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The Nation of Drotid

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The Nation of Drotid

PostAuthor: Orleron » Mon Jun 23, 2003 4:32 pm

Good 'ole ceardan comes back from the dead to give some detail on the nation of Drotid for me:

Drotid (Shaah Sulehagh):
Drotid is a nation ruled by Lizard men (they call themselves the Shaahesk), but populated by several ?servitor races? which consist of anything that has passed their borders without permits, races that the Lizard men conquered, and various slaves bought from other nations/privateers.
Approximately 40% of Drotid?s population is Kobolds. Simply put, they breed like vermin and have litters of up to four pups. Nearly 30% of the remaining is Troglodyte, and 20% are lizard folk with the final 10% consisting of members of the various races that have been enslaved.
The Lizard Men keep control of their nation through discipline, fear, and a willingness to take reprisals to a genocidal level. Example: there used to be snake men in the same area. They were too difficult to control, and after a third uprising, the lizard men wiped out the entire race. Since then, they feel no remorse in wiping out villages, tribes, or even towns that do not appreciate their ?enlightened? rule.
The lizard men themselves are separated into castes. The Aristocratic caste consists of wealthy merchants, boyars, high-ranking military officials, and high-ranking priests. The Craftsman caste consists of the various blacksmiths, carpenters, engineers, millers, and artisans. These individuals make up the majority of the lizard man population, as well as almost all of the Trog population. Temple guards, mercenaries, soldiers, marines, and pit-fighters all make up the warrior caste. This is the only caste that a slave may elevate himself into. Even though there are many dwarven and elven artisans, they are always watched, and thus belong to the fourth and final caste, the Slave/Servant caste. This caste consists of general laborers as well as slave handlers and slaves. Slave traders belong to the Aristocrat caste.

T?nanshi borders Drotid to the south, to the north and west lies Deglos, and to the northeast is an unclaimed area known only as the Dead Lands.
Approximately 60% of Drotid is marshes; so finding enough dry land to build a city is near impossible. As a result, instead of large cities, Drotid is filled with small towns and villages, most of which are controlled by a local headman. The word for this ?Headman? is so unpronounceable that we are going to simply refer to them as Boyars. These Boyars make policy in as far as they decide local policy concerning trade, agriculture, and religion, but they are required to garrison troops that answer only to the Overlord (Voivode).
The Voivode is the head of the military as well as overlord of the boyars. He dictates policy regarding interregional trade, religion and military matters as well as providing a safe haven for visiting local dignitaries. The position of Voivode is elected by the Boyars, who are placed into position by the Voivode. As a result, most Voivodes retain their position for life. Life is, of course, a very questionable term. One Voivode was assassinated one week into his term because of too many policy changes.

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World Advisor, Co-founder
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PostAuthor: Orleron » Thu Nov 25, 2004 8:19 pm

Villages and settlements of Drotid:

Very rarely does a village or settlement within Drotid last more than a few generations. The land is in constant internal conflict and upheaval, and this often ends the existance of most fortified places sooner or later. Generally, the Voivode who rules the nation demands tribute from his Boyars, i.e. village chiefs. If a Boyar does not pay up in the form of gold, slaves, or soldiers for the Voivode's army, then the Voivode will send a contingent of soldiers down to wipe the place (and the Boyar) out. There is no negotiation in these matters. It is simply done.

The totality of the Voivode's army is made up of conscripts given in tribute from his lessers, and those who serve in the army are glad for their lot in most cases because the status of a soldier is nearly equal with a merchant. Thus, a shaahesk slave can theoretically achieve glory in this matter by being given to the voivode as a soldier. There are no non-shaahesk in the proper army because it is forbidden, however the lizard folk have been known to build fodder armies out of servitor races like kobolds and battle captives.
Large forces of lizard folk almost always travel with one or two of these fodder armies, for both protection and food.

Army advancement is generally straightforward: a soldier achieves rank by killing and eating the one above him, or by amassing enough of his own followers to fight off those who disagree with him. If the one who happens to disagree is the voivode or even a boyar, he is generally going to have a short-lived army. However, if he is smart and pledges his force to an influential boyar or the voidvode himself, then he has achieved something he can keep. In fact, many of these leaders go on to form villages and settlements of their own and become new Boyars. Sometimes there are networks of allied Boyars who have been spun off, though they often break down due to greed and backstabbing and degenerate one again into separate entities. Generally only the Voivode has the power to keep things in line.

Aside from military pressures, the lizard folk are at odds with other races and the environment. The troglodytes usually live underwater in the swamps and in the sea close by the shores of Drotid. Their culture is equally xenophobic and hateful, and they have factions and squabbles of their own. Often these squabbles will come into a conflict with one or another group of shaahesk.

Though there are few cities in Drotid because of the paucity of dry land, there is one settlement which is the home of the Voivode that is larger than the rest and acts as a hub for the slave trade. Outsiders simply refer to it as "Drotid City" or "The Snake Pit" because they cannot pronounce SSsshhehaaheskiticliasss.

Lizard folk do not breed as often as kobolds, who are the second class citizens in their society, but they do lay large clutches of eggs every few years. The clutch members who live stay with the mother for about 2 years before leaving and becoming independent. Male and female shaahesk are generally indistinguishable and play the same roles in society except when breeding. Mothers with clutches are solitary and usually live alone while raising them. Fathers generally eat their young.

No marriage or form of romantic relationships exist because the shaahesk are primarily self-focussed when it comes to advancement and getting ahead.
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World Advisor, Co-founder
Posts: 15041
Joined: Fri Sep 14, 2001 9:48 pm
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