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History of the Underdark of Southern Avlis: Part 2

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History of the Underdark of Southern Avlis: Part 2

PostAuthor: Orleron » Tue Mar 02, 2004 5:22 am

The humans and dwarves created by Mikon and Gorethar to guard Kimonictinus' life for the safety of all Avlis
quickly settled into an underground stewardship routine. Though the earlier members of these peoples were not
particularly grateful for the task they had been given, they accepted it duly as the will of their creators. Over
time, as the generations progressed, the task was taken for granted, as was the lifestyle, and they complained no
longer. In fact, the two peoples began to develop their own special relationship with Kimonictinus. Though they
were charged with guarding him, their gods never accounted for the fact that they might also benefit from his
existance, and benefit they did. Kimonictinus taught these human and dwarven inhabitants about the culture of the
Ta'Nari, and of the lust for power and glory. He slowly seduced them to take over more lands within the underdark
not for their own population needs, but for his pleasure alone. This seduction became complete within no more than
ten human generations, and by that time, Mikon and Gorethar were completely forgotten by these peoples. They no longer
guarded Kimonictinus because of an order from a god they no longer knew, but out of love and fear for their new
patriarch and leader. Though Gorethar and Mikon were saddened by this development, they decided that the task was
still being performed adequately and they would leave their creations alone to their own devices. However, around
the same time of this abandonment another problem arose.

The Demonspawn Wars -- 300 years before the end of The Great War

When any Ta'Nari is summoned to the Prime Material Plane, they often possess the ability to gate in some companions
to accompany them in their mischief. Those companions are then able to gate in more companions who are in turn able
to do the same, and so on. Entire worlds and planes of existance have been overrun with Ta'Nari in this matter, just
as Avlis had been back in the days of the Negerai.

Kimonictinus was no longer an average Ta'Nari. Not only was he now extremely powerful, but he was also no longer a
denizen of the Outer Planes. His interaction with the Black Dagger rendered him tied to the Prime Material Plane
forever, and specifically to Avlis. For a demon, this is an advantage because it means it no longer suffers the
detriments of an outsider, and Kimonictinus used this fact to his full advantage. Soon after taking up residency
permanently on Avlis through his earlier defeat of the Negerai, the new demon lord brought in three lieutenants for
himself from the Abyss. They were glabrezou demons of moderate power named Sharistracterus, Alifanitax, and

These lieutenants acted as liasons between Kimonictinus and his newly attained human and dwarven followers. They
also created the first waves of newly imported demons from the Abyss to populate the nearby underdark. In all
respects, these three were vital to Kimonictinus' plans, and he took special measures to ensure their power, safety,
and effectiveness under his control. With the help of some of his human mage followers, Kimonicticus concocted a
way to extract a tiny amount of his Black Dagger essence and inject it into his three lieutenants, thereby rendering
them with the same prime material planar residential status which he possessed. These lieutenants now formed a powerbase in concert with the mortal followers that 'guarded' him, and the newly gated in Ta'Nari which were being brought in by the hundreds each night.

As Kimonictinus' might increased, so did his ambitions. The first group to fall victim to his cruel onslaught were an
ancient group of dwarves living in Southern Galdos, just beyond the borders of what was becoming the nation of T'Nanshi.
The sheer volume of the attack coming from the amassed group of human, dwarf, and demon contingents quickly overwhelmed the unsuspecting galdokin, crushing them to dust. The momentum of that charge left Kimonicticus with most of southern Galdos under his control before the dwarven nation could mount a coherent response. Only the brave actions of a very young dwarven hero named Fegall stopped them in their tracks on that front. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of the Ta'Nari's advance was great, for he used this battle as a diversion for his second onslaught against the rapidly coalescing tribes of humans in the south. The evil human followers of Kimonicticus were very different from their surface counterparts by now.They had not lived under the sun in generations, and there were occasional incidents of inbreeding with the Ta'Nari along the way. These humans, who called themsevles the Vasharans, were more cruel and less compassionate than their Romini ancestors. When they attacked the humans in the southlands, a great confusion erupted around the battle, which the Vasharans capitalized on to slaughter many of them and secured many areas of the future nation of M'Chek.

This war raged above ground and below ground for 75 years. The gods Mikon and Gorethar brought some of their agents into the fray for aid. The celestial archons of Gorethar and the Mikonators of Mikon were eventually able to turn the tide of the battle before it became unstopable. Many human and dwarven tribes were wiped out in this war, and by the end of it, there were few left in the southlands to rebuild. However, eventually, Kimonictinus and his lieutenants were chased back down into the planet's underbelly where they remain to this day.

As a final measure, Mikon imbued several groups of commandos with the power to find Kimonictinus and his lieutenants and remove their ability to bring in more denizens from the Abyss to this plane. The rest of the work of cleaning up the remaining loose Ta'Nari leftovers would continue for some time afterward.
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