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The DemiGod Kelvos

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The DemiGod Kelvos

PostAuthor: Orleron » Tue Feb 11, 2003 9:12 pm

Deity Alignment:NE
Mantle(Area of Control):Envy,Selfish Love,Lust,Tragic Lovers
Deity status:Demi
Holy Symbol: Two Roses with intertwined thorny stems

Kelvos has few clerics, and almost no formal temples. There are shrines
to him in almost everywhere.
He is said to most often take the form of a human dressed in the finest
of clothing.
He is not revered as much as feared, and it is customary for a lovers to
make an offering to him. This offering is to appease him, and it is said
that, if the offering pleases him, he will leave the couple alone.
The proper offering should be made by the woman, at night, and should
consist of: a flower, a bottle of wine, a suit of fine clothing, and a
small gem or gems (value to be about 30-50gp).
She enters the shrine alone, place the items in the bin, and then
kneels, make a short prayer then backs out of the shrine.

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World Advisor, Co-founder
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