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Avlis Races: Adomkuro

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Avlis Races: Adomkuro

PostAuthor: Orleron » Fri Dec 31, 2004 9:34 pm

Originally, this race appeared in the 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons supplement entitled Book of Vile Darkness as the vasharan. The vasharan were created by the god Mikon long ago. In those days they were one with the Romini, a nomadic human race living on the surface of Avlis. Through the course of history, it became necessary for Mikon to send some of his beloved humans down into the underdark to guard a viscious Demon Lord that was imprisoned there. Unfortunately, over time, the humans became entranced with this demon, and were soon coerced into following him as devotees. These were the first vasharans. Since then, the vasharans have branched out all over the underdark of Avlis, and begun to decide for themselves where their culture will take them.
Personality: A vasharan?s positive emotions do not reside on the surface, but rather they are buried deep down or not present at all. Hatred, fear, and anger are quick to rise to the surface, but love, compassion, and true happiness are rarely witnessed. This makes personal relationships difficult for vasharan, whether these are relationships between their own kind, or with other species. Generally, vasharan are preoccupied with matters of personal gain, power, and fortune. Their society is absent of social institutions such as marriage or family. Couples will remain together for a time, and then part ways when it was no longer convenient, leaving the children to be raised by the mother or abandoning them entirely. Motivations based on greed can often compel them to serve more powerful beings because they see it as a means to an end, but loyalty is never a motivator for such a relationship. If a more powerful entity, or a better deal came along, most vasharan would take the deal once they were sure it was not a trap. Nevertheless, so long as a vasharan is sure that it is in the service of the most powerful entity in the area, it will go to great lengths to serve it and be rewarded.
Physical Description: Vasharan look like humans, except all members of the race have black hair. Many also possess pale skin, and are of a stockier build than surface humans. Heights for both males and females are usually between 5 and 5 ? feet, and eye colors are dark brown or black.
Vasharan prefer to dress in dark colors, with a preference for skull motifs and spiked and bladed edges to their garments.
Relations: As a race, the vasharan do not have a unified identity as one nation or grouping. Their politics coincide with whatever demon lord or underdark entity they happen to be serving at the moment. This can put them in favorable or unfavorable situations against other vasharan or kharakuro in the area. If they are working on the same side, vasharan and kharakuro will tolerate each other with falsified good behavior and feelings. Otherwise, business dictates their reactions.
Because they remain mostly underground, the vasharan do no often come into contact with surface races. Most times, the surface dwellers will mistake them for a Romini or other kind of human, which can be a fatal mistake. Some surface dwellers know of their existence and will be on guard against vasharan, but will generally not treat them any differently than they would treat a human.
Alignment: Vasharan are selfish and evil to the core, however their expression of this evil varies greatly from individual to individual. They can run the whole range of ethics between lawfulness and chaos.
Vasharan Lands: The vasharan live in the extensive caverns and tunnels of the underdark. Sections of these caves are ruled by various demon lords, illithids, and in some cases powerful vasharan or kharakuro. Rulers will generally regard their holdings as a personal city-state or country underneath the surface of Avlis, and a vasharan wishing to live in one of these areas will give homage to their ruler in return for being allowed to live there. There are no vasharan holdings on the surface.
Religion: Vasharan worship a wide variety of demon lords and entities of the underdark. For them, worship is a means to advance and is not done out of any matter of the heart. Depending on the demands of the entity that they worship, their religious duties can be quite different from group to group.
Language: The vasharan speak a bastardized form of the Common Tongue, which has become formally regarded as Undercommon. Their language has spread throughout the underdark and become the universal language used below the surface. Undercommon borrows a lot of words from the Ta?Nari language, as well as some dwarven words, and though it is hard for someone speaking another human language to discern, it is possible with some effort.
Names: Vasharan first names are given at birth and rarely used by the person in life. Most vasharan will give a false name when asked to identify themselves, never revealing their true names. This can be a throwback to behavior exhibited by demons, who jealously guard their names as a source of power, or it can simply be a desire to not be tracked and followed. Because of this, a vasharan will drop identities and take up new ones quite often. Last names are either forgotten, or not known at all in the first place. Few vasharan know who their fathers were, because of the dynamics of their society. As part of their false identities, it is common for vasharan to give themselves a descriptive title instead of a last name, such as ?The Dwarf Killer?, or ?The Black?.
Male Names: Buzz, Cural, Fero, Iano, Karn, Perto, Sul, Teero, Waynde, Weal
Female Names: Brena, Conna, Copa, Della, Eleni, Gertera, Hana, Lilith, Madra, Tela
Adventurers: Vasharan are frequently given missions to do by the ones they serve. These can include murder, pillage, and theft, as well as a host of other malign activities. Much of their lives are spent in the pursuit of gain, so adventuring is a common profession among vasharan. The only ones who stay back in their colonies are the infirm and the tradespeople, who try to achieve gain through the use of their business and manual talents.
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--Idries Shah

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