Playing a custom race on Avlis

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Playing a custom race on Avlis

Post by Orleron » Sun Nov 16, 2003 5:13 am

Formerly, we had rules about who could and couldn't play a custom race on Avlis. The purpose of those rules was simple: to cut down on the amount of time that I had to spend putting people's characters into the vault manually. That was it. With the CODI character generator, the only way to get your custom race bic file into the servervault was for me to check it and put it there myself, and I did not want to have to do that all day for everyone.

Truth is I was upset about having to make this rule, because it really went against the spirit of Avlis. On Avlis, humans and elves are not the dominant race. They are simply two of the major nine races and the myriad of non-major races that exist here. In fact, Avlis is really a world with huge diversity in races, not just another world where humans rule everything and occasionally let the other races have a castle or village somewhere.

Now with the arrival of Red Golem's AutoBic software, we can finally have this. Making a custom race is now completely automated, and does not require any work on my part after it is set up initially. So I want you all to enjoy it and witness the death of a rule that I hated enforcing, and wished that you all didn't have to follow.


Log onto Le'Or T'Nanshi and go to the start area.

If you wish to play one of the non-standard races, make a brand new character according to the table below.

***Make sure you pick the proper portrait and write the proper background with this character as if it was already converted to the custom race.***

Then talk to the Newbie Instructions NPC. After you go through the server rules, he will give you the option to start the character customizer. Good luck. Many thanks to Red Golem of Abyss404 for creating this system.

Make a _____ to play a ______:

Half-Elf: Centaur, Half-Dryad, Half-Nymph, Lizardman, Wemic

Dwarf: Goblin, Kobold

Elf: Ghost Elf, Drangonari

Gnome: Goblin, Kobold

Halfling: Goblin, Kobold

Human: None

Half-Orc: Gnoll, Half-Ogre, Kobold, Lizardman, Orc

NOTE 1: Centaur, Orc, Lizardman, Half-Ogre, Goblin, and Kobold do not use character models. This means that your character will always look the same, no matter what armor or clothing you put on. You will still get the affects of the things you are wearing. You just won't see them show up on your body on the screen. In the next hakpak, I plan to find character models for these things, so you will be able to see the clothing/armor, but I am still looking. Post links to any good character model hakpaks for those races if you find them.
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