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The Demigod Stephanus

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The Demigod Stephanus

PostAuthor: Orleron » Wed Oct 26, 2005 1:18 am

Home Plane: Baator
Symbol: A tiger claw and a moon in the background
Colors: Brown and Black
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Worshipper’s Alignment: Any evil
Area of Control: Finesse, Special
Domains: Air, Evil, Knowledge, Water

The weretiger Stephanus was a companion of the god Angadar when they were both mortals. Though they were never really fast friends, Stephanus recognized the power that surrounded Angadar and stayed close to him in order to bask in that glow. When Angadar ascended to godhood, Stephanus’ strategy paid off and he was placed in charge of the holy city of Grantir, where the drangonari elves were first spotted on Avlis. Under the leadership of Stephanus, Grantir became a stronghold for the followers of Angadar in a land surrounded by enemies such as the shaahesk and the avariel. Shortly after the leading the armies of Grantir through the destruction of the avariel city of Toostan, Stephanus and his assistant and worldly bodyguard, Bobil, were called to Angadar’s side at his realm in Baator, and they ascended as demigods to take their places there.
Though Stephanus had no mantle when he first ascended, he was charged by Angadar to be a guardian of his realm and worshippers. Over time, Stephanus slowly put his exptertise into practice and artfully acquired the mantle of Finesse. His worshippers, who were largely based in Grantir, began to extert their influence in tandem with that of Angadar, while simultaneously staying loyal to the realm and the tutelage of the drangonari’s patron deity.
Today, Stephanus’ worshippers play a role as spies and guardians for the churches of Angadar, while they conduct their own business behind the scenes. Though they never actively or covertly go against their word, which seals them in duty to Angadar’s service, the worshippers of Stephanus have become quite adept at subtly obtaining their own agenda.
"Truth has no form."
--Idries Shah

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