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The Lesser God Fegall

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The Lesser God Fegall

PostAuthor: Orleron » Sat Feb 08, 2003 11:09 pm

Alignment: CN
Worshipers Alignment Any Chaotic, or gnome
Area of Control: Craftsmen & Gnomes

The Church of Fegall and its dogma are not often in tandem with other philosophies and tenets of other gods. Fegall is the creator of the gnomes. (See the creation story in the Basic Descriptions thread.) However he also one of the gods of craftsmenship, but with a twist. Those who follow the other gods of crafting, like Gorethar, are of the mind that in a person's lifetime they are to accel at one single craft, and maybe a secondary one. Perfection is the key for them. Fegall's tenets do not include perfection, because it is the very imperfections of the world that they love to accentuate. A craftsman who follows Fegall is interested in learning as many crafts as he or she can in order to master the way of the entire world, rather than one single thing. That is the ideal anyway.

Another oddity of Fegall's followers is that their pursuit of crafting often extends to the more "academic" arts as well, such as alchemy, scribing, or even enchanting and magic. This has bred some very apparently orderly and methodical followers of Fegall who may sometimes even pursue the ways of science, and sometimes technology in addition to the more traditional academics.

Aside from his craftsmenship, Fegall is revered by all gnomes, or at least acknowledged by them as their creator. His center of worship is located in the nation of Deglos, however the Church of Fegall does not form any strict cohesive unit to speak of.

Clerics of Fegall are often great craftsmen or academics in their own right, and although they see it as being very important to pass down their knowledge as Fegall did, there is no one Church-sanctioned way to do this. What often happens is that followers interested in learning a craft will flock to a cleric of Fegall who is regarded as an expert in that area. The cleric will collect these "disciples" around themself and they will organize into a "Guild". In this case, the word "Guild" has the connotation of a crafting guild. This crafting guild may or may not be part of an official city's craft guild if there is one, and they often have no official connection to the headquarters of the Church. However, the Church does not mind at all, because they merely regard it as a normal function of their religion to form groups for passing knowledge.

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