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The Demigod Cha'reth

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The Demigod Cha'reth

PostAuthor: Orleron » Thu Apr 22, 2004 5:37 am

(First Avlis PC to achieve godhood.)

Alignment: CG
Worshippers: Any Good
Areas of Control: Healing and Peace

In life Cha'reth (Nanshilae for "Sunheart") was a devoted priest of Dru'El. He served as High Priest of Dru'El for Western T'Nanshi, and founded the Hands of Dru'El, for whom he acted as Speaker until his death. Working tirelessly to help those in need, he created two hospitals - one in Elysia, attached to the Temple of Dru'El, and one in Blandenburg, in the Temple of O'Ma. He was known for his generosity, and gave millions of gold worth of gifts to friends and strangers alike.

Cha'reth campaigned tirelessly to end the war between T'Nanshi and M'Chek, and though he was a staunch supporter of T'Nanshi, he remained neutral in the war, because he wished to be able to help all in need, regardless of political affiliations. A naturally gifted healer, Cha'reth devoted himself to developing his skills as much as possible, and stories tell of him healing even the most devastating wounds with one bandage.

As he neared his 200th birthday, he was offered a chance to give his own life to bring his brother back from the dead. Cha'reth accepted this opportunity with joy, choosing to use his death as he used his life - to show others the path to selfless service.

Upon his death, Mikon and Dru'El spoke to Cha'reth, offering him a chance to serve as a member of the Avlissian pantheon. Cha'reth happily accepted, and now acts as God of Healing and Peace. Since his ascension to godhood, Cha'reth has been courting the Goddess Mishlekh, and they dwell together in Arborea near Dru'El's halls. Cha'reth now strives to bring peace and wellbeing to all, and works to keep the other gods from coming into conflict, as many of them are prone to do.

Cha'reth's worshippers are most often bards, clerics, druids, and rangers (all those who can cast divine healing magics) but he accepts any who seek to help others and serve the peace.
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