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Avlis Races: Half-sylphs

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Avlis Races: Half-sylphs

PostAuthor: Orleron » Thu Dec 23, 2004 10:53 pm

Half-sylphs, as their name implies, are half sylph and half humanoid. The humanoid half is usually elven or human, but stranger combinations have been known.
Sylphs are magical winged fey creatures that live in secluded forests and remote areas of nature. When compared to humans, they are short, and fragile-looking, yet their wings may sometimes cause them to be just as tall as a human. Usually a sylph's wings are translucent and rainbow colored, although the array of colors may vary from individual to individual. When combined with a non-fey humanoid, these fairy creatures take on elements of both parents, both physically and mentally.
Personality: It is a real possibility that there is no other hybrid race more miserable than the half-sylphs. All their lives, they want nothing more than to have the ability to fly at will and without worry, but because they are all born without a completely functional wing structure, they are denied this ability. In addition to that, full sylphs are very magical creatures that have access to a lot of power, compared to the stunted abilities of their hybrids. Even if they have never seen a full sylph in their lives, and they live with their non-sylph parent, their magical nature causes them to be instinctively pulled towards other sylphs. This is, in their minds, is the worst torture that anything could ever experience, and they often seek many different paths to alleviate it. Some will seek out their sylph family, if they do not live there already and try to get them to help make accommodations for it. In their kind nature, the sylphs will often build shelter for their kin on the ground and give it everything it needs that can be provided to replace their lost magical abilities. However, no full sylph has the ability to bestow flight or magic on its kin permanently, and this often sends the half-sylph into an even deeper hole of depression. Other times, these sad beings will adopt violent and greedy attitudes to try and forcibly acquire powers. It is a mockery to behold this type of half-sylph, because all of them are extremely beautiful from the fairy blood they possess. To have one of them become evil is a total disgrace to all that is good.
Physical Description: Half-sylph hair colors can range from very dark brown to very light blonde, and some of them inherit the inhuman greens and purples from their sylph parent. Their wings are present, but they never get past the budding stage, so without the aid of magic, half-sylphs can never fly. Their resemblance to nymphs, dryads and other fairies is remarkable, and if it wasn't for their incomplete wing structure, they would almost immediately be taken for one of these races without closer inspection. One of the only differences is in their height, which can range from 3 ? feet to 4 ? feet. Eye colors are frequently red, yellow, or violet, with some blues and the occasional gold.
Any light and wispy clothing made of thin materials in bright colors is favored by these folk, in an effort to emulate the dress of their purer brethren. This can sometimes make them stand out in humanoid societies.
Relations: Most half-sylphs are accepted and even pitied by their full-blooded O?Ma fairy-kin. However, in cases where the half-sylph becomes belligerent and hurtful over their plight, those around them will usually take care to avert any mishap. This may involve throwing them out of the community, and in the worst cases, where violence has occurred, taking retribution on them. Non-fey see half-sylphs as a curiosity, usually one to be gawked at and pestered with repeated questions. This gives them no comfort, but it is far better than the treatment that they receive at the hands of Titanian fairies and those that sympathize with them. Because half-sylphs are born with a disability due to their biracial mix, the Titanian races especially dislike them, and will often use violent means to get rid of them.
Alignment: Most half-sylphs lean towards goodness and supporting the greater good through neutrality, though many have philosophies influenced by their past experiences centering around their disabilities.
Half-Sylph Lands: No countries populated purely by half-sylphs exist, however they are often found living in O?Ma sylph communities deep within the forests and mountains. A few have made their way to the city of Elysia, which is a haven for hybrids run by a half-nymph named Vanoviel Niltaurwen.
Religion: Most half-sylphs worship O?Ma, due to his sympathetic outlook towards hybrids. Those with more anger and frustration towards their condition will often turn towards other gods, such as Verossa, the queen of natural destruction.
Language: Half-sylphs speak sylph as their main tongue, and commonas their secondary tongue if they were at least partially raised by their non-fey parent. Most of them also know fairy common, the language common to all fairy races (both O?Ma and Titanian), and many know sylvan, the common language for all sentient woodland creatures. Those with an elven parent will also know how to speak Nanshilae (elven).
Names: The sylphs of O?Ma do not have last names, and often to emulate them, half-sylphs will refuse their last names as well. They go almost exclusively by their first names, which are given at birth by whichever parent is raising them.
Male Names: Flier, Frust, Garan, Herlo, Keiron, Lancet, Lorewing, Sulian, Terund, Yoom
Female Names: Beechnut, Fira, Flutter, Gossima, Lulia, Luanne, Severa, Tila, Trelana, Wispa
Last Names: (see above: Names)
Adventurers: Half-sylphs have many opportunities for adventure. They often begin their careers with some dilemma involving their heritage or disability, and then branch out to grow from there, taking the path of goodness and reconciliation, or evil revenge.
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