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On Lorewardens of Vorin

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On Lorewardens of Vorin

PostAuthor: Manuel the White » Tue Jun 15, 2004 8:49 pm

On Lorewardens of Vorin

A brief Explanation by N'uquerni Delothion, Lorewarden of vorin.

The origins of the Lorewarden go back some 250 years, A legendary Loremaster of Vorin, an Elf named Llyntmos Ty'zllhat, created the Lorewardens that are now the single most common position within the Church of Vorin. Though most non-vorinites have never heard of him, he is revered as the greatest master of Lore among the followers of Vorin.

The Lorewardens he created were tasked with the collection, organization, classification and publication of knowledge. Lorewardens work for the church, they are not clergy, and hold no real power or standing, they simply are. The vast majority of Lorewardens never leave their library or church where they work. And so, even though they are plentiful in number they are rarely seen.

Some do however venture forth into the world, usually on a mission to find specific knowledge or to continue their research outside their cloisters, when the source material isnt present.

Some Lorewardens specialise in a certain topic, or a realm of topics, others are generalists seeking to understand a broad variety of topics, there is no hard and fast rule on Lorewardens. For myself, I specialise in the Gods first and foremost, but also have interests elsewhere. Others know history, or alchemy...

Often I am asked, "How may I become a Lorewarden?" It is a simple task really, followers of Vorin may get in contact with the church here and is not hard. Though you may find the work hard, it has its own rewards.

If anyone has questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. As of late, I find myself doing some research at the Avlis tower may seek me out there and I will be happy to share with you.

N'uquerni Delothion, Lorewarden of Vorin
Honorary Sage, Avlis Tower University

[[ooc stuff: Lorewardens of Vorin are in-game characters who develop reading material for the Avlis website. These works are then published, with credit, to the website and the lorewardens are rewarded with nice XP cookies from DMs. Lorewardens provide significant opportunity for roleplay, meeting high level characters, learning about Avlis in detail and personal character development. Becoming a lorewarden means becoming a Subcontractor and gaining access to private forums for development. Because of that, the application is a requirement.

As Manuel puts it when you apply: Basically I'd like you all to approach this project as a historian and follower of Vorin. Think of the character as a member of a larger body of historians perhaps out of the Great Library of Mikona or some other benevolent library/monastery. You can embellish but try not to go too far as some folks are hypersensitive about such things. It is paramount to never publish anything contrary to the Avlis Campaign.

If you have an existing character that would fit into the concept outline above, send me the details. If not, I'd like you to create a character that closely matches what we're doing with lorewardens. Whichever we choose, that character will be one of three PC lorewardens in Avlis. Not only will the website benefit, but we're adding depth to the world by giving Vorin more presence in-game.
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