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The Demigod Balgar

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The Demigod Balgar

PostAuthor: Orleron » Wed Oct 26, 2005 1:20 am

Home Plane: The Beastlands
Symbol: A humanoid with a lion’s head, arms, and body, and a human form below the waist
Colors: Gold and Brown
Alignment: True Neutral
Worshipper’s Alignment: Any
Area of Control: Wemics
Domains: Animal, Strength, Travel

Balgar is credited with creating the wemic race, and is worshipped by them as “The Son”. This term alludes to his mother, Aryeh Gidol or “The Great Mother”, who birthed Balgar from a union with the god Mikon. Wemics see Balgar as the main symbol of their race, and the one who preserves their strength. The warrior spirit of wemics, their sense of order, and their wandering nature are all seen as aspects of Balgar and are thought to originate from his will.
For the most part, this deity is only worshipped by wemics. About half of all wemic prides have at least one cleric of Balgar, who is usually male, but not always. These clerics form a loose network of contacts throughout the planes and jungles, but they rarely find a need to convene on a regular basis unless there is something severely wrong with wemic affairs.
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