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On Mindbenders (psions)

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On Mindbenders (psions)

PostAuthor: Orleron » Thu Nov 25, 2004 7:57 pm

The psions of Avlis are generally well-received in many nations. This is especially true in orcish society where sorcerers and wizards are illegal. The orcs are well aware of the origins of their powers and have accepted them as a good substitute for magic. Consequently, the nations Brekon and Dubunat have become bastions of psionic learning and study for many, and this influence has spread especially to the Kurathene Empire, where they have been called "mindbenders" and found useful as guardians on ships..... with far less chance of catching sails on fire.

Though their numbers are primarily highest in the western parts of the continent, psions have been popping up in other areas too and generally meeting with acceptance. Those who see them realize the discipline it takes to become one, and many psion orders are either associated with or part of existing monsastic orders. The close association between monks and psions is born of their common penchant for discipline. Whereas monks try to unify mind and body, psions try to transcend the body and become the mind. The two philosophies are compatible for the most part, though monastic and psionic orders that are in conflict with one another do exist, for example the Order of The Way and the Order of the Will.
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