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PostAuthor: Orleron » Tue Jul 22, 2003 11:59 pm

Ongoing Player Actions- To be summarized and laid out on the Avlis Fanfiction site at

Present- Time period where players are using the world

minus 50 years- Time period of Avlis Campaign 1 & 2 notes

minus 100 years- Time period of the last Avlis campaign where the players tried to get Angadar's daughter Jade away from Hell (not published online)

minus 150 years- Angadar's ascention to godhood

minus 175 years- Death of Kuras, collapse of the Kurathene Empire

minus 1000 years- Time period marked by the events to happen in the campaign that I ran at GenCon. Creation of the Wastelands.

minus 1950 years- Mikona founded. M'Chekian tribes unite into a nation. Tragedy at Mikona dwarven mines.

minus 2015 years- Joral Kuras declared emperor of The Kurathene Empire

minus 2000 years- Beginnig of Age of Peace.... many of the newer minor gods and minor races were created during this time. Immortals ran rampant.

minus 2001 years- Orc mages create the huge explosion that ends the Great War and kills nearly everyone on the planet. The remaining orcs found the nations of Brekon and Dubunat on the west coast. Alifanitax is killed.

minus 2050 years- Great War is just ending up. Mikon creates the evil dragons to enter the fray.

minus 2100 years- Great War begins when Orcs attack the warring fairy factions

minus 2200 years- Fairy War Starts. Demonspawn Wars end.

minus 2300 years- Kurath family begins rule over east coast human settlements. Integration of east coast human and dracon society established. Demonspawn Wars begin.

minus 2400 years- Establishment of the Fold of Nine and the regulation of magic use

minus 2500 years- The 9 gods finish creating their races. Establishment of Le'Or T'Nanshi and elven nation of T'Nanshi. Humans start to populate southern and western coasts of Avlis.

minus 2600 years- The Negarai issue is resolved, and he is destroyed.

minus 3000 years- The warriors and Negarai become greater gods and start fighting.

minus 3005 years- The spirits roaming Avlis are being slowly wiped out by the Ta'Nari infestation. This angers The Supreme, and he decides to free the nine warriors in an effort to save the world. Various spirits flee to Khanjar Kuro continent.

minus 3010 years- The nine warriors are captured by the Negarai and brought to Avlis. Their prisons are built and the Tana'ri start to ifest the planet.

minus 3500 years- Avlis is at peace. Nature gods roam.

minus 4000 years- Supreme creates Avlis
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