greedy and chaotic, if not outright evil, a violent interplay between them has arisen. Those that are powerful enough are able to set up followings and strongholds which they use to find and kill other children of Alifanitax for the purpose of increasing their own power. Those that are not powerful enough will often spend their time running, or taking the easy kills in the hopes that the extra morsel will help their plight.
A few of the spawn have managed to become very successful and kill a lot of their brethren. Some of these are well-equipped enough to rival the power of some of the major Demon Lords. Most of the lesser Demon Lords in the underdark who were not previously the lieutenants of Kimonictinus are in fact descendants of Alifanitax who were able to collect enough essence to grant spells and create large followings. Though powerful spawn of the other lieutenants do exist, they are not nearly as numerous.
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