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The Lesser God Skern

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The Lesser God Skern

PostAuthor: Orleron » Fri Apr 18, 2003 3:27 am

Alignment: N
Worshipers' Alignment: N or CG
Area of Control: Centaurs, Community, Natural Balances

The lesser god Skern was born during a great time of conflict. It is said that his existence came about during the Fairy War, when O'Ma and Titania were fighting in the skies. Legend holds that blood from their wounds fell down onto the ground of Avlis and mingled. The divine energies in the blood took on a live of their own when spread upon the soil, and they became the god Skern.

The birth of Skern occurred in the middle of the fight between O'Ma and Titania. After his birth was complete, blood was still falling from the skies, and it was from this extra blood that Skern created his race of centaurs to roam Avlis.

Skern and his centaur followers embrace the precepts of nature with reference to strong community ties and balance. They have strong feelings about the futility of the conflict between Titania and O'Ma, since they attribute their existence to both deities. It is almost like a child watching their mother and father fighting constantly. Their unique perspective on the fairy conflict allows them to have a very balanced and open point of view. "If it seems like a good idea, do it..." is the saying of the followers of Skern. Common sense is their greatest asset.

Skern governs over clerical churches as well as druidic and monastic orders. These different organizations often interact favorably and they work to pursue balance in all communities, though especially in communities located in natural settings. The centaurs themselves can often be reclusive, however they are known to get concerned when balance is in jeopardy.

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