Helping out with a new RPG Game Design and Development

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Helping out with a new RPG Game Design and Development

Post by Vian » Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:22 am

Hello Everyone!

It's been awhile since I made my last foray into the World of Avlis, not because of lack of wanting, just lack of time. Some people may know me, some may not. Let me introduce myself - Character name is Vian - started playing on the Avlis server when it started but joined the forums later.. Back when it was only Mikona and not even the outside of Mikona just the city. I was a member of the adventuring group the "One Percenters", I then became a DM, a Designer, a quest writer and so on (the ice cave, the hills and that whole Suberb with Drem the Druid were my creations, As was Tollgaroth, Sorvanok, The changes to the Gate spell, and a bunch of the wilderness which is all changed now anyways!) Was the founder of the Order of Gorethar (Gorethar was also my DM persona) And so, on.

My point in mentioning all of this: I've seen the community from the beginning and from a variety of roles. I can honestly say that was some of the best gaming experiences of my life! Avlis is something very special from the rich history that Orleron and Silk brought from their D&D campaign to the expansions done by the various DM's and members of the community and continue to do so, to the players who go out of their way to make it a game unlike any other. This place is truly an example of how to create an engaged gaming community. Yes a Roleplaying world is niche in the industry but the most creative and greatest stories come from a world like Avlis.

Why do I mention all this? Well in no small part Avlis inspired the creation bug inside me. About 2 years ago I founded a company for the purpose of creating games. My first goal was to get funding. Which we did. It took about 18 months to get everything aligned after the first applications went in and here we are today making our first game. My company is called UDX Interactive Inc. We have a team of about 14 people working on the game.

Our first game is called Wheel of Fate (WoF). This is a Single Player Turn-Based RPG that is a deep story. However, the most exciting part of the game comes in the form of something you are familiar with. Much like the experience of having a DM create events for you to play through, we want to capture that Dynamic gameplay in WoF. The entire design pillar of the game is to make it dynamic so that a single player can play through a story that has all the twists and turns that a DM event would have. The the player can play through again and have a different journey / ending (though the beginnings tend to stay the same).

We are now about 6 weeks into WoF production development. As part of the process we are involving our community to help us design, engage, share ideas, or however ever else they wish to be involved. I would be remiss and a fool if I did not invite the Avlis Community to join us in this journey. I would love every one of you to be an integral part of building a game that was partially inspired by the magic that is Avlis. We discuss the WoF and all it's elements of designing anand various role-playing game and gaming world topics, we do game industry updates, etc.

Here are some highlights I can talk about for now:

We have hired a lead game designer that was game designer on Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. He's helping us build a dynamic game that changes each time you play.

We have a PHD in cybernetics developing our RNG and AI to at least capture part of the dynamic experience that is a DM event.

We have brought in some top notch advisors from BHVR and Turbulent - BHVR makes Dead by Daylight and worked on games like Star Citizen, Warhammer, Assassins Creed, etc. Turbulent does all the web work for Star Citizen.

We have our full time digital media coordinator and community manager who's there to talk to every weekday and sometimes weekends. She's super friendly, a cosplay model, gamer girl: Anyone interested can follow her here:

Instagram:, or her cosplay one:


We are just starting from the ground building our community so having such a strong base join us like this incredible Avlis community would be fantastic!

Our Discord:
For open chats about game topics we are using discord:
Please message me so I know you are from Avlis and can add the appropriate roles! :)

Twitter: Please follow us, it helps us a lot if you follow and retweet once in awhile.

Facebook: @wheeloffategame

LinkedIn: If the business side is of more interest then they can connect with us on LinkedIn here: UDX Interactive Inc. -

We'll be adding Instagram, youtube, twitch, reddit etc as we get into it further. All Avlis members are welcome!

Whether it's here, in Discord, social media, or in Avlis, I hope to catch up or meet you soon.


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Re: Helping out with a new RPG Game Design and Development

Post by Plethora » Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:26 am

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