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Guide to the City of Le'Or T'Nanshi and the Nation T'Nanshi

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Guide to the City of Le'Or T'Nanshi and the Nation T'Nanshi

PostAuthor: Orleron » Fri Mar 14, 2003 8:37 pm

City: Le'Or T'Nanshi
Nation: T'Nanshi
Location: Center point of the nation of T'Nanshi. T'Nanshi is located north of M'Chek. It borders Deglos to the north. Drotid to the east. Ferrel and Toran Shaarda to the west.

Name Derivation: Translated from Avlissian elven, Le' (the) Or (Light) (of) T' (Land of) Nanshi (The Elves, The Elven People).

Predominant Race in City: Elf

Predominant Alignment: Chaotic Good

Government: Elected (Noble) Council

Le'Or T'Nanshi is the capitol of the elven nation of T'Nanshi proper. The administration of the entire nation is controlled from this location. However, as a rule, the elves rule things very loosely and only as much as needed.

Le'Or T'Nanshi and the Nation of T'Nanshi are ruled by the same body of elected officials. The Council of Nine controls all foreign policy and domestic matters.

Members are elected to the Council of Nine via elections held every 50 years. The Council of Nine passes laws, as few as possible, that are enforced within Le'Or T'Nanshi by The Watchmen. The remainder of the nation gets its laws enforced by the T'Nanshi army.

Both the Watchmen and the T'Nanshi army are separate entities controlled by the council. Both the Watchmen and the army each have a supreme commander in chief that is a member of the council. They are the only ones on the governing body with a specific task to look after. The rest of the members act in consultation with each other on all other matters.

Although it is not a law, it often happens that only Nobles can get elected to the Council of Nine. This is not seen as a problem by the elves, for most common elves have absolutely no interest in politics or governing, and they have little intention of catching the eye of the government.

Noble families in T'Nanshi are not the same as in a typical human nation. Nobility is not equated with land ownership or money in elven society. For the elves, a noble family is simply a family who has played a big part in the history of the elves at some point in time. When a family earns a distinction to set it apart from the normal elven families, it is considered noble. It just so happens, that MOST of these families ALSO have successful business dealings that have made them wealthy, but it is not true of all the noble families.

The commander in chief of the Elven army is a lady named Aratelda Rinthon. She is of the noble House Rinthon which traces its roots back to Solerion Rinthon, a famous leader who is responsible for pressing the attack that nearly pushed the orcs into the sea during the Great War.

The commander in chief of the Watchmen is a man named Ryiel Sunmar. His family is also of noble descent, although they take their lineage from the newer Sunmar family and its founder, Orleron Sunmar. Ryiel is Orleron's half-brother.

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World Advisor, Co-founder
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PostAuthor: Orleron » Fri Mar 14, 2003 8:46 pm

Le'Or T'Nanshi Districts:

Entrance District:
This district centers around a group of trees connected to a couple of winches that control lifts used to get into the city. It is usually heavily guarded, and all non-elven visitors are noted.

This is the heart of the entire elven economy in T'Nanshi. Goods from all over Avlis are brought into this market from as far as the nation of Tydedu. Exports are also fairly rigorous here. There are two kinds of merchants to be found: elven domestic merchants, and (usually) non-elven foreign merchants. The domestic merchants are selling items for export, and the foreign merchants often have goods from elsewhere. Le'Or T'Nanshi's prime location makes it a major trade artery for getting goods to the south part of the continent.

Capitol District:
This is the spiritual and legislative heart of T'Nanshi. It contains the Capitol Building, where the Council of Nine meets for sessions and makes decisions for ruling the nation. It also houses the High Temple of Dru'El, which is the main holy site for all who follow that god. It is said in legend that the ground beneath the trees of the temple once held the prison that contained Dru'El as a mortal before he escaped to godhood. Aside from Dru'El's temple, there are temples to Dra'Nar, and Pelar, as well as shrines to Berryn and Dagath. Healing and resurrections are easily found here.

Thayten Le'Nanshen (Residence District):
All the normal, non-noble, folk live here. All undistinguished elven tradesmen and workers make their homes here if they wish to live within the city. Many elves decide to live outside the city so they can more easily ply their harvesting trades, but craftsmen often choose to live inside.

Nobles District:
The Nobles district contains the houses of the distinguished elven families who choose to live within the capitol. The district, and the hosues within, are quite large.

Garrison District:
This is a military base. In fact, it is the central military base for entire elven army. Commanding officers and generals are common here, as most of the plans for the war with M'Chek start within the base's walls.

Points of Interest:
The Treehaven Inn: A good place to relax on a soft comfortable cushion. For a drink, just call "Waitress". The massage parlor upstairs is a must see.

World Advisor, Co-founder
World Advisor, Co-founder
Posts: 15042
Joined: Fri Sep 14, 2001 9:48 pm
Timezone: GMT-5

PostAuthor: Orleron » Sun Mar 16, 2003 5:44 pm

History of T'Nanshi

The elven nation of T'Nanshi's roots lie all the way back in the creation on Avlis. Legend holds that it was the general location of the prison that held Dru'El when he was a mortal prisoner kept by the evil Negerai.
Whether this is true or not, the site of the creation of the first elves was somewhere in the ancient forests of T'Nanshi, and they have remained in the area since then.

The name T'Nanshi is translated loosely as "Spirit Land". The name comes from a very ancient dead language thought to have been spoken by the nature spirits who inhabited Avlis well before the arrival of the nine prisoners and the Negerai. This language has largely been lost, but the present day elven language is thought to be derived from it. Dru'El was said to be interested in recovering the lost language, and he gave what fragments he found to his elves. This is why the elven language on Avlis differs quite a bit from the language spoken by elves encountered on other planes.

Over time, the word for spirit came to be the same as the word for elf. Thus, T'Nanshi is now derived from the phrase "Land of the Elves".

World Advisor, Co-founder
World Advisor, Co-founder
Posts: 15042
Joined: Fri Sep 14, 2001 9:48 pm
Timezone: GMT-5

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