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Avlis Races: Common O'Ma Fairy

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Avlis Races: Common O'Ma Fairy

PostAuthor: Orleron » Fri Dec 24, 2004 1:06 am

Common Fairy:
The term ?fairy? is a generic one that describes all races created by O?Ma and Titania. However, there is also a specific race known as the O?Ma fairy, or common fairy. Common fairies are extremely small magical creatures, and they are by far the most numerous of all the fairy races on Avlis, constituting the rank and file population of O?Ma?s followers. If any race was the foot soldier of the Fairy War, it was the common fairy.
On its first birthday, every fairy is given a magical wand by its parent or close relative. These items are personalized to the fairy and can only be used by it alone as the source for most of its magical abilities. No one has yet found out how these wands are made, or where they came from.
Personality: No matter what the weight of the world on their shoulders dictates, fairies can almost always be counted on to be lively and cheerful. Their natural tendency is to look on the positive side of everything, and if there is none, they will often try to find one. Fairies are generally compassionate and concerned for others, always willing to lend a helping hand. Among their own kind, they are playful and happy, always playing pranks on one another and laughing. Most any fairy enjoys a good joke, and pranks are a primary hobby in their culture. If there is any sadness or dire situation at hand, a fairy will attend to it with his or her entire focus, before moving on to resume a joyful existence.
One thing in particular can make a fairy lose its happy demeanor in a hurry: the loss of its wand. These objects cannot be replaced, and it is known that without it the fairy will slowly waste away and die in three to six months. This is because they are intensely magical, to the point that magic is responsible for sustaining their life force. Anti-magic shells will also kill a fairy within five minutes of exposure, and magic users wielding this spell will often get their attention in a hurry, and not in a positive way. Though the ire of fairies is slow in coming and very rare, once enraged, these creatures will fight bravely and to their full effectiveness.
Physical Description: In their main form, fairies are extremely small magical creatures, with beautiful gossamer wings of blue, red, or any other bright color. On average, they stand about three inches tall when in this form, and there is little variation from individual to individual. At will, a fairy can switch to a larger form, which stands about 4? tall. It uses this form to relate to other races, and sometimes to fight if needed. The changing of form requires the use of their wand.
O?Ma fairies have a wide range of hair and eye colors. Virtually all the colors of the rainbow are represented in both males and females. Their clothing is equally colorful, made out of a magical cloth thought to be derived from flax plants.
Relations: Most of the goodly and neutral races are tolerated by fairies, especially elves, whom they respect for their closeness to nature. Dwarves, humans, and dracon often make them suspicious because they are not known to be friendly to the environment, which the fairies prize very highly. Evil races such as goblinoids and giant-kin are almost never tolerated, though orcs will sometimes be given a chance to explain themselves and then told to move on. Oddly enough, O?Ma fairies seem to grudgningly tolerate drangonari elves, who are widely regarded as an evil race. Most believe this is due to the odd but convenient friendship between their two creators, O?Ma and Angadar. Titanian fairy races are looked upon with disdain and loathing, bordering on violence, though most common fairies can restrain themselves. These hatreds are ancient and go back all the way to the time of the creation of their races on Avlis.
Alignment: O?Ma fairies tend towards goodness and neutrality. Their main focus is often the betterment of their group and the greater good of all.
Fairy Lands: Though they have no country of their own, common fairies can be found in any natural environment of beauty. They can be seen flying through the forests of T?Nanshi and Jechran, as well as the plains of the Kurathene Empire and the secluded mountains of Galdos and Deglos. These communities can take on different forms depending on the terrain and climate. When they are in the forest, they are miniature cities are located in treetops. The communities are governed by an elder council of fairies that is determined by inheritance. This tends to make certain families have more prestige than others, but the average fairy pays this no mind, since all of them have a very happy-go-lucky attitude.
Most races realize that fairies have no military ambitions and do not use much in the way of resources, so they allow their communities to exist unbothered for the most part.
Religion: Almost all common fairies are devout followers of O?Ma and his philosophy. As his main creation, they see themselves as the embodiment of all he stands for and they try to act accordingly. Rarely, they will give some homage to other gods based on need, but this does not happen often.
Language: The language that fairies speak is common to all fairy races (both O?Ma and Titanian), and many of them speak the common tongue as well. In a lot of cases, common fairies can speak elven and sylvan languages too.
Names: Fairy society is loosely clan-based, and last names are indicators of clans. Very little in the way of politics takes place due to these names, but in times of trouble the fairies know by name which families have some importance and responsibility. First names are given at birth and are often long rolling names that are difficult to pronounce. A short form of the name is often used in daily life.
Male Names: Alelandriano, Allasiamo, Gertibaltinand, Haleranino, Juleravoni, Listomandillo, Liaminer, Massimonio, Neveramito, Sullenonero
Female Names: Ameliunera, Brezengafa, Cianalaria, Doneralia, Fayamina, Gertrudianalana, Haleyinera, Liannaherina, Sementhulana, Salonicana
Clan Names: Cianolis, Dutuciono, Hinterbreeze, Verandalinsto, Waylinger
Adventurer: Fairy adventurers usually leave their community because of curiosity. The free-spirited way of their kind often leads them to wander, and this is accepted by their kin. Adventures can spawn off of these wanderings in almost any fashion.
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